Cam Newton and Josh Norman Fight at Panthers Training Camp (Photos/Videos)

According to the Charlotte Observer, tensions between Panthers QB Cam Newton and CB Josh Norman had already been high, but today they reached a breaking point. 

During team drills, Newton was picked off by Norman and as he returned the ball and got near the endzone, Newton shoved the corner and began jawing at him. Norman responded by shoving Newton back harder and then all hell broke loose. It took nearly a dozen teammates to separate the two. 

“Hit me like that again. I know something,” Newton shouted at Norman after being pulled away by running back Jonathan Stewart and fullback Mike Tolbert.
“Hit me like that again. I know something.” Newton shouted while being pulled away by Jonathan Stewart and Mike Tolbert.
Now Cam Newton is a big ass dude. The most hilarious part about these pictures is Cam smiling as he throws Norman to the ground.

(Photos bong to Charlotte Observer)

If you would like to watch the video, check this out 

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