Moving On From Troy Polamalu is the Best Thing the Steelers Can Do For The Franchise

We knew this was bound to happen, but as the time draws near it’s still hard to fathom that Troy Polamalu will no longer be in a Pittsburgh Steelers uniform.

The Steelers are planning to move forward without Troy Polamalu and they are hoping he retires so they don’t have to cut him. I’m guessing they want to “save him embarrassment” but if that was the case this news probably wouldn’t have came out. This seems like a move that has Steelers Nation at opposite ends. This might sound worse than what I intend for it to, but I’ve been ready to move on from Troy since late September-Early October.

At this point I just can’t count on Troy to be the effective player he once was. Troy has only played a full 16 games two out of the last six seasons. Watching Troy play has also become frustrating because it’s very apparent his brain and feet aren’t in sync anymore. His heart is definitely in it, but his body just can’t hold up its end of the contract anymore.

Moving on from Troy Polamalu, along with Ike Taylor (and possibly James Harrison and Brett Keisel) signifies the end of one era and the transitioning to a new one. In 2011 Troy and Ike were given contract extensions keeping them locked up for a few more years. Both were in their prime and arguably top five at their position. The contract extension represented the organizations beliefs that they would be the cornerstones for that dominant defense for years to come. Unfortunately it didn’t happen that way.

Unfortunately, those pictured below were shown (or in the process of being shown) the door at some point over the past few years.

I wish the Steelers’ front office didn’t make this awkward. Very understandable that you don’t want to move forward in 2015 with him on your team due to his declining play along with his cap number. You know, if you can’t find a use for him, trade him or release him. Don’t force him into retirement. That’s a decision that’s completely up to him.

After all, the last time this organization forced someone into retirement it was Bruce Arians. And we see how well he’s doing for himself…

But at the end of the day, it’s always important to remember that it’s just a business. 

But one thing this organization can not do is end on bad terms with one of their all time greats….


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