OTFYL Staff Week 3 Picks

Week 2 was rough on the majority of people in the football word picking games. I know it hit me hard. Let’s take a look at how the team faired during Week 2:

  1. @OutDreamChasing: 8-8 (.500)
  2. @gio1time: 6-10 (.375)
  3. @JDHD__: 5-11 (.312)
  4. @itsablackguy: 5-11 (.312)
  5. @Thareggggg: 4-12 (.250)

Now let’s take a look at our updated season leaderboard:

  1. @OutDreamChasing: 18-14 (.562)
  2. @JDHD__: 16-16 (.500)
  3. @itsablackguy: 14-18 (.437)
  4. @gio1time: 12-20 (.375)
  5. @Thareggggg: 4-12 (.250)

Yikes! But like I told the fellas, I think it’s dope shit that are records are like this. It’s very early in the season and team’s are still trying to figure out who they are. I’m glad many of these games aren’t as predictable as one would have assumed. Now with that being said I’m trying to have a much better week because (personally speaking), being under .500 is no good.

Before we get into this week’s picks, something new we’ll be doing each week is incorporating a guest picker into our weekly picks contest. This week’s guest picker is @PuertoRic89, make sure you follow him on twitter and talk shit to him if you see fit (he is a Cowboys fan). For the simple fact that we’ve waited til Week 3 to start using a guest pick (my bad…oh wait I did tell y’all) we’ll just give the guest picker label the average win-loss record of our 2nd, 3rd and 4th place staff members.

Let’s take a look at our most updatedest (I know….I know) leaderboard:

  1. @OutDreamChasing: 18-14 (.562)
  2. @JDHD__: 16-16 (.500)
  3. @itsablackguy: 14-18 (.437)
  4. Guest Picker: 14-18 (.437)
  5. @gio1time: 12-20 (.375)
  6. @Thareggggg: 4-12 (.250)

Now Let’s Get To Some Football!

Thursday Night Football

Washington Redskins vs New York Giants

@itsablackguy: Giants; I’ll never choose any team Kirk Cousins’ is the starter for to win

@gio1time: Giants; they have been moving the ball great in the first two games and they will move the ball and score this game. I like Kirk but he has to avoid turnovers

@ThaReggggg: Giants; Not behind the Redskins hype from last week. New York will probably try to beat themselves though.

@OutDreamChasing: Redskins; they are able to run the ball Kirk cousins makes a play or two to pull it out against the short staffed Giants

@JDHD__: Giants

@PuertoRic89: Giants; Tough to choose so I’ll take the home team.

Sunday Afternoon (1:00PM) 

Cincinnati Bengals vs Baltimore Ravens

@itsablackguy: Bengals; This isn’t a primetime or playoff game so I don’t see Andy Dalton fucking up just yet.

@gio1time: Ravens; Ravens have to get something going, Andy Dalton shows us why he’s Andy Dalton….Whatever that means, Ravens pull thru

@ThaReggggg: Ravens, Home opener. It’s Cincy. They’re 0-2. It’s Cincy. It’s early, but honestly the Ravens can’t lose this game.

@OutDreamChasing: Ravens; they get it together against a familiar division foe

@JDHD__: Bengals

@PuertoRic89: Ravens; Divisional game at home, Bmore gets their first win of the season.

****New Orleans Saints vs Carolina Panthers

@itsablackguy: Panthers; I didn’t give the Saints any chance with Drew Brees but he’s out and I have no faith in the dude from the Verizon commercials because of his last name

@gio1time: Panthers; Cam is a beast, Saints are in trouble early

@ThaReggggg: Panthers; Cam Newton has a day with the Saints D. 350 Total yds. 3 TD.

@OutDreamChasing: Panthers; the saints have no chance without Drew Brees

@JDHD__: Panthers

@PuertoRic89: Panthers

Oakland Raiders vs Cleveland Browns

@itsablackguy: Browns; Cleveland’s secondary will be the difference

@gio1time: Raiders; Browns will learn they need to start johnny, Carr has a new target in town his namesAmari Cooper, Joe hadens the type to give up big plays LOL

@ThaReggggg: Browns; Defense sacks Carr 5x

@OutDreamChasing: Raiders; this a game they should win if they want to be taken seriously these are the type of games they have to win and I think they will

@JDHD__: Raiders

@PuertoRic89: Raiders: Browns going with Josh McCown, that’s all I need to know.

Atlanta Falcons vs Dallas Cowboys

@itsablackguy: Falcons; Who is starting for the Cowboys? Oh

@gio1time: Falcons; Matt and Julio are both elite, dallas Defense will give it a go with whats lefts of an offense and come up short.

@ThaReggggg: Cowboys, Cowboys D wins the game, Falcons 4th quarter collapse.

@OutDreamChasing: Cowboys; Cowboys revert to what got them the division championship and run the ball down the Falcons throat T-Will, Witten and Beasley make enough plays on the outside to keep Dan Quinn and that defense honest

@JDHD__: Falcons

@PuertoRic89: Falcons; I’m a diehard Cowboys fan but too many injuries & too much Julio Jones.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Houston Texans

@itsablackguy: Bucs; Gut feeling

@gio1time: Texans; JJ watt loves Rookie Qbs and Clowney will fiest on this o line, I’m sorry Jamis.

@ThaReggggg: Texans; Ryan Mallet lights the Bucs up, throws 50 more passes, this time he’ll be more relaxed and will have a big day.

@OutDreamChasing: Texans; that bucs o line is terrible watt clowney and co will reek havoc on Jamies

@JDHD__: Texans

@PuertoRic89: Texans; Not too confident in this pick but I believe Watt & company will get to Jameis

San Diego Chargers vs Minnesota Vikings

@itsablackguy: Vikings; Rivers will get sacked a lot and AP will go off

@gio1time: Chargers Phil will earn that money for sure cause the AP might show Melvin how to really run that ball.

@ThaReggggg: Chargers

@OutDreamChasing: Chargers

@JDHD__: Vikings

@PuertoRic89: Vikings; I just believe Vikings on the rise and they win at home.

****Jacksonville Jaguars vs New England Patriots

@itsablackguy: Pats; this game will be closer than people think

@gio1time: Pats; They look too good right now not losing at home damn sure not the Kags, Gronks a Monster, and WR’s do their thang!

@ThaReggggg: Patriots; Jags won’t keep up, Pats playing like they’ve got something to prove.

@OutDreamChasing: Patriots; Tom Brady shreds that Jaguars defense although I think telvin smith is a budding star his is no match for Gronk

@JDHD__: Pats

@PuertoRic89: Pats; Do I really need a reason? Lol

Philadelphia Eagles vs New York Jets

@itsablackguy: Eagles; Fitzpatrick is overdue for a game costing fuck up

@gio1time: Eagles; Must Execute, They will get back in this race, the division is W I D E O P E N, Jets Defense will make it tough as hell for sure.

@ThaReggggg: Jets; Eagle continue to fall flat, get offense going but fall to turnovers. Bad week to be the Eagles

@OutDreamChasing: Jets; the Eagles offense really need to get their shit together and the jets are not the right team to do that against

@JDHD__: Eagles

@PuertoRic89: Jets; Another tough one, Jets D look good Philly O doesn’t. Philly waits one more week to get first win.

****Pittsburgh Steelers vs St. Louis Rams

@itsablackguy: Steelers; Steelers go up early and the Rams can’t keep up

@gio1time: Steelers; Bell is back lets be real this offense is ready to make history if healthy, rams d will defend their house with honor

@ThaReggggg: Steelers, Ben, Bell, and Brown just too much for Rams. Bell rushes for 110yds 1 TD, catches a TD too.

@OutDreamChasing: Steelers; Ben has been playing out of his mind the first two games and they get Levon bell back look for that offense to put on a show

@JDHD__: Steelers

@PuertoRic89: Steelers; Rams tough at home but Steelers O is on fire, especially with the return of L.Bell

Indianapolis Colts vs Tennessee Titans

@itsablackguy: Titans; Major upset. LeBeau and Horton are gonna call some crazy blitzes

@gio1time: Colts; They understand what this game means, Luck pulls it out, titans will play tough

@ThaReggggg: Titans; gut feeling. Honestly.

@OutDreamChasing: Colts; they stop the bleeding after and embarrassing mnf performance Andrew Luck has a big day

@JDHD__: Colts

@PuertoRic89: Colts; Indy desperate for a win & they get one here


****San Francisco 49ers vs Arizona Cardinals

@itsablackguy: Cardinals; If the Steelers vertical passing game exposed this 49ers secondary, this Cardinals offense will gladly do the same

@gio1time: Cardinals; Cardinals keep rolling , 49ers dont have enough offense

@ThaReggggg: Cards, Palmer continues to shine, Micheal Floyd comes out of hiding. Fitz and Floyd combine for 3 scores.

@OutDreamChasing: Cardinals; they improve to 3-0

@JDHD__: Cardinals

@PuertoRic89: Cardinals; Cardinals are just the better team right now.


Buffalo Bills vs Miami Dolphins

@itsablackguy: Bills; sloppy game on both sides

@gio1time: Bills; Miami offense is struggling, Bills D saves Tyrod more than Miami D save Tannehill

@ThaReggggg: Bills; Really like Tannehill and the Phins at home, but the Bills are on looking to get on a roll following that loss to the Pats, will win this game and the next 4.

@OutDreamChasing: Bills; the dolphins o line was terrible last week the bills d line will kill them Rex won’t even need to blitz but we know he will I hope Tannehill keeps his head on a swivel

@JDHD__: Bills

@PuertoRic89: Dolphins; I don’t believe Bills the same team on the road, I like the Dolphins to bounce back

****Chicago Bears vs Seattle Seahawks

@itsablackguy: Seahawks; This is a good week to have Seattle as your fantasy defense

@gio1time: Seahawks; Bears weren’t good to beginning with Injuries alone killed them

@ThaReggggg: Seahawks; Lynch wins the game on the ground. Bears lost Cutler, Jeffery may still be out. Don’t see them winning like that in Seattle.

@OutDreamChasing: Seahawks; the return of Kam the Seahawks blow out the Clausen led bears to regain some momentum

@JDHD__: Seahawks

@PuertoRic89: Seahawks; No Cutler, in Seattle, Kam back. Shall I continue? Lol

Sunday Night Football

Denver Broncos vs Detroit Lions

@itsablackguy: Broncos; the running game finally gets going and that will make the passing game that much better

@gio1time: Broncos; Its Broncos vs Lions be serious.

@ThaReggggg: Lions; Still not impressed with Broncos as a whole, Lions offense rolls. Peyton throws 2 picks.

@OutDreamChasing: Lions; the Broncos have been winning on prayers the last two weeks that defense is legit but their luck runs out against a desperate lions team

@JDHD__: Broncos

@PuertoRic89: Broncos; It’ll be a close game at first and then Denver will pull away.

Monday Night Football

Kansas City Chiefs vs Green Bay Packers

@itsablackguy: Packers; Aaron Rodgers at home means he’ll play a turnover free game. Chiefs put up a good fight though.

@gio1time: Chiefs; ARod will throw a pick at home(Marcus Peters), KC bouces back after that Broncos game

@ThaReggggg: Packers; A tale of two weeks for Alex Smith. Arodg and Packers keep rolling. Smith, Chiefs, struggle.

@OutDreamChasing: Packers; Aaron Rodgers and the packers don’t lose at home although that chefs defense is for real

@JDHD__: Packers

@PuertoRic89: Packers; I like the Chiefs D but this is Aaron Rodgers at home on Monday night. Nuff said

*________ – Underlined picks are hero picks. Hero picks occur when only one person out of the group of pickers picks a team for that one game:

@gio1time – Chiefs

@itsablackguy – Bucs

@OutDreamChasing – Redskins

**** – Unanimous Picks: Seahawks, Steelers, Panthers, Patriots, Cardinals

Thus far on the season, the OTFYL Staff is 2-9 (.181) on unanimous picks


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