OTFYL Staff Week 1 Picks

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Thursday Night 

Pittsburgh Steelers vs New England Patriots

@itsablackguy: Patriots – AFC teams don’t win in Foxborough

@gio1time: Patriots – No Bell, No Pouncey, Young D,Toms Ready not distracted, Their the Champs

@OutDreamChasing: Steelers – too much offense for the patriots they lost too much of defense

@JDHD__: Steelers – Steelers losses are being overblown and the Patriots losses have been undercooked. They will miss Revis and Wilfork dearly.

Sunday Afternoon

Indianapolis Colts vs Buffalo Bills

@itsablackguy: Bills – Rex Ryan got some surprises for Andrew Luck. Not the good kind either

@gio1time: Colts – Colts D has improved Tyrod cant keep up

@OutDreamChasing: Bills – bills at home with that defense make Andrew luck uncomfortable

@JDHD__: Bills – The Bills defense will be good this season. Even without Dareus, their defense should keep them alive this game with turnovers but Luck will be too much in the end.

Green Bay Packers vs Chicago Bears

@itsablackguy: Bears – Don’t read too much into it. Week 1 upset that is all

@gio1time: Bears – Green Bay start the season very slow bears catch them at home

@OutDreamChasing: Packers – Green Bay too good for the bears might get ugly

@JDHD__: Packers – Bears don’t have a chance. Even without Jordy Nelson, Aaron Rodgers should still shred this subpar unit.

Kansas City Chiefs vs Houston Texans

@itsablackguy: Kansas City – Low scoring game, Alex Smith makes more plays than Hoyer

@gio1time: Kansas City- Brian Hoyer cant take the pass rush, Charles and Maclin play big

@OutDreamChasing: Texans – the chiefs offensive line has no chance against clowney watt and Wilfork they dominate  both LOS

@JDHD__: Chiefs – I expect a ground and pound defensive struggle. Chiefs have the superior QB and RB for this matchup so I’ll give them the nod.

Carolina Panthers vs Jacksonville Jaguars:

@itsablackguy: Jaguars – Unlike last year where the Jags came out strong against the Eagles and then fizzled out, this year the Jags finish the job

@gio1time: Jaguars – Panthers searching for cams best weapon, jags in ugly fashion

@OutDreamChasing:Panthers – that defense helps out the o and scores a td

@JDHD__: Panthers – I expect this game to be extremely sloppy with points being hard to come by. Cam Newton will make a play or two to get the W.

Cleveland Browns vs New York Jets

@itsablackguy: Jets – Where is Cleveland getting points from????

@gio1time: Browns – very close low scoring game jets fall short and Bowles Era starts off 0-1

@OutDreamChasing: Jets – not enough weapons for the brown to score on the jets d

@JDHD__: This will be a defensive struggle as well. Two scrub QBs get together and that always makes for sloppy football.

Seattle Seahawks vs St. Louis Rams

@itsablackguy: Seahawks – the Seahawks offense has a big day

@gio1time: Seahawks –  not having Kam will hurt , rams give good effort, and but addition of Graham show up bigtime

@OutDreamChasing: Seahawks – Seahawks they start off the year with dominate performance

@JDHD__: Seahawks – Seahawks better stay woke. The Rams, not the Cardinals or 49ers are their biggest threat to the division this year

Miami Dolphins vs Washington Redskins

@itsablackguy: Dolpgins – Do I need to explain why?

@gio1time: Dolphins – The redskins are a joke right now

@OutDreamChasing: Dolphins – this Dolphins offense catches up to that defense could get ugly

@JDHD__: Dolphins – Dolphins offense should be explosive this season and it’ll start in DC. Kirk Cousins is buns.

New Orleans Saints vs Arizona Cardinals

@itsablackguy – Cardinals – Saints secondary is a mess. Look for John Brown to have a big day

@gio1time – Cardinals – Cardinals D plays big, Saints start slow run game struggles

@OutDreamChasing – Cardinals – They are the more complete team in my opinion

@JDHD__ – Saints – Drew Brees will be on a mission to prove that he doesn’t need Jimmy Graham or Kenny Stills. The loss of Todd Bowles will impact the Cardinals defense more than others think.

Detroit Lions vs San Diego Chargers

@itsblackguy – Lions – Defense rules this matchup

@gio1time – Lions – Chargers give great effort

@OutDreamChasing – Lions – Chargers defense should be much improved this season but not good enough to stop Megatron and Co.

@JDHD__ – Chargers – I expect a shootout here. Phillip Rivers is the best QB in this matchup and I believe Melvin Gordon will come out and make a huge statement.

Baltimore Ravens vs Denver Broncos

@itsablackguy – Broncos – Ravens offense never gets going

@gio1time – Broncos – Although something tells me the Broncos are on the down fall I’ll take them ravens because they don’t have enough big weapons in the wr corp

@OutDreamChasing: Broncos – Broncos defense is for real and Peyton will put up points

@JDHD__: Broncos – Gary Kubiak’s offense will take the pressure off Peyton Manning to carry the team. Joe Flacco will miss not having Torrey Smith against this Denver secondary.

Cincinnati Bengals vs Oakland Raiders

@itsablackguy: Raiders – Another Week 1 upset, I expect Latavius Murray to have a big game

@gio1time: Bengals – I like the Raiders and what their building but this isn’t their sunday

@OutDreamChasing: Bengals – too much talent for the young Raiders

@JDHD__: Bengals – The Bengals have one of the most talented rosters in the NFL and the Raiders are trying to get back to relevancy. This will be a tough game but I think Andy pulls it off

Tennessee Titans vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers

@itsablackguy: Bucs – This is the game I’m most looking forward too. Both rookie QB’s have nice performances, Jameis’s weapons makes more plays than Mariota’s

@gio1time: Bucs – Rookie vs Rookie but Bucs have better talent

@OutDreamChasing: Titans – Jameis > Marcus but football is a team sport

@JDHD__: Titans –  Battle of the rookie QBs. Mariota will take better care of the ball and that will be the difference in this matchup.

Sunday Night

New York Giants vs Dallas Cowboys

@itsablackguy: Cowboys – It’s the OBJ show but the Cowboys just have the edge everywhere

@gio1time: Giants – Dallas searching for run game and Giants make enough big plays

@OutDreamChasing – Cowboys – Win by 2 touchdowns and make a statement

@JDHD__ – The Cowboys are full of shit if they think they can throw any RB behind that line and be successful. Yeah they’re in Jerry World but Eli and ODB are ready.

Monday Night Football

Philadelphia Eagles vs Atlanta Falcons

@itsblackguy: Eagles – This game will be an offensive exploson

@gio1time: Eagles – Falcons wont know what hit them Eagles go up Falcons cant keep up

@OutDreamChasing: Eagles – I think DeMarco and Co. run all over the Falcons defense

@JDHD__: Eagles – Eagles offense should be fun to watch and Sam Bradford will put the football world on notice.

Minnesota Vikings vs San Francisco 49ers

@itsablackguy: Vikings – Vikes by three scores

@gio1time: Vikings – Levi Stadium hasn’t been good to the 49ers. Vikings win ugly

@OutDreamChasing: Vikings – Vikings are the first team that gets to take advantage of a decimated 49ers teans

@JDHD__: The return of Adrian Peterson against a 49ers defense that’s loss key playmakers in the offseason? Add in Mike Wallace and a healthy Kyle Rudolph and the Vikings are in business.

Let’s us know what you think about the picks! Hit us up on twitter


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