Ranking The Top 20 Running Backs for 2015

*Adrian Peterson is being excluded from this list because he didn’t play in 2014, BUT if he was eligible (by my standards) he would be #1.

1. Le’Veon Bell (PIT)

2014 Stats: 1,356 rushing yards, 4.7 YPC, 705 YAC, 8 touchdowns, 55 missed tackles, 0 fumbles

Bell emerged as one of the premier running backs in the NFL in 2014. In addition to ranking second in rushing yards, he ranked second among running backs with 83 receptions and led them with 854 receiving yards. He is still waiting for the final say on how long his suspension will be, but once he returns you can expect Bell to pick up where he left off before his Week 17 injury.

2. Marshawn Lynch (SEA)

2014 Stats: 1,310 rushing yards, 4.7 YPC, 829 YAC, 13 touchdowns, 88 missed tackles, 1 fumble

I almost feel as if this should be 1a and 1b. Lynch is the identity of this Seahawks team and with the addition of Jimmy Graham, you can expect Lynch to possibly have a career year in 2015.

3. Arian Foster (HOU)

2014 Stats: 1,246 rushing yards, 4.8 YPC, 736 YAC, 8 touchdowns, 51 missed tackles, 2 fumbles

Arian Foster was able to pull together a nice comeback season in 2014. Despite playing in only 13 games, Foster still finished 6th in rushing yards, 2nd in rush yards per game (95.8).

4. DeMarco Murray (PHI)

2014 Stats: 1,845 rushing yards, 4.7 YPC, 998 YAC, 13 touchdowns, 67 missed tackles, 3 fumbles

I’m not sure what’s more impressive, Murray’s 998 yards after contact or his 847 yards before contact. Either way, Murray was given a chance to shine and he lived up to it. He’ll be running behind a very good line in Philadelphia in 2015. I don’t expect him to rush for 1,800 yards again but I do believe his touchdowns will increase.

5. Jamaal Charles (KC)

2014 Stats: 1,038 rushing yards, 5.1 YPC, 539 YAC, 9 touchdowns, 40 missed tackles, 3 fumbles

Unfortunately for Charles, he just didn’t get the ball in 2014 as much as he did in 2013, He was still effective with the ball in his hands though.

6. Eddie Lacy (GB)

2014 Stats: 1,140 rushing yards, 4.7 YPC, 690 YAC,9 touchdowns, 49 missed tackles, 3 fumbles

Despite taking a few weeks to get it going, Lacy turned out to be one of the best backs in the game. Lacy gives the Green Bay offense the power they need, but he’s also skilled enough to be effective in the passing game. Consistent chain mover.

7. LeSean McCoy (BUF)

2014 Stats: 1,323 rushing yards, 4.2 YPC, 648 YAC, 5 touchdowns, 40 missed tackles, 3 fumbles

McCoy’s 2014 season was not the follow up to a dominant 2013 season like one would want. Despite the injury ravaged Eagles offensive line, McCoy never seemed to get back to his normal self even though he finished 3rd in rushing.

8. Matt Forte (CHI)

2014 Stats: 1,038 rushing yards, 3.9 YPC, 584 YAC, 6 touchdowns, 32 missed tackles, 1 fumble

Forte caught 102 balls for 808 yards in 2014. Despite being one of the most versatile backs in the league, Forte’s 3.9 YPC is nothing to overlook. That will be a number worth improving on in 2015.

9. C.J. Anderson (DEN)

2014 Stats: 849 rushing yards, 4.7 YPC, 455 YAC, 8 touchdowns, 44 missed tackles, 0 fumbles

The undrafted, Pro Bowl running back emerged Week 10, was given a chance to start in week 11 and never looked back. Anderson gave the Broncos offense the running attack they had been missing all season. It’s no telling how the Broncos offense will look in 2015 under new coach Gary Kubiak, but I do know Anderson will play a major role in this offense.

10. Jonathan Stewart (CAR)

2014 Stats: 800 rushing yards, 4.6 YPC, 455 YAC, 3 touchdowns, 40 missed tackles, 1 fumble

Once Stewart took over the bulk of the carries, the Panthers offense took off and they were one of the hottest teams entering the postseason. With DeAngelo Williams no longer in Carolina, Stewart is the #1 back. If he can stay healthy he’ll be very effective.

11. Frank Gore (IND)

2014 Stats: 1,103 rushing yards, 4.3 YPC, 585 YAC, 4 touchdowns, 31 missed tackles, 2 fumbles

12. Jeremy Hill (CIN)

2014 Stats: 1,124 rushing yards, 5.1 YPC, 622 YAC, 9 touchdowns, 28 missed tackles, 4 fumbles

13. Alfred Morris (WAS)

2014 Stats: 1,078 rushing yards, 4.1 YPC, 675 YAC, 8 touchdowns, 36 missed tackles, 2 fumbles

14. Justin Forsett (BAL)

2014 Stats: 1,20 rushing yards, 5.4 YPC, 543 YAC, 8 touchdowns, 29 missed tackles, 1 fumble

15. Darren Sproles (PHI)

2014 Stats: 329 rushing yards, 5.8 YPC, 115 YAC, 6 touchdowns, 14 missed tackles, 2 fumbles 

16. Lamar Miller (MIA)

2014 Stats: 1,101 rushing yards, 5.1 YPC, 486 YAC, 8 touchdowns, 32 missed tackles, 2 fumbles

17. Mark Ingram (NO)

2014 Stats: 964 rushing yards, 4.3 YPC, 539 YAC, 9 touchdowns, 33 missed tackles, 1 fumble

18. Tre Mason (STL)

2014 Stats: 772 rushing yards, 4.3 YPC, 400 YAC, 4 touchdowns, 23 missed tackles, 2 fumbles

19. Reggie Bush (SF)

2014 Stats: 297 rushing yards, 3.9 YPC, 167 YAC, 2 touchdowns, 15 missed tackles, 0 fumbles

20. Giovani Bernard (CIN)

2014 Stats: 680 rushing yards 4.0 YPC, 421 YAC, touchdowns, 23 missed tackles, 0 fumbles


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