DeAndre Hopkins Takes DeAngelo Hall’s Soul and Ankles/ #TBT Hall vs Richard Sherman

In case you missed Hard Knocks on HBO the other night…..

Well, you can definitely tell DeAngelo Hall’s pride was hurt. So what does one do when their pride is hurt and millions of people are laughing at them?

You run to twitter

Not that he needed to respond, but Nuke Hopkins sent back 4 words that cut deep:

But of course, Hall didn’t want to leave it alone.

DeAngelo Hall is always running his mouth, but does he realize he isn’t a very good cornerback anymore? Per Pro Football Focus, the last time DeAngelo Hall finished a season on the plus side was in 2010. And even in that season when targeted he allowed a passer rating of 105.8

Remember Hall vs Richard Sherman? Well Hall deleted most of the tweets but Sherm left some of his:

and Sherman with another burn

I’d like to end this post with this:


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