NFL Punishes Falcons & Browns, But Does It Really Matter?

Monday, the NFL announced punishment for the Cleveland Browns and Atlanta Falcons in separate instances in which they violated NFL rules:

Cleveland Browns GM Ray Farmer will be suspended the first four games of the 2015 NFL season for texting team personnel on the sidelines during the middle of games last season while he was in the press box. The NFL also fined the Browns organization $250,000.

Also, the NFL will strip the Atlanta Falcons of their 2016 5th round draft pick and fine the organization $350,000 for pumping artificial crowd noise into the into their stadium. President Rich McKay will also be suspended for at least three months from the Competition Committee beginning April 1. Former Falcons director of event marketing, Roddy White, was found to be the one pumping the artificial noise into the stadium.


Why? Simple as that.

First off, the Falcons cheated but can you really consider it cheating when you’re still a loser? (No offense Falcons fans but let’s face it, in 2013-2014 you were losers). Although it didn’t necessarily work for the Falcons, their is a major benefit to added crowd noise. The punishment didn’t really fit this crime so one has to wonder will other teams attempt this? $350,000 isn’t a lot to these NFL teams and if you’re going to lose a late draft pick for the next year’s draft, cheating might really be worth it.

Now the Cleveland Browns….

You know, I’m not quite sure what to make of #TextGate.It’s being reported that Farmer was texting the coaches what plays to run from the press box, but if that’s the case, why is his suspension not until the first month of the regular season? Right now is the most important time for any general manager. If you really want to punish Ray Farmer, suspend him right now. Take him out of the offseason completely. Waiting until Week 1 to suspend him is pointless.

I’m guessing the punishments seem “light” because neither organization denied their guilt in their respective cases, but still. There isn’t any word on #TamperGate (the Jets or the Patriots) or #DeflateGate with the Patriots.

And yes, this is the era that we’ll add -gate to the end of every “scandal” that happens in the NFL


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