Why Ole Miss can go undefeated..

The Ole Miss Rebels got off to a record breaking start this year, averaging more points than the schools basketball team (74.5ppg) throughout its first two games. After the third, a win over #2 Alabama, in Alabama, I’m sure a few others began to think the same, but I’ve felt since they laid that egg in Georgia last year against TCU, they were out to seek revenge. They don’t want revenge against just TCU for embarrassing them 48-3 on their biggest stage of the year, but they want revenge on the three teams that fed them losses, after a similar, just as promising 7-0 start last year.

 These three teams are LSU, Arkansas, and Auburn and ironically all three of these games will be in a row this year. Leading up to the in state rival, Miss St, Ole Miss will face the three teams who took them out of contention last year. This time, 2/3 games will be in Mississippi unlike the opposite last year, and not only that but the talent has tremendously decreased. At this time in the season last year, Auburn was looking for a chance to play in the first CFB Playoff after losing to Florida St in the final BCS Championship. This year, they’re still trying to find a quarterback, but they need more than that, especially to beat a raging Mississippi team at home. Ole Miss looks not only to avenge this loss, but set a statement for the final three teams they play following Auburn, and that’s to basically, stay out of the way. Also, the Rebels most targeted receiver this year Laquon Treadwell, had his season ended due to injury in last years Auburn game. He will for sure have a big game. Honestly though, out of the three teams, this year Auburn may be the worst, but I am the most worried about them for that exact reason. LSU and Arkansas will come into Mississippi, LSU will be coming off of a brutal 6 game stretch including @ Bama and home for Arkansas before heading to Mississippi. The Tigers, and their heisman front runner Leonard Fournette, will be very seasoned by this time and coming into Mississippi won’t help. Last year’s matchup between the two was a dirty, 10-7 victory for LSU in Baton Rouge and I think that was just the difference then and will be just the difference now with an even bigger advantage to Ole Miss, being the better and less seasoned team. Yes, they have Leonard Fournette, but he is all they have and they haven’t thrown him up against a D line like Ole Miss this year, and especially not in week 10. And we all know about how Arkansas finished their season last year, I think the Ole Miss game was the worst. After a 48-0 obliteration to PC and a Bye week, Ole Miss looked to finish it’s breakout season with only 2 losses (Auburn, LSU). Welp, they went into Arkansas and got toyed with as Arkansas ran away with a 30-0 victory. If it wasn’t already done, that ended Ole Miss’s hopes at a spot in the playoff, almost definitely. But this year, well, I’ll just say they won’t let it happen. Plus, Arkansas will be coming off of a road trip to Baton Rouge where, they also ended a season last year, so I don’t think LSU will take kindly to that either.

So I’ve done a lot of talking about Ole Miss’ opponents, but not much about what the Rebels have to offer. Well to start, two of their defensive linemen round out what may be the top 3 draft picks next year, and one of them has a rushing TD and a 32 yard catching TD so let that sink in. The leadership they have on defense is incomparable to any other team in the SEC, and that might as well be the country. Next, Chad Kelly, who before this season hasn’t played a game since 2013, is playing out of his mind. In four games, he’s thrown for 1219 yards, 10TD and 3int and 3 rushing TDs as well. He sits well in the pocket, and moves around even better. He trusts his receivers, and the duo if him and Treadwell has been marching them down the field all season so far. Look to see Chad Kelly hovering in heisman talks, as I see him shaking off the 2int performance against Vandy and taking this team to the playoff. He has a great line in front of him, receivers who trust him, a 3 back rotation, and a cannon on his shoulders, as long as he keeps making the right decisions, Ole Miss WILL be in the SEC Championship game(probably against Georgia) and is my pick to not only win a title this year, but go undefeated. And final, Robert Nkemdiche and Laquon Treadwell. I spoke of both earlier, but not about what they mean to their sides of the ball. How far this team goes is dependent on them. They both are potential heisman candidates and both are most likely, NFL bound. They play the leadership roles like no other and compliment their teammates in all ways, shapes and forms of the game. Whether it’s coaching up the team, or making a big play when needed, these two keep their hands all over each of the Rebels’ wins and will take this team farther than most would imagine.

 Ole Miss’ remaining schedule is as follows: @ Florida, New Mexico State, @ Memphis, Texas A&M, @ Auburn, Arkansas, LSU, @ Miss ST

I really wish I would’ve written this before the Bama game lol, but whatever, I called it that’s all I’m going to say.


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