Shoutout to Dolphins Interim HC Dan Campbell for Doing The Obvious

Here is something we haven’t said about the Dolphins in awhile

According to Jason Cole of Bleacher Report, the Titans felt the Dolphins were “too physical”.

“There’s no such thing,” Campbell said via Andrew Abramson of the Palm Beach Post. “I don’t see that. I don’t see how that’s even possible. There’s a time to play conservative and there’s a time to play aggressive, Yesterday was a time be aggressive.”

Basically Ken Whisenhunt, you just got your ass kicked. Stop complaining.

Although the Dolphins had a strong performance Sunday, dismantling the hapless Tennessee Titans 38-10, I’m very skeptical to anoint Dan Campbell as anything more than a logical man. The Dolphins ran the ball and the defensive line got after the quarterback, two things that the Dolphins under former head coach Joe Philbin did not do. Despite throwing the ball 73 percent of the time in their first four games, Sunday the Dolphins rushed the ball (32) more times than they threw it (29). They ran effectively, notching 180 yards on 5.6 per carry, with Lamar Miller closing with 113 yards on 19 attempts.

Lamar Miller averaged 9 rushing attempts a game the first 4 games but Sunday they fed him the ball and he produced. Funny how that happens huh? Despite being tied for 2nd in yards per carry among all running backs that played at least 50% of their teams offensive snaps, he was tied for 13th in attempts in 2014. This year, it seemed like Philbin made a valiant effort not to give him the ball. It’s weird because the offense that Lazor is running is his version of what Chip Kelly is doing in Philadelphia. And for all the popular misconceptions about that offense, it’s built off the run game. You got Tannehill out running play action passes and the defense isn’t even flinching because they knew what was up.

Defensively, it had to be good to see Cameron Wake is still alive. He absolutely destroyed RT Jeremiah Poutasi, beating him for 3 sacks and forcing a fumble (the Dolphins recovered) in 13 pass blocking snaps. He was replaced by Jamon Meredith and Wake also beat him for a sack and hurry. According to Pro Football Focus, Ndamakong Suh had 2 QB hurries and 2 batted passes. And one would think Suh has had a bad season but he actually hasn’t. Sure the sack numbers aren’t there, but the impact that he’s had on this front goes far beyond that.

I will give him his props for getting the team ready and having them perform at a high level. At 2-3, the Dolphins are really right back in the thick of things in regards to the playoff race. (It’s only week 6 know). But I’m going to continue to be skeptical of Campbell and his team until they show me this is who they really are.

Even though this was just the Titans, this might be a game they can look back and say it saved their season.


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