Possible Destinations for WR Andre Johnson to Land







We’ve seen this break up coming for a few years now. Although Andre Johnson was granted permission to seek a trade, it is highly unlikely that anyone will want to pay the $11.5 million he is owed in 2015 and $12 million in 2016. Wednesday morning, Johnson’s agent asked for the team to release the disgruntled star.

Let’s take a look at 5 teams Andre Johnson could suit up for in 2015:

Seattle Seahawks

Yes, the Seahawks current receiving group plays with a lot of heart and makes plays in big moments. Sure, whenever folks seem to doubt them, they always make plays to shut up the non believers. But at the end of the day, this wide receiving group is very average. Even at 34 years old, Andre Johnson still someone you need to gameplan for. This would give Russell Wilson a big body, elite talent at wide receiver. The sky would be the limit.

Kansas City Chiefs

As hilarious as it is that Steelers WR Antonio Brown single-handedly outperformed the Kansas City Chiefs wide receiving core last year, it’s also pathetic and sad. It took me a couple years to realize we not getting that old Dwayne Bowe back. At this point he is what he is. Andre Johnson would give Alex Smith a receiving threat he hasn’t seen in some time.

San Francisco 49ers

Weird name to see here right? Well all signs are pointing to the 49ers letting Michael Crabtree walk and hit free agency. Although the 49ers need to get young at this position, pairing Johnson and Boldin would still cause fear in cornerbacks hearts in 2015 like it would in 2008.

Carolina Panthers

Just imagine the thought of Kelvin Benjamin and Andre Johnson together. Cam needs some help at this position so it really isn’t a bad idea.

New York Giants

This is a complete long shot, I know. But Andre Johnson would be a third option here which would be a great matchup for Eli to exploit. A receiving core of Odell Beckham Jr., Victor Cruz and Andre Johnson? Sounds like it would get off


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