10 Bold Predictions for the 2015 NFL Season

The NFL offseason is when team, fan and even the pundits and analyst of our sports are filled with optimism and crazy, out the way predictions. So why shouldn’t I be able to contribute to the fun? It’s also worth noting that some of these may conflict my NFL Predictions, well this is more so fun. But there could very be a little truth to them too. Below, I’ve written 10 bold predictions that are not only some bold shit, but they are actually realistic:

  • Every NFL team this season wins at least 4 games
    • This is a feat that hasn’t happened since 2003. I really think every bottom dwelling NFL team has made some improvements to their rosters/coaching staffs the last couple years so I can’t really see any teams doing worse than 4 wins this year. This includes Oakland, Jacksonville and Tampa Bay primarily.
  • Johnny Manziel and Terrelle Pryor both finish the seasons as starters
    • No way in hell Josh McCown starts 16 games for the Browns this season. 2013 Josh McCown was a fluke and he isn’t coming back. McCown has been in the league for well over decade. This is still the highlight of his career…from 2003.
    • I still don’t believe Manziel had a fair shot to win the starting gig in 2014 and I still don’t think Coach Pettine even wants him. But Manziel has to be given a chance to succeed, not only is he a first round draft pick but he’s also a first round draft pick they traded up to get.
    • And in the case of Pryor, he’s still learning how to be a wide receiver. He should’ve been made this transition. But fortunately for him he has the most upside of any receiver on this roster. The Browns added Dwayne Bowe and Brian Hartline this offseason, so that’s that. I’m actually a fan of Andrew Hawkins and Taylor Gabriel, but neither one of these guys are number one receivers.

But real shit, this is still the highlight of Josh McCown’s career

  • John Brown of the Arizona Cardinals catches 70+ balls for 1100+ yards and leads the Cardinals in both categories
    • This only happens if Carson Palmer can at least play 13 games
  • The Philadelphia Eagles finish the regular season with a 13-3 record and make it to the NFC Championship
  • The Houston Texans lead the NFL in sacks. Jadeveon Clowney returns from injury and post double digit sacks, meanwhile J.J. Watt, the only player with two 20+ sack seasons in NFL history, gets his third 20+ sack season
    • I might as well go ahead and say Whitney Mercilus gets 8-10 sacks as well. The addition of Vince Wilfork is going to be huge for this defense.
  • Ray Rice finishes the 2015 season with 5+ touchdowns for somebody’s team
    • Ray is going to make somebody’s team…it’s only a matter of time. But this all hinges on which Ray Rice teams think they are going to get. In 2013, Rice averaged 3.1 yards per carry and averaged 44 yards per game, his lowest total since 2008.
  • Amari Cooper shatters the Oakland Raiders rookie records for receptions, receiving yards and touchdowns and he also breaks the NFL single season rookie record for receptions.
    • Raiders franchise record for receptions in a season by a rookie: 44 – TE Zach Miller (2008)
    • Raiders franchise record for receiving yards in a season by a rookie: 771 – WR James Jett (1993)
    • Raiders franchise record for receiving TD’s in a season by a rookie: 7 – TE Raymond Chester (1970)
    • NFL Record for receptions by a rookie in a season: 101 – WR Anquan Boldin (2003, Arizona)
  • DeMarco Murray plays in all 16 regular season Eagles game and also rush for 1150+ yards
    • Eric Dickerson is the only running back in the history of the NFL to carry the ball 370+ times one season (404 carries for 1,821 yards) and his yardage total increase the next season (379 carries for 2,105 yards)
    • Aaron Schatz (Football Outsiders): “These backs basically fall into three categories: guys who got injured the next year, guys who were never as good again, and guys who are Eric Dickerson.”
    • There have been 29 instances a running back has carried the ball 370 times in one season:
      • Only 5 running backs saw their yardage total decrease by less than 20% the next season (John Riggins, Walter Payton, Ladanian Tomlinson, Emmitt Smith, James Wilder)
      • 12 out of 28 (we’re not going to include DeMarco’s season in this because we haven’t seen the follow up yet) saw their yardage decrease by at least 50% (this includes Ricky Williams retiring after his 2003 season)
      • 19 missed time the next season and 5 missed at least half the season (not including Ricky Williams)
  • The following teams will all average 30+ points per game: Colts, Steelers, Packers, Eagles and Broncos
  • The Minnesota Vikings will beat the Green Bay Packers week 17 at Lambeau Field to clinch the NFC North. They’ll host the Green Bay Packers in the playoffs and lose to them.
  • (Bonus) I don’t really like to make Super Bowl predictions but fuck it, I have a possible Super Bowl matchup in mind:
    • Pittsburgh Steelers vs Philadelphia Eagles

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