OTFYL Staff Week 2 Picks

I know we aren’t the only one’s happy the NFL is back. But before we move on to Week 2, let’s recap our Week 1 picks:


  1. @JDHD__: 11-5 (.687)
  2. @OutDreamChasing: 10-6 (.625)
  3. @itsablackguy: 9-7 (.562)
  4. @gio1time: 6-10 (.375)

(feel free to tweet Gio and talk shit to him if he’s not over .500 by Tuesday morning)

Also, we added a new member to our staff this past week. Shoutout to Reggie and make sure you follow him on twitter @Thareggggg and show him some love.

But here are the OTFYL’s Staff Picks for this week’s slate of NFL games.

Thursday Night Football

Denver Broncos vs Kansas City Chiefs

@itsablackguy: Chiefs; Justin Houston should have a big day against this Broncos OL

@gio1time: Chiefs; Both Defenses play very tough, lost of dink and donk play, Low scoring KC kicks a FG late

@ThaReggggg: Chiefs; Peyton Manning doesn’t show up, Chiefs D + Crowd Noise= More Oline mistakes, more problems for Peyton. Jamaal Charles is the difference.

@OutDreamChasing: Broncos; their defense might be the most talented in the league

@JDHD__: Chiefs; Chiefs defense will give Peyton problems. I expect DEN to play better than last week but it won’t be enough

Sunday Afternoon

New England Patriots vs Buffalo Bills

@itsablackguy: Bills; the game is in West NY and this coach, team and fanbase is hyped!

@gio1time: Pats; Bills D will be a big problem for tom, But Tom and gronk are a match made in heven, very close game, this is a who coaches the best kinda game

@ThaReggggg: Bills; Brady falls short in Buffalo, again, as the Bills’ D is just too much and Shady McCoy makes a mess on the Pats D

@OutDreamChasing: Pats; Patriots win convincingly and send a message to the league

@JDHD__: Bills; The scary Bills defense gets Dareus back and I expect Rex Ryan to pull out all the stops

Houston Texans vs Carolina Panthers

@itsablackguy: Texans; The Panthers best defensive player has been ruled out and that’s a big loss for that team.

@gio1time: Texans , JJ Watt will have cam running and Clowney cleans up, Texans do just enough to steal this one

@ThaReggggg: Texans, Lots and lots of D. Texans get some things rolling, Panthers don’t. Texans get first W, Panthers look to avenge home loss the following week, back at home vs. Saints

@OutDreamChasing: Texans; that d makes the panthers one dimensional

@JDHD__: Texans; The guy who should’ve been starting at QB from the beginning gets the start and has a point to prove

Arizona Cardinals vs Chicago Bears

@itsablackguy: Cardinals;

@gio1time: Cardinals; I like the fight that the bears gave last weekend, Cardinals looked very strong, turnover will decide this game

@ThaReggggg: Cardinals; Cards keep rolling with Carson Palmer back. Bears lose by “a few plays

@OutDreamChasing: Cardinals; look for David and Chris Johnson to have big days against that bears run d

@JDHD__: Cardinals; This could get ugly. The Cardinals offense looks good with Palmer under center and the Bears aren’t very good

San Diego Chargers vs Cincinnati Bengals

@itsablackguy: Bengals; I know it was the Raiders but the Bengals looked great. Tyler Eiffert will have another great game

@gio1time:  Bengals; Bengals have a great team Chargers don’t get lucky this week

@ThaReggggg: Chargers, Rivers shows out in CinCin puts up another 400 yards. Andy Dalton, 2 picks.

@OutDreamChasing: Bengals; they are an impressive regular season team

@JDHD__: Chargers; Rivers> Dalton. It’s really that simple

Tennessee Titans vs Cleveland Browns

@itsablackguy: Titans; Look for Mariota to have a nice game again. #JFF

@gio1time: Browns, Heisman vs Heisman Again!!! Browns D much better than Bucs, Manziel looks to show us Johnny Football again

@ThaReggggg: Titans, Mariota shines again, Titans keep rolling. Browns put up some early points but once the game gets settled, begin to stink it up.

@OutDreamChasing: Browns money manzeil gets his first NFL win as a starter

@JDHD__: Titans; Don’t expect a repeat performance from Mariota but I expect him to take care of the ball better than whomever CLE starts at QB.

Detroit Lions vs Minnesota Vikings

@itsablackguy: Lions; Ameer Abdullah will have a big game

@gio1time: Vikings; they need to bounce back from that terrible loss Monday, Lions will come out strong seems they have problems holding on to leads and AP wants his touches

@ThaReggggg: Lions, Lions sneak away in Minnesota. Stafford and Abdullah out play Teddy and AP. Stafford wins the air battle, AP plays better than last week but still shaky, slow to start.

@OutDreamChasing: Lions; the Vikings look absolutely terrible last Monday night don’t expect them to fix it by Sunday especially on a short week

@JDHD__: Vikings; The Vikings will feed AP early and often and control the tempo of the game

Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs New Orleans Saints

@itsablackguy: Saints; Bounce back week from Jameis but it won’t be enough to be Drew Brees in this shootout

@gio1time: Saints;

@ThaReggggg: Saints, Bucs fall to OT. Im sure Sean Payton and Drew Brees will take an advantage of division foe after crushing loss to Arizona

@OutDreamChasing: Saints; the Bucs looked like the worst team in the league last week

@JDHD__: Saints; Neither of these defenses is very good so expect a shootout

Atlanta Falcons vs New York Giants

@itsablackguy: Falcons; Beckham vs Trufant I’m excited

@gio1time: Falcons; they gave great effort monday night, Julio is a Beast. Dan Quinn has them looking like the front runners of NFC south, a loss like the Giants had sunday night is the type to stick with a team

@ThaReggggg: Falcons;  Matty Bryant and Matty Ryan will continue to execute, Giants still stumble to the finish. Fall short.

@OutDreamChasing: Falcons; Dan Quinn has transformed that defense you saw what they did against the Eagles OL. Eli watch out

@JDHD__: Falcons; Falcons defense looked inspired Monday night. OBJ will have Desmond Trufant keeping him in check

San Francisco 49ers vs Pittsburgh Steelers

@itsablackguy: Steelers; Check out my article from Pro Football Spot

@gio1time: 49ers; I hate to do it, but 49ers impressed me Monday night, Must take advantage of Steelers young secondary,No Bell again and Hyde’s a Problem!!!

@ThaReggggg: Steelers; The X factor? How well our D can play against Kaep. I believe we will work them all four quarters on offense and come out on top though

@OutDreamChasing: Steelers; I think the steelers front 7 can match the physicality of the 9ers and put up enough points to win

@JDHD__: Steelers; Steelers need to end long drives with TDs instead of FG attempts. 49ers running game could be trouble for them as well

St. Louis Rams vs Washington Redskins

@itsablackguy: Rams; Kirk Cousins turns the ball over 3 times

@gio1time: Rams; Nick is a hell of a QB they already have an Elite D, Mix in some O and they have a Team, Redskin No Djax Kirk will need strong run game

@ThaReggggg: Rams; Redskins continue to be the Redskins.

@OutDreamChasing: Rams; Aaron Donald and company shut down the run game completely and force cousins to beat them which he won’t

@JDHD__: Rams; Rams defense will have Fed Ex Field chanting for Colt McCoy by the end of the game

Miami Dolphins vs Jacksonville Jaguars

@itsablackguy: Dolphins; This will be a close game but the Dolphins pull away in the 4th

@gio1time: Dolphins; Miami need to show us something struggled last week with Redskins and I think Jags are stronger this could be a toss up

@ThaReggggg: Dolphins; Dolphins offense just stomp on Jags D

@OutDreamChasing: Dolphins; even though their banged up they still have enough to of a talent gap to win look for tannehill and Landry to have big games

@JDHD__: Dolphins;

Baltimore Ravens vs Oakland Raiders

@itsablackguy: Ravens; low scoring slugfest

@gio1time: Ravens; Both have bad injuries to key players but the radiers are worst and Ravens would have won either way

@ThaReggggg: Ravens; Raiders improve, but not enough for Flacco and friends as they refuse to fall 0-2.

@OutDreamChasing: Ravens; big they make up for that terrible performance last week against the Broncos

@JDHD__: Ravens; Game will be closer than most people think. Khalil Mack and Aldon Smith off the edge….

Dallas Cowboys vs Philadelphia Eagles

@itsablackguy: Eagles; This game will be more about Philly’s D bouncing back from a less than inspiring performance last week

@gio1time: Eagles; Eagles 2nd half monday is what the world expected from this team they get out to a quick start, and absense of Dez helps out the D they will need a pass rush for Romo cant give him time.

@ThaReggggg: Eagles; Eagles make one more play than Dallas. Both offenses shine.

@OutDreamChasing: Eagles; losing Dez is too much of a deficit for the Cowboys to overcome look for Murray to get a couple game changing plays

@JDHD__: Eagles; Eagles offense will get into rhythm earlier and their defense doesn’t have to worry about checking Dez Bryant after what Julio did to them

Seattle Seahawks vs Green Bay Packers

@itsablackguy: Seahawks; This will be more of an offensive game then in the past matchups

@gio1time: Seahawks; Seahawk will wanna get back for that loss to Rams not having Kam will continue to hurt but Greenbay will continue taking L’s from this team

@ThaReggggg: Seahawks; I’m just saying, I dont see the Seahawks falling 0-2, not even to Aaron Rodgers.

@OutDreamChasing: Packers; they get revenge for the NFc championship game Seahawks fall to 0-2

@JDHD__: Packers; Aaron Rodgers will be surgical in this revenge game.

New York Jets vs Indianapolis Colts

@itsablackguy: Jets; Rex had a day blitzing the Colts. Bowles loves to blitz as well. Gonna be a tough day for the interior OL

@gio1time: Colts; they have to bounce back from that Bills game Luck has to have a big day.

@ThaReggggg: Jets; Game winning, walk off field goal at the buzzer sends Luck into hiding and the Jets into Stardom.

@OutDreamChasing: Colts; I think they will get dominated of both fronts again but I can’t see the jets scoring enough points to win

@JDHD__: Colts; Jets will keep the game close running the ball but I still don’t trust Ryan Fitzpatrick


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