Ranking The NFC Franchise’s With The Best All-Time Quarterbacks

Many times in college you’ll hear the discussion about who is “Quarterback U”. Teams like Stanford, Southern California and Purdue among others are known for putting starting QBs in the NFL and many are able to maintain that success they had in college (whether it be small or large) and become serviceable in the NFL.

All of this got me thinking, “Which NFL franchises have had the best NFL QB’s?”. So what I’ll do is take the 3 best QBs of an NFL franchise and we’ll rank them. (It has to be 5 because teams like the Jags, Texans, Ravens and Panthers would suffer mightily. It’s also worth noting that my rankings are based off the top 3 quarterbacks of each franchise, not just one. (Sorry Patriots fans). When it comes to each franchise, the quarterbacks are ranked based off of their individual success and how their success affected the team’s overall success.

View The AFC Rankings

NFC West

San Francisco 49ers

  1. Joe Montana (1979-1990)
  2. Steve Young (1987-1999)
  3. John Brodie (1957-1973)

Seattle Seahawks

  1. Russell Wilson (2012-Present)
  2. Jim Zorn (1976-1984)
  3. Matt Hasselbeck (2001-2010)

St. Louis Rams

  1. Kurt Warner (1999-2003)
  2. Roman Gabriel (1962-1972)
  3. Norm Van Brocklin (1949-1957)

Arizona Cardinals

  1. Kurt Warner (2005-2009)
  2. Jim Hart (1966-1983)
  3. Neil Lomax (1981-1988)

NFC North

Green Bay Packers

  1. Brett Favre (1992-2007)
  2. Aaron Rodgers (2008-Present)
  3. Bart Starr (1956-1971)

Minnesota Vikings

  1. Fran Tarkenton (1961-1966, 1972-1978)
  2. Daunte Culpepper (1999-2005)
  3. 1998 Randall Cunningham (1997-1999)

Detroit Lions

  1. Bobby Layne (1950-1958)
  2. Matt Stafford (2009-Present)
  3. Scott Mitchell (1994-1998)

Chicago Bears

  1. Jay Cutler (2009-Present)
  2. This Is Bad
  3. Real Bad

NFC South

New Orleans Saints

  1. Drew Brees (2006-Present)
  2. Archie Manning (1971-1981)
  3. Aaron Brooks (2000-2005)

Atlanta Falcons

  1. Matt Ryan (2008-Present)
  2. Michael Vick (2001-2006)
  3. Steve Bartkowski (1975-1985)

Carolina Panthers

  1. Jake Delhomme (2003-2009)
  2. Cam Newton (2011-Present)
  3. Kerry Collins (1995-1998)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 

  1. Doug Williams (1978-1992)
  2. Josh Freeman (2009-2013)
  3. Jameis Winston (2015-Present)

NFC East

Dallas Cowboys

  1. Roger Staubach (1969-1979)
  2. Tony Romo (2006-Present)
  3. Troy Aikman (1989-Present)

Philadelphia Eagles

  1. Donovan McNabb (1999-2009)
  2. Randall Cunningham (1985-1995)
  3. Norm Van Brocklin (1958-1960)

Washington Redskins

  1. Sonny Jurgenson (1964-1974)
  2. Joe Theismann (1976-1985)
  3. Mark Rypien (1986-1993)

New York Giants

  1. Eli Manning (2004-Present)
  2. Phil Simms (1979-1993)
  3. Y.A. Tittle (1961-1964)

And based off of these rankings, let’s apply them to the current NFL Playoff format. Each division will place a team and we’ll also pick two wild card teams.

1. Green Bay Packers

2. Dallas Cowboys

3. San Francisco 49ers

4. New Orleans Saints

Wild Card #1: Minnesota Vikings

Wild Card #2: Philadelphia Eagles


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