College Football Picks and Predictions – Week 5 Games of the Week

Week 5 of the College Football season is underway and I couldn’t be more excited about this week! There are some real make or  break it games this Saturday and you’d be foolish to miss out on the show. Hopefully, there’s no cancellations or delays, given most of the games are on the east coast. But lets get started. From Clemson, SC to College Station back over to Athens and just south there’s more SEC action in Gainesville. And let’s not forget, the Ducks are attempting to save their season against Colorado tonight, as well as Texas Tech is looking for some form of hope as they try to avoid dropping 2 games in 2 weeks against bitter rivals TCU and Baylor. Honestly, so far, I don’t know what conference has been more exciting to watch between the Pac-12, the SEC, and the Big 12 and with both having some heavy duty match-ups tonight, the decision won’t be made any easier.

I’m going to pick 5 matchups this week and I’ll start with my game of the week, 13 Alabama @ 8 Georgia. I chose this game over 12 Notre Dame at 6 Clemson, mainly because this is almost the key to Alabama’s season. And we don’t normally see them being counted out. If Bama loses this game, it will be their first 3-2 start since 2007, when Nick Saban took over the Head Coaching position. Also, in 2007 one of those losses was credited to Georgia, so it’s only right we reminisce a bit. This in no way, is the Matthew Stafford-led-Bulldog team but, they may be even better. If Georgia wins this game, don’t count them out of anything, anymore this season. They want that SEC Championship, and honestly, given there’s no collapse, this is how they can punch their ticket right here. So I’m really excited to see how it pans out in Athens today.

Last meeting: 2012, Bama 32-28

Last 5 meetings: Georgia, 3-2

My pick: Georgia, 35-31, Late TD gives them the edge.



No.12 Notre Dame @ No.6 Clemson

Honestly, I’m not as pumped for this matchup as America is. Neither one of these teams, I don’t think, is built to prosper but we’ll see. Notre Dame has shown that quarterback issues won’t phase them at all, and neither will opposing offenses. Now on the other hand, they haven’t faced a Clemson caliber offense yet this season. Deshaun Watson, will be a beast, not there yet but has potential. Does he have enough to win this game? Absolutely. Will he win the game is the question. After minimal play last season, and faulty opponents so far this season, I haven’t really seen this kid shine with the lights on him yet. He coughed up 2 picks against a not-so-good-but-better-than-Appalachian State, Louisville team. In a game that could’ve easily gone the other way, but he stayed composed and won the game, essentially. I feel like Notre Dame is the better team, but my gut is just telling me to go with Clemson(maybe cause someone in South Carolina needs to prosper).

Last meeting: 1979, Clemson 16-10

Last 5: 1-1

My pick: Clemsux, 34-28, Watson lights em up for 300 AP and 3TD, 1 pick.



No.3 Ole Miss at No.25 Florida

As a current supporter of Ole Miss,, I feel like this current Gator team(yes, even at 4-0) will be just another walk in the park for the Rebels. But then again, these are the types of games that kill teams seasons. Inner conference match-ups are never easy, and we’re talking about the SEC here. Even though, Ole Miss has all of my faith, I hope they don’t take these Gators as a joke, because they can, and will, get bit. Don’t think the Gators have forgotten about 2008 ( when Ole Miss last visited Florida and crushed their dreams in a 31-30 thriller, that essentially, showed Tebow wasn’t Jesus, but close.

Last Meeting: Ole Miss, 31-30 (!!!!!)

My pick: Ole Miss, 38-20


No. 5 Baylor vs.Texas Tech

Can Baylor go up 37-36-1 in this bitter rivalry? Or will Texas Tech man handle Baylor like they did between 96′ and ’10. All I know for sure is, Seth Russell for Heisman…. I love that kid, if you didn’t watch some of the shows he put on behind Bryce Petty last season, you probably won’t love him as much as I do, but this kid is a baller. I’m tired of hearing about how system QBs aren’t really as good as it seems.. Lies. This is one of the best QBs in the country hands down. And come on, I don’t care who it was against, but 6 TDs on 12 completions? Give him some credit. But anyway, if you like shootouts, which I do, this should be a game you’re tuned into today, because I have no doubt this game will get crazier than the TCU game last week. My only worry is for Texas Tech, they’re just as high powered as TCU and Baylor are on offense just less talent, where they fall into play at is on the other side of the ball. But I’m not saying they have a D capable of stopping or slowing down the Bears. But if they can force a few mistakes, and not have any costly one’s of their own, they can easily stay in this game, and once you’re entering that 4th quarter, at a neutral site, against a rival, talent(for the most part) flies out of the window. It now becomes a game of “Who wants it more?” and often, the underdogs, would like it more. One interesting fact about this rivalry is the last time Texas Tech won was in Dallas, that capped of 16 straight wins for the Red Raiders. Since then, there’s been a site change to Arlington(game held there today), where Texas Tech has yet to win won, and Baylor sits on a 4 game winning streak.

Last Meeting: 2014, Baylor, 48-46

Last 5: Baylor, 4-1

My pick: Baylor,  61-55 Seth Russell throws for 4, runs for 1, 500 Total Yards, no mistakes. Solidify’s himself as a heisman candidate.



No. 21 Mississippi St. at No. 14 Texas A&M

Mississippi St. has been looking a little shaky this season, but their only loss was to LSU(21-19) so they deserve to be where they are at right now given the difficulty of teams they’ve faced. Texas A&M on the other hand, has been looking sharp as they’ve finally set on a QB and he has not yet disappointed. Defense, honestly, will win this game and that’s something that hasn’t really been the Aggies’ forte. But I must say, they’ve made stellar improvements and the offense is still a force to be reckoned with, as all Texas teams are. Except, Texas. Anyway, a win here would show me that Texas A&M aren’t just posing, they’re legit. But a win here, could also do the same for Miss St. At a neutral site, I would give Miss St. the edge, but since we’re in College Station, I’m looking at Texas A&M to stay perfect. But let’s remember what a loss here does to Miss St., they still have Bama and Ole Miss on the list. I’m looking ahead as both of those being losses, given Alabama hasn’t thrown in the towel already. So this is a must win for Miss St. if they want to have any type of bowl chances, because 2+ losses in the SEC is enough to kiss that season goodbye and gear up for your in-state rival game at the end of the season, or atleast thats what we, as gamecock fans, have become accustomed to doing. All in all, this will be a battle, a low scoring one at that. (Low scoring for A&M)

Last meeting: 2014, Miss St, 48-31

Last 5: Miss St, 3-2

My pick: A&M, 23-21


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