P5 Bold Predictions for NFL Week 5

Okay, so if anyone’s kept up with the Staff’s picks, we tend to make some rash choices here and there. This week, I was feeling a little gutsy, and made some picks that might come back to bite me in the ass. None the less, I am confident in all of the picks as I was probably most involved this week in them. This is going to be a great Sunday!

5. Eagles beat up on soft Saints, Win by 17+

Let’s be honest here, the Saint’s are borderline pitiful this year. Their 1-3 is much worse than the Eagles’. The Eagle’s are just having trouble putting it all together, which is fine considering the NFC East is in shambles. The Eagle’s are going to play very blitz happy on D as they look to shake up an already shaken up Brees in the backfield. With the an O line the equivalent of bags of sand, Brees will be forced to make quick decisions, which will not only lead to a few down the field mistakes, including a pick or two, but a few sacks as he’ll be caught sleeping a few times. On the other side of the ball, Sam Bradford will have a big day behind an Eagle’s running game that will travel for 120+ yards and into the endzone twice. Bradford will account for 2 through the air along with 225 big ones.

4. Kaep gets benched…..after the first quarter

Okay so I want to start by saying that Kaepernick posted a 2nd Career high in passing yards (335 yards) in a 25 point blowout loss in Pittsburgh. He racked up 2 TDs, no picks, and a nice little 106.7 passer rating… his team still lost by 25 though. That was his highlight of the season. Other than that, he’s looked god awful and it’s almost concerning that we might see a Blane Gabbert (???!?!?!) take the field Sunday, and it might be fast. With the Giants rolling and the 49ers rolling, just in two different directions, I see the Giants attacking fast and forcing Kaep into some early mistakes. And I mean, another two turnovers on the first two possessions of the game quick. Also, you must admit, you almost want to say he’s throwing these games because it’s almost impossible to consistently look this bad, maybe he was a 2 and a half season and done. Niners lose by 50…

Okay, not 50, but anything over 20 might as well be.


3. Mike Vick turns back the clock

That’s right.. after an above average game against the Ravens at home, it still sits in the back of Vick’s mind, that 4th down play in OT to AB that wasn’t even close. Vick will look to avenge that loss in a primetime road game against the same Chargers D that let Josh McCown light them up just a week ago. Everything was all good just a week ago…Anyway, Vick not only has AB, Bell, and the return of Martavis Bryant at his disposal, but the man still runs a 3.4, like come on. He can still out do your favorite QB on the ground. After practicing with the 1st squads for 2 straight weeks, playing an actual 60 minutes, plus OT, running the 2 and 4 min drills, Vick is regaining confidence and revamping his decision making. Vick accounts for 300 total yards, 4 TDs including….a receiving touchdown? Yep. You heard it hear first.


2. Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson restore order in Detroit…aggresively

0-5 Lions? Likely. But I honestly don’t see that happening. The Lions are pretty bad, but they aren’t 0-5 bad, lets be honest. Stafford is a bonehead and Johnson is washed up. I know, I’ve heard it all before, tell it to a Lions fan. But, tomorrow? Tomorrow will be different. Although, they face off against Patrick Peterson and a stingy Cardinal defense, these are some pissed ass football players looking for something to take their anger out on. Whats a better way to do it, than infront of your home crowd after being one bad call away from potentially spoiling a certain Seattle team’s season? There isn’t one. The Detroit Duo hooks up for 135 yards and 3 TDs.

1. Andy Dalton shows his true colors..

So you mean to tell me, that Andy Dalton… through 4 games.. is among the top QBs in the league? Damn right. The man has over 1100 yards, 9 TDs, and only one pick. The best part? His team sits 4-0 and it couldn’t be a better time as the AFC North is currently not so pretty. But you mean to tell me Andy Dalton has been playing great, and you’re not convinced he’s still a ticking time bomb? I for see many interceptions in Dalton’s future. I see them coming as soon as 12 hours from now. Dalton finishes the game with 200+ yards, 2 TDs, but 3 costly turnovers, including an interception on a potential game tying/comeback drive.


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