It’s Good To See Todd Gurley Running Wild Again

As a fan of football, it was great to see Todd Gurley break off this 52 yard run on Sunday against the Cardinals. 

This was just 52 of his 146 rushing yards on 19 carries that helped power the Rams to a victory over formerly undefeated NFC West rival Arizona Cardinals. Towards the end of the game, Gurley was able to put the nail in the coffin with runs of 20 and 30 yards while making sure he stayed in bounds to keep the clocking rolling. 136 of those 146 rushing yards came in the second half.

The Cardinals run defense thus far had proved to be a good one allowing just 3.08 yards per carry allowed (league leading), but Gurley was able to outrush Mark Ingram-Matt Forte-Carlos Hyde by his lonesome against the defense.

This Rams team could be fun to watch with Tavon Austin and Todd Gurley on offense and this defense. This might be one of those random years a Jeff Fisher led team finally breaks the double digit win column.


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