OTFYL Staff Week 6 Picks

Let’s take a look at how the guys did with their Week 5 picks. No surprise who is at the top once again:

  1. @itsablackguy: 10-4 (.714)
  2. @PlanetTyler: 9-5 (.642)
  3. @OutDreamChasing: 9-5 (.642)
  4. @JDHD__: 8-6 (.571)
  5. @gio1time: 8-6 (.571)
  6. @ThaReggggg: 8-6 (.571)

Our updated leaderboard now looks like:

  1. @itsablackguy: 35-26 (.573)
  2. @OutDreamChasing: 34-27 (.557)
  3. @JDHD__: 33-28 (.540)
  4. Guest Picker: 29-32 (.475)
  5. @gio1time: 28-33 (.459)
  6. @ThaReggggg: 20-25 (.444)

Big thanks to this week’s guest picker @Neckofdwoods. Since the Cowboys don’t have the luxury of letting him down for like the 4th weekend in a row, he offered to pick this week and we are appreciative. Send the kid a follow on twitter.

Thursday Night Football

Atlanta Falcons @ New Orleans Saints

@itsablackguy: Falcons; Thursday Night games have actually been pretty close this year and entertaining, but I have no reason to believe the Saints can pull this out. I expect a big day out of Davonta Freeman

@gio1time: Saints; season ending game they need this bad, run the ball and get Cooks the ball

@ThaReggggg: Falcons; after last week’s scare vs the improving Redskins, the Falcons stay undefeated vs a really bad Saints team

@OutDreamChasing: Falcons; the saints are back to the aints they haven’t show me anything this year outside of a solid run defense definitely don’t see enough to pick them against the undefeated Falcons.

Matchup of the Week – Vic Beasley vs Zach Strief

@JDHD__: Saints; Saints hand rival Falcons first L of the season

@neckofdwoods: Falcons; Falcons are better all around. Better offense, better defense, better players. Despite the rivalry aspect, they should win handedly.

Sunday Afternoon

Cincinnati Bengals @ Buffalo Bills

@itsablackguy: Bengals; Tyrod more than likely won’t play and I don’t have much faith in EJ

@gio1time: Bengals; Bills seem to be falling apart will Tyrod play or EJ???

@ThaReggggg: Bengals; watch as soon as I put some faith in they collapse.

@OutDreamChasing: Bengals; Andy Dalton is due for a reality check and a bad game but I don’t think its gonna happen this week though that bills defense has two of best corners in the league at this point in the season. Also a I don’t think a hobbled less mobile Tyrod Taylor gets it done.

Matchup of the Week – Aj Green/Marvin Jones vs Gilmore/Ronald Darby

@JDHD__: Bengals; Andy Dalton looks like a legit MVP candidate, his offense rolling and the Bills may possibly be without Tyrod Taylor

@neckofdwoods: Bengals; I really don’t wanna believe in the Bengals. I don’t wanna believe that Andy Dalton is becoming the QB we know he could be. That being said, Bengals win by 3 TDs.

Denver Broncos @ Cleveland Browns

@itsablackguy: Broncos; Despite their great start and the fact their defense is playing at an all time great level, the Broncos haven’t faced anybody. The best team they have faced has been the Vikings. Josh McCown looked like the second coming of Norm Van Brocklin last week, can’t see that happening again.

@gio1time: Broncos; don’t get me wrong this is a TRAP GAME how long will the D save Payton.

@ThaReggggg: Browns; just wait on it.

@OutDreamChasing: Broncos; Like everyone else were still waiting on the defense to stop bailing out Peyton Manning and we’ll still be waiting next week I don’t the Browns have enough weapons to score on this defense. Broncos big

Matchup of the Week- Peyton Manning’s mind vs his physical limits

@JDHD__: Broncos; Broncos defense will make things difficult for Luke McCown who’s been hot as of late. Still waiting for a signature Manning performance, maybe this is the week

@neckofdwoods: Broncos; I’ll take Peyton Manning with a dead arm over the Browns any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

Chicago Bears @ Detroit Lions

@itsablackguy: Bears; Give credit where it’s due. Jay Cutler has been a big reason the Bears went from looking lie they were going to have the #1 overall pick in the 2016 draft to looking like a decent team. They’ve beat up on some below average-shitty teams the last two weeks, that trend will continue this weekend

@gio1time: Lions, after that embarrassing loss they will show signs of life

@ThaReggggg: Lions; lmao at this game, let’s go Lions. 1-5

@OutDreamChasing: Bears; the return of Jay Cutler and that John Fox defense has the Bears looking at least decent throught this first stretch of the season and that all you have to be to beat the Lions that offense is horrendous. Matt Stafford is defiantly trending in the wrong direction and leading probably the league’s worst offense.

@JDHD__: Lions; Lions finally get a W against a banged up Bears squad

@neckofdwoods: Bears; Detroit goes 0-6. No further comment needed

Houston Texans @ Jacksonville Jaguars

@itsablackguy: Jaguars; JJ Watt is going to have a monster game. I haven’t seen him be shutout of a game like he was last week. That’ll open up more opportunities for Clowney too. But I don’t think the Texans can score enough points to keep up with Bortles and the Jaguars. Go ahead and add Nuke Hopkins to your fantasy lineup. He’s gonna get some crazy garbage time stats.

@gio1time: Texans; Hopkins is a beast love the guy, Hoyer 2nd chance saw good things in Colts game

@ThaReggggg: Texans; Texans need a bounce back win

@OutDreamChasing: Texans; Brian Hoyer gave this team a spark when he came in for an injured Ryan Mallett and while I don’t believe the spark will last very long it will be enough to beat the Jaguars. I expect Arian Foster to had a solid game this week

Matchup of the Week – Arian Foster vs Paul Posluszny

@JDHD__: Texans; Look for Arian Foster to get involved early so their offense can have more balance. Jaguars are a good young team that will make this a competitive contest

@neckofdwoods: Texans; In this week’s episode of “Who Sucks Less”, I’m going with the Texans.

Kansas City Chiefs @ Minnesota Vikings

@itsablackguy: Vikings; The Chiefs have some other good backs on their roster but I don’t think one week is enough time for this offense to figure out their identity without Jamaal Charles. Mike Wallace is going to have a good day

@gio1time: Vikings, Jamal Charles loss was a big blow to this team, Vikings do enough to win

@ThaReggggg: Vikings, Chiefs look bad man. Really bad.

@OutDreamChasing: Vikings; It’s hard to find a non QB that is more valuable to their team than Jamaal Charles is to the Chiefs that being said the loss of him will be too much to overcome traveling to Minnesota to play a very loaded Vikings team I expect to see a heavy dose of AP all day.

Matchup of the week Marcus Peters vs Mike Wallace

@JDHD__: Chiefs; The loss of Jamaal Charles will be tough to overcome but the defense should have a field day against the weak offensive line of the Vikings

@neckofdwoods: Vikings; The injury to Charles hurts this game tremendously. This is a game the Chiefs should win but they will somehow find a way to lose. I’m taking Minnesota.

Washington Redskins @ New York Jets

@itsablackguy: Jets; I’m expecting the Jets defense to be firing on all cylinders since this will be Sheldon Richardson’s first game back. But because Fitzpatrick is the QB, the game will remain close until Kirk Cousins has that game deciding turnover.

@gio1time: Jets; coming off a bye week they’re fresh and great D, just need points

@ThaReggggg: Jets; Jets D is the real deal.

@OutDreamChasing: Jets; While the Redskins have been impressive in some games I don’t expect them to look impressive against the Jets defense I expect Kirk to be Kirk and give the Jets some turnovers and for the jets to use Chris Ivory to ground and pound.

Matchup of the Week Buster Skrine vs Jamison Crowder

@JDHD__: Jets; Its gonna be a tough day for Kirk Cousins…

@neckofdwoods: **expletives** vs Jets, Ryan Fitzpatrick or Kirk Cousins coming off a walk-off pick 6 vs Atlanta. I’m going with Fitzpatrick.

Arizona Cardinals @ Pittsburgh Steelers

@itsablackguy: Cardinals; I’m under the assumption that Ben isn’t playing despite that being the talk of the week. And since it hasn’t been confirmed that he will, I have to lean towards Pittsburgh West.

@gio1time: Cardinals- I don’t think Big Ben will have the playcalling to keep up with the Cardinals.

@ThaReggggg: Steelers; I had the Cards losing to the Lions last week. I was wrong. But still not impressed.

@OutDreamChasing: Cardinals; I truly do not believe the Steelers can beat a good team with Michael Vick under center, speaking of centers Pouncey may be gone for the rest of the season. This Cardinals offense will be too much for a shaky Steelers defense, and the offense won’t be able to put up enough points.

Matchup of the Week – Antonio Brown vs Patrick Peterson

@JDHD__: Cardinals; I really want to be wrong, but the Cardinals offense will present a tough task for Steelers secondary. Carson Palmer is playing great and I can’t trust Michael Vick to limit mistakes against the ballhawking Cardinals d

@neckofdwoods: Cardinals; This is my matchup of the week. Cardinals defense has been steamrolling opponents and Carson Palmer is playing at an MVP level. On the flipside, you have the Steelers and that bend but don’t break defense. I don’t expect Madden 04 Vick magic in this game though. Cardinals win by 2 TDs

Miami Dolphins @ Tennessee Titans

@itsablackguy: Titans; We don’t know what version of the Dolphins we’ll be getting their new interim HC.

@gio1time: Dolphins; they’ll come out with something to prove after firing they’re coach

@ThaReggggg: Titans; 1st game with interim head coach for Dolphins, Titans D looks to capitalize

@OutDreamChasing: Dolphins; Despite their record the Miami Dolphins still have one of the most talented rosters in the league, they just needed a better lead to follow with Dan Campbell as the interim they will have that. I think that with the bye with it gave him enough time to enter his DNA into this team. This Titans defense will give the dolphins some problems but I still got the Dolphins pulling it off.

Match of the Week – New DC Lou Anarumo vs Mariota

@JDHD__: Dolphins; Dan Campbell starts his career off with a W. Look for Lamar Miller to be more involved in the Dolphins offense

@neckofdwoods: Titans; Mariota shows up and shows out. Titans win big

Carolina Panthers @ Seattle Seahawks

@itsablackguy: Panthers; Panthers are rolling right now. This is a much better matchup for the Seahawks than last week was, but I think the way Dalton-Eiffert exploited Kam in coverage, that might be the game plan again this week with Newton-Olsen.

@gio1time: Seahawks; they cant get too far behind the Cards tough game GAME OF THE WEEK!

@ThaReggggg: Seahawks; I still can’t believe in the Panthers actually scoring the ball. But this is the game to show it.

@OutDreamChasing: Seahawks; that Seahawks defense is too good to let one man beat them even if it is Cam Newton. That Panther defense will show up to play especially with the return of Luke Kuechly but it won’t be enough.

Matchup of the week Cam vs Russell (which QB can make the most big plays)

@JDHD__: Seahawks; Cam Newton’s lack of weapons will hurt in this game. Beast Mode should be back at full strength for the Seahawks

@neckofdwoods: Seahawks; I must admit, I have been impressed with Cam Newton’s ability to score with WRs who wouldn’t get chose for a game of backyard football but his luck has to eventually run out. Seahawks victory.

San Diego Chargers @ Green Bay Packers

@itsablackguy: Packers; The Chargers struggled with the Steelers on MNF, that’s not good at all. They might actually get blown out

@gio1time: Green Bay; Squiggly line ~~~~~~~

@ThaReggggg: Packers; Aaron Rodgers is going to have a better game than last week… Even though he threw for 250 2 TDs and won by 14.

@OutDreamChasing: Packers; Aaron Rodgers need I say more

Matchup of the Week Randall Cobb vs Jason Verrett

@JDHD__: Packers; Phillip Rivers will be under siege the entire game. Aaron Rodgers will bounce back from his subpar performance last week

@neckofdwoods: Packers; Fresh off a walk-off loss to Pittsburgh on MNF, they travel to Green Bay to face God’s son, Aaron Rodgers. Packers win.

Baltimore Ravens @ San Francisco 49ers

@itsablackguy: 49ers; Both of these teams stink. I basically just threw a knife at a wall and picked a team

@gio1time: 49ers, played a great game last week despite the loss they can do it in LEVI STADIUM

@ThaReggggg: Ravens; Super Bowl 47 rematch, both teams don’t look the same as then. Ravens win though.

@OutDreamChasing: Ravens; the Ravens are very solid in their front 7 and I think they can neutralize Carlos Hyde and that rushing attack. Flaccos weapons are decimated but he good enough to make do with what he has.

Matchup of the Week CJ Mosley vs Carlos Hyde

@JDHD__: 49ers; Kaep looked solid Sunday night in the loss against the Giants. Ravens just aren’t a good team. Fuck Josh Scobee

@neckofdwoods: 49ers; Seems like yesterday, these two teams were playing in the Super Bowl. Now in the Battle for the #1 overall pick in the 2016 NFL Draft, the Baltimore Ravens continue their quest for whoever that person is with a loss to SF.

Sunday Night Football

New England Patriots @ Indianapolis Colts

@itsablackguy: Patriots; boy this is going to be nasty

@gio1time: Patriots; Tom will shred this Colts secondary THE END!

@ThaReggggg: Pats; Luck will play and regret it

@OutDreamChasing: Patriots; I think the Bellicheck goes back to the physical run game that the colts have no answer for it should be LeGarrette Blount one big game this year hes a must start for fantasy owners, and of course Tom Brady will get his

Matchup of the Week Tre Jackson vs Henry Anderson (2 rookies)

@JDHD__: Patriots; Tom Brady and Bill Belichick can’t wait to have a piece of the team that ruined their offseason

@neckofdwoods: Patriots; You saw what Brady did to my Cowboys last week. Imagine what he will do to the Colts this week. You know he’s had this game circled ever since they snitched on him about those deflated balls. The Brady Bunch obliterates the Colts

Monday Night Football

New York Giants @ Philadelphia Eagles

@itsablackguy: Eagles; Neither of these teams are very good right now but the Giants are still trending up and the Eagles got a much needed win against a bad Saints team. Rivalry games are fun so I’m leaning with the home team here

@gio1time: Eagles; wanna be at top have to take them out, had 8 sacks on Eli last year he scared of the Eagles D.

@ThaReggggg: Eagles; hard to pick against the Giants right now, but the Eagles received a wakup call vs a bad Saints team last week

@OutDreamChasing: Giants; I have been wrong on every pick for the Eagles this year and I know Eagle fans are happy I picked the Giants but this is the week Im sure will break the streak. I still think Sam Bradford is a weenie and don’t trust him in games this big. Eli could potentially shred this secondary. Look for big Johnathan Hankins to be a clog in that Eagles running game.

Matchup of the Game Jason Kelce vs Johnathan Hankins

@JDHD__: Giants; Eli looks great to start the season and wouldn’t surprise me to see him lead another GW drive on MNF. Reuben Randle could have a big game of OBJ doesn’t go

@neckofdwoods: Giants; I wish this game could end in a tie for divisional purposes but if I gotta go with a team, I’m going with the Giants.


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