CFB Top 10 Schools after Week 4/ Small Recap

From UNLVs 72 point routing with only 15 pass attempts, to Cincinatti’s backup QB Hayden Moore throwing 553 yards in relief of the injured Gunner Kiel, this has been a pretty crazy week of College football. But then again, when is it not? Oh and who could forget the dominant performance the Utes put on in Eugene, Oregon last night. With 5 top 25 teams losing, (BYU, Mizzou, Arizona, Georgia Tech, and Oregon[!!]) and 5 new teams being added(Miss St, Florida, Michigan, Cal, and West Virginia) there are now 19 undefeated teams in the top 25. That’s up 4 more from last week. There’s going to be some very nice match-ups this week as we get more into conference play, everyone’s looking for a shot in that playoff. I’m going to list the AP Top 10 teams, with my opinions on how they will move forward.

There weren’t too many shake ups in the top 10 this week, but I still have a few things to say about the top 10 and where they stand in my book going into next week.

1. Ohio State – My Rank: 3

Last weeks rank: 1

Next weeks opponent: @ Indiana

I honestly feel like Ohio State is going the wrong direction in this QB matchup they have, but I’ll leave that to them. Lucky for the Buckeyes they don’t play a notable opponent until November. And by notable, I’m saying if they’re the #1 team in the country, they should have no issue with teams like Maryland, Indiana, Penn State, etc. Yes, I know Penn State took Ohio State to double OT last year, in there closest game of the season, but this Penn State team looks bad this year. Of course, I don’t put a possible loss/win by any team, but lets be honest. Anyway, they still deserve the number one spot in book because A. Talent is overflowing B. Urban Meyer C. They did handle the likes of Bama, Oregon, routed Wisconsin, Michigan, and Mich St. last year on their way to a national title… But I feel Mich St and Ole Miss are more deserving THIS YEAR.

2. Michigan State – My Rank:1

Last weeks rank: 2

Next weeks opponent: Purdue

Connor Cook and this Michigan State team is the real deal. They have a true shot at a CFB playoff spot this season, and even a title run if they outlast Michigan and Ohio State on the road. With a win in an early test against Oregon under their belts this team is ready to roll. This is a very potent team on both sides of the ball and a frontrunner to win the Big Ten in my opinion. I like Michigan St over Ohio State in Columbus this year.

3. Ole Miss – My Rank: 2

Last weeks rank: T-3

Next weeks opponent: @ Florida

See my article on Ole Miss

4. TCU – My Rank: 5

Last weeks rank: T-3

Next weeks opponent: Texas

With an action packed win over rival Texas Tech this weekend, TCU has to just continue to be TCU throughout November to walk right in to playoff spot this year. After being snubbed out of a spot by Ohio State last year, I feel the Horned Frogs are out for revenge. TCU plays all “beatable” opponents leading up to Oklahoma and Baylor, but the talent they play won’t back down easy. They’ll really need to bring it against Texas and Kansas State, and don’t forget Oklahoma State who is beginning to make noise in the Big 12. If they can stay undefeated throughout this mid season stretch and come up big against Oklahoma and the high powered Baylor offense, not only will they make a title run but a deep one.

5. Baylor – My Rank: 4

Last weeks rank: 5

Next opponent: @Texas Tech

I honestly think Baylor is still salty about that heartbreaking Cotton Bowl loss last year, and won’t stop short of a title shot. After losing only one regular season game last year, and winning a nail biter over the identical TCU team, Baylor looks nothing short of a championship team. The only issue? Can they play enough defense to win a title. Baylor was one of my preseason CFB playoff picks, and I feel even better about that comment now, as long as they keep rolling and play defense. Seth Russell is a stud, and is my heisman pick as well.

6. Notre Dame – My Rank: 7

Last weeks rank: 6

Next opponent: @Clemson

Big game next week on Gameday in Clemson(I will be in attendance) and it seems as if the loss of Malik Zaire won’t phase them at all.. But I don’t believe the hype. I think this will be Notre Dame’s true test as to whether or not they are fit for a CFB spot. I mean, we all remember Bama v. ND in the 2013 BCS National Championship right? If Notre Dame can come out with a win in Death Valley, they will be in heavy talks, but face USC and Stanford later in the season. It’ll be interesting to see how ND faces off, but in my opinion I see them losing Saturday.

7. UCLA – My Rank: 6

Last weeks rank: 9

Next opponent: Arizona State

UCLA’s frosh Josh Rosen is tearing it up this year and I don’t see him nor the team slowing down at any point. After a scary win against BYU, they bounced back against a tough Arizona team and proved their worth in the top 10. With 3 consecutive wins in the following weeks over ASU, Stanford, and Cal, UCLA will be knocking on the door of the top 5 and I’m sure Rosen will be raising eyebrows across America if he already hasn’t. Another one of my preseason CFB picks, and I still feel good about them coming down the stretch.

8. Georgia – My Rank: 9

Last weeks rank: 7

Next opponent: Alabama

Obviously, Georgia has come to play this year. All I have to say about them is that if they pull this out next week against you-know-who, which they are very, very capable of doing especially at home, don’t be surprised to see them in the SEC championship. And more. I respect this Georgia team, and not because of the 52-20 beating they put on the Gamecocks, I just feel like this is the “complete” team they’ve been fishing for. Now let’s see what they can do with it.

9. LSU – My Rank: 10

Last weeks rank: 8

Next opponent: Eastern Michigan

Leonard Fournette is a monster. We all know that. But is LSU really the real deal? I feel like they only look as good because they made a bad Auburn team look even worse, and because they have a Man-child running up and down everyone’s defense. I would like to note, “everyone” at this point is only 3 teams, with only 1 notable defense(Miss St.) but is very well capable of becoming every team played. My concern for LSU is the stretch. Their remaining schedule after Eastern Michigan is as follows: @ S Carolina, Florida, W Kentucky(upset watch), @ Bama, Arkansas, @ Ole Miss, Texas A&M. They could very well lose to all of these teams, to be completely honest with you. That’s whats going to set them apart for me. If they go 7-0, even 6-1 in their final 7, #1 team in the country, but I don’t see them winning more than 4 honestly. 3 losses would be enough to set themselves free from playoff contention, maybe 2, so they really have some playing to do.

10. Utah – My Rank: 8

Last weeks rank: 18!

Next opponent: California

Don’t be surprised if you see Utah take the Pac 12 this year, I thought they would take it last year until a late season collapse. Their schedule is the only thing that scares me about them, and any Pac 12 team really. In my eyes, the Pac 12 is just as dangerous, if not more, than the SEC and the mid season stretch of conference play is going to be brutal. They could lose any of their remaining games because this conference and these teams are just so unpredictable and so alike. Luckily, Stanford isn’t on the list which is the only standout team of the conference to me, and at this point, the only team that I think can keep up with the toughness that team plays with.