Ranting On The 50 Yardline Vol. 8: Bret Bielema, Worry About Your Team and Your Team Only

Let’s be honest, Coach Bielema is absolutely right. As of right now, the only test Ohio State has against any ranked teams (before the playoffs if they make it that far) is against Michigan St. toward the end of the season. But once again, being honest we can admit that scheduling isn’t the fault of this 2015 Ohio State, much like it wasn’t in 2014. For some reason, college football schedules are made years in advance.

I take issue with Bielema opening his mouth about anybody when he hasn’t done shit since leaving Wisconsin for the SEC. He didn’t win an SEC game his first season and a half, but towards the end of the 2014 season his Arkansas team shutout LSU and Ole Miss in back to back weeks not only giving him his first SEC wins, but it was definitely a moral booster to shutout two ranked SEC teams in back to back weeks. The offseason hype machine worked in favor of the Razorbacks, leading them to a preseason ranking of 18 in the AP poll. It goes without saying that after a somewhat impressive win against UTEP (they didn’t rise or fall in the poll), this lost to Toledo completely knocked them out.

Bret, you are 11-16 at Arkansas. You let a preseason ranking go to your head to be quite honest. I get tired of hearing SEC coaches, fans and pundits brag about their “tough” SEC schedules and whine about the weak schedules of other conferences. Not only did the loss to Toledo make Bret Bielema look like a jackass, but the fact that Auburn was barely able to escape their game against FCS foe Jacksonville St. with a win. Auburn was a top 10 team by the way.

Bret, were you upset that Arkansas has to play tough teams like Toledo as an out of conference game meanwhile the Buckeyes had to play an opponent like the Rainbow-Warriors of Hawaii?

Bret, were you upset that Ohio State gets to play cupcakes in the Big 10 yet your Razorbacks’ squad has to worry about tough MAC teams?

Bret, were you upset that you had to play a tough team from Ohio and Ohio St. played none? I’m just trying to understand.

Bret, I don’t even blame you for subliminally referencing Ohio St. here. But Ohio St. only had to play cupcakes and Arkansas has so many ranked opponents and a tough SEC schedule. Personally, I don’t think you guys can do it.

Enjoy being 8-4 Coach Bielema and Razorbacks fans.

Urban Meyer was asked about the B1G’s SOS (strength of schedule). His response?

“I don’t have any idea,” Meyer responded. “I don’t know where people have time to do that all that. I don’t know anyone else’s schedule. I don’t care. I’m going to work on punt when I’m done here in a minute. … We have enough issues.



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