Redrafting the Top 20 Picks of the 2011 NFL Draft.

When you look back at the talent to come out of that 2011, it was truly spectacular. This draft class was crazy deep, which is evident by the fact that guys like DeMarco Murray, Justin Houston Richard Sherman, Julius Thomas, Charles Clay, Jason Kelce and others were all drafted after the second round. This will go down as one of the all time great NFL draft classes.

So knowing what we knew then and what we know, let’s redraft the 2011 class:

1. Carolina Panthers
Original Pick: Cam Newton
Do-Over Pick: Cam Newton

JJ Watt is the best player in this draft hands down, but this is a much needed position in a division with Drew Brees, Matt Ryan and Josh Freeman (It’s 2011 remember)

2. Denver Broncos
Original Pick: Von Miller
Do-Over Pick: JJ Watt

John Fox had a great weapon in Julius Peppers in Carolina, JJ Watt would be no different for him.

3. Buffalo Bills
Original Pick: Marcell Dareus
Do-Over Pick: Colin Kaepernick

Kaepernick has the perfect arm for that Buffalo weather. Chan Gailey would turn him into a superstar quickly

4. Cincinnati Bengals
Original Pick: AJ Green
Do-Over Pick: AJ Green

The Bengals took a chance valuing Green more than Julio Jones four years ago, no reason for them to change now

5. Arizona Cardinals
Original Pick: Patrick Peterson
Do-Over Pick: Richard Sherman

Richard Sherman is better than Patrick Peterson

6. Atlanta Falcons
Original Pick: Julio Jones
Do-Over Pick: Julius Thomas

Imagine an offense with Julius Thomas and Tony Gonzales?

7. San Francisco 49ers
Original Pick: Aldon Smith
Do-Over Pick: Von Miller

Von Miller is an every down player, imagine him apart of that 49ers LB group.

8. Tennessee Titans
Original Pick: Jake Locker
Do-Over Pick: Robert Quinn

This defense is lacking a superstar talent, Quinn gives them elite pass rushing capabilities

9. Dallas Cowboys
Original Pick: Tyron Smith
Do-Over Pick: Tyron Smith

One could argue Smith should go higher. But he’s been a phenominal player for this Cowboys line

10. Jacksonville Jaguars
Original Pick: Blaine Gabbert
Do-Over Pick: Julio Jones

The Jaguars should have never drafted Gabbert. David Garrard was still performing at a high level and the Jags were coming off of a solid season. Jones is a franchise player

11. Houston Texans
Original Pick: JJ Watt
Do-Over Pick: Muhammed Wilkerson

One of the elite players at his position, he may not be JJ Watt but he’ll be a great impact player for this defense

12. Minnesota Vikings
Original Pick: Christian Ponder
Do-Over Pick: Aldon Smith

Quarterbacks would fear for their livelihood with Jared Allen and Aldon Smith coming off the edge

13. Detroit Lions
Original Pick: Nick Fairley
Do-Over Pick: Marcell Dareus

If you thought Fairley and Suh were a hell of a combination, just imagine what these two top five players at their position would do together

14. St. Louis Rams
Original Pick: Robert Quinn
Do-Over Pick: Justin Houston

Houston originally slid a few rounds because of his off field concerns, but he’s the second best pass rusher in the NFL. Jeff Fisher loves the pass rushers

15. Miami Dolphins
Original Pick: Mike Pouncey
Do-Over Pick: Chris Harris Jr.

Can you believe this guy went undrafted? Much needed upgrade for this Dolphins defene

16. Washington Redskins
Original Pick: Ryan Kerrigan
Do-Over Pick: Cameron Jordan

Jordan played on some bad college teams so he was pretty under valued coming out of Cal. He’s been one of the top pass rushers the last few years.

17. New England Patriots
Original Pick: Nate Solder
Do-Over Pick: Patrick Peterson

Just imagine all the ways Bill Belichick would use him on both sides of the ball.

18. San Diego Chargers
Original Pick: Corey Liuget
Do-Over Pick: Cameron Heyward

One of the more underrated players in the league, Cameron Heyward is one of the best defensive linemen in the game. 

19. New York Giants
Original Pick: Prince Amukamara
Do-Over Pick: Nate Solder

As we’ll come to find out, Eli needs all the protection he can get

20. Tampa Bay Bucaneers
Original Pick: Adrian Clayborn
Do-Over Pick: DeMarco Murray

You can bet the Bucs didn’t believe Blount would be the long term solution for their franchise, Murray gives them the consistency they need in the run game.

Notable Players Left: Jurrell Casey, Jimmy Smith, Ryan Kerrigan, KJ Wright, Charles Clay, Jason Kelce, Prince Amukamara, Corey Liuget, Mike Pouncey, Nick Fairley, Byron Maxwell, Kyle Rudolph, Andy Dalton, Jabaal Sheard, Mark Ingram, Kyle Rudolph, Anthony Costonzo, Rodney Hudson, Orlando Franklin, Shane Vereen.

I’m positive I’m forgetting other people, this was an absolutely deep draft.

Did you like what you read? Whether you agreed or disagreed, send me feedback. Comment on this article or reach me on twitter (@itsablackguy). Got a topic you want me to cover? Want me to redraft another year? Let me know!


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