OTFYL Staff Week 7 Picks

Let’s take a look at how the team did with their Week 6 Picks:

  1. @gio1time: 12-2 (.857)
  2. @JDHD__: 10-4 (.714)
  3. @itsablackguy: 9-5 (.642)
  4. @ThaReggggg: 9-5 (.642)
  5. @OutDreamChasing: 8-6 (.571)
  6. @neckofdwoods: 8-6 (.571)

Our updated leaderboards look like this:

  1. @JDHD__: 59-32 (.648)
  2. @itsablackguy: 57-34 (.626)
  3. @gio1time: 53-38 (.582)
  4. @OutDreamChasing: 52-39 (.571)
  5. Guest Picker: 50-41 (.549)
  6. @ThaRegggg: 38-37 (.506)

This is turning into a tight race. Don’t look now, but @ThaRegggg is closing in on the Guest Picker (percentage wise). This week’s guest picker is @__NS13__. Make sure you show him love and follow him on twitter, especially you Cowboys fans.

Thursday Night Football

Seattle Seahawks @ San Francisco 49ers

@itsablackguy: Seahawks; Can’t see the Seahawks giving up a 4th quarter lead to these guys. It will probably be a close game though.

@gio1time: Seahawks; Bobby Wagner will make a big difference, Divisional Game 49ers play tough

@ThaReggggg: Seahawks; this is that rebound period for Seattle. They won’t go 9-2 starting at week 7 like last year. But this is a start. Although Kaep did get some things going last week, the Seahawks D has somethings to prove. They’ll overcome.

@OutDreamChasing: Seahawks; this Seahawks have been a shell of themselves, they have been very disappointing thus far into the season. However I expect them to put all that to the side a get a win against a hated division opponent.

@JDHD__: Seahawks; defense gets back on track this week. Kap can’t figure them out

@__NS13__: Seahawks; although coming off yet another loss due to a 4th quarter collapse, I think Seattle shows the NFL that they’re still the team everyone feared the past 2 years starting with a big win over a subpar Niners team

Sunday Afternoon

Buffalo Bills @ Jacksonville Jaguars

@itsablackguy: Jaguars; Wanted to pick the Bills but once again, some pretty important guys aren’t playing. Much needed win for Jacksonville

@gio1time: Jaguars; Over in London this is a must win for this team or we will see changes made very soon.

@ThaReggggg: Bills; For the sake of Rex Ryan’s health this is a must win for the Bills, whom are very capable.

@OutDreamChasing: Bills; the Jaguars do have the talent to consistently win, but until I see them actually do it against good teams I can’t pick them. Bills get the W in London.

@JDHD__: Jaguars; Blake Bortles has legitimate weapons in the passing game and they lead the Jags to a W across the pond

@__NS13__: Bills; the Jaguars have firepower on both sides of the ball, especially offense with Allen Hurns and Allen Robinson, but something just isn’t clicking with them. With Tyrod Taylor out and players appearing to be on different pages, it seems as though the Bills are back at the drawing board. However, I think they still have a surmountable task at hand with a seemingly stagnant Jaguars team

Minnesota Vikings @ Detroit Lions

@itsablackguy: Vikings; AP rolls

@gio1time: Lions; Please save Jim Caldwell’s job he’s apart of a dying breed of Black head coaches

@ThaReggggg: Lions; Lions still have 10 games to play. They aren’t looking back at the first 5, they just want to build off of last week, and I think they’ll do so.

@OutDreamChasing: Vikings; The Lions offense is one of the worst in the league it would be hard to see them put up enough points to win this one.

@JDHD__: Vikings; AP will have a huge game and Teddy may have found a new weapon in Stefon Diggs

@__NS13__: Vikings; the Lions finally won a game. Yes, it was against the Bears but nevertheless a win is a win. Going against a defense that is 7th in the league against the pass and 9th against the run though won’t be an easy task. Not to mention Detroit is 28th against the run. Adrian Peterson will have himself a day

New Orleans Saints @ Indianapolis Colts

@itsablackguy: Saints; Brees has played at a high level since returning from his injury and this is another good step in the right direction

@gio1time: Colts; This will be an ugly game but the Colts have to win to get that bullshit of a fake punt out of our minds

@ThaReggggg: Colts; Andrew Luck is about to have a field day with the Saints secondary.

@OutDreamChasing: Colts; even though the Saints were able to pull of the upset last week they are still one of the worst teams in the league. I like the Colts to get the win at home

@JDHD__: Saints; Brees and the Saints will come out on top in a shootout

@__NS13__: Colts; as bad as that Sunday night game may have looked against the defending champs, I think the Andrew Luck-led Colts put up a fairly good fight. I look for them to back up their performance with a win this week against a lackluster Saints defense

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Kansas City Chiefs

@itsablackguy: Steelers; Although this smells like a classic trap game, this is set up to be another good win for the Steelers

@gio1time: Steelers; the Chiefs are just to beat up on offense and they dont throw deep I expect the Steelers front 7 to have a ball

@ThaReggggg: Steelers; Too. Much. Offense. And with a defense that’s been key to this 3-1 record without Ben, I just can’t seem to pick against them. Especially with a Chiefs team that has struggled this season

@OutDreamChasing: Chiefs; No way in hell in picking a Landry Jones lead team to win in Arrowhead Stadium. Chiefs roll

@JDHD__: Steelers; Landry Jones gets Steelers off to a quick start, Bell and their defense close it out in the end

@__NS13__: Steelers; although it hasn’t been easy without one of the best QBs in the league, Pittsburgh has been finding ways to win. It helps to have the arguably the best WR and RB in the NFL on one team. Look for the Steelers to take advantage of a run-of-the-mill defense, and an offense lacking firepower

Houston Texans @ Miami Dolphins

@itsblackguy: Dolphins; Dolphins roll

@gio1time: Dolphins; I’m still not buying this be more physical shit they trying to sell us but its easy to look tough when you beating weak teams like the Titans and Texans.

@ThaReggggg: Dolphins;

@OutDreamChasing: Dolphins; They have all the makings of a playoff contender they just need someone to lead them their and I think Dan Campbell is that guy. He continues to develop a physical running game look for Lamar Miller to have 20+ carries also look for Jonas Grey to get some reps

@JDHD__: Dolphins; Dan Campbell figured it out. Give the ball to Lamar Miller

@__NS13__: Dolphins; I think Miami came out last Sunday against the Titans and made a statement. Maybe a change at the head coach position was what was needed for the potential of this team to be brought out of them. They’ll have themselves a challenge though as they face the league’s reigning DPOY

New York Jets @ New England Patriots

@itsablackguy: Jets; the Patriots don’t lose at home. But the Patriots haven’t faced Todd Bowles

@gio1time: Jets;already had a strong D and Richardson back in the rotation they will need pass rushers for Brady who’s getting the ball out at an Avg 2.7 seconds per pass.

@ThaReggggg: Pats; Guarantee with all the talk of the Jets D this year, Brady has been waiting on this game to show off his torching skills. Jets D will play well. But Brady will be Brady

@OutDreamChasing: Jets; I’m picking the upset, I expect the jets front to shut down the run and make the Pats one dimensional. Todd Bowles will not let Brady get comfortable.

@JDHD__: Jets; Patriots offensive line will fail them the for the first time this season. Revis picks off Brady too

@__NS13__: Patriots; in what could make to be the game of the week, the defensive tyrant New York Jets look to dethrone a red-hot Tom Brady. A team that let Tom Terrific get sacked 5 times in one game against Dallas, it’ll be interesting to see what the Patriots do to protect him against the best defense in the league. If this was a game of who looks better on paper, I’d take New York every time. However, I don’t think the Jets have what it takes to topple the reigning Super Bowl champions

Cleveland Browns @ St. Louis Rams

@itsablackguy: Rams; Todd Gurley against this run defense> The worst in the NFL? Rams by a couple scores

@gio1time: Rams; They play great at home game could go either way depends on which QB has the better day

@ThaReggggg: Browns, McCown is doing a lot of things right. Can’t knock him. This is the third tough D he’s seen in 3 weeks

@OutDreamChasing: Rams; come off a bye week and stop a mud hole in the perhaps Joe Haden-less Browns. Look for Todd Gurley to have a HUGE GAME !!!! against this Browns run D.

@JDHD__: Rams; Todd Gurley will have a field day vs the Browns defense

@__NS13__: Rams; Todd Gurley. That should be enough reason to pick the Rams against the league’s worst rush defense. On the flip side, McCown hasn’t been too shabby through the air with almost 300 yards passing per game. However, his poor decision making can land his team some trouble and there’s a guy on the other side of the ball named Aaron Donald that will be looking to ensure McCown makes a couple mistakes

Atlanta Falcons @ Tennessee Titans

@itsablackguy: Falcons; Mariota or no Mariota the Falcons were winning regardless

@gio1time: Falcons; long week had time to get rested and recharged they should win this its the Titans

@ThaReggggg: Falcons; No Mariota. He hasn’t been perfect this year but he’s more of a game changer than Mettenberger

@OutDreamChasing: Falcons; Atlanta rebounds against a struggling Titans team

@JDHD__: Falcons; Titans give up 130 yards rushing per game. Freeman will eat

@__NS13__: Falcons; losing Marcus Mariota to injury will prove to be devastating for Tennessee, and a measly rush defense against one of the hottest backs right now in Devonta Freeman will not make things any easier for the Titans. Not to mention that guy, Julio Jones. He’s pretty good too. Look for him to have a big day

Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Washington Redskins

@itsablackguy: Buccaneers; Big day from Doug Martin in an ugly game

@gio1time: Redskins; both really bad teams but if they wanna stay close in this messy NFC east race they better show up their at home

@ThaReggggg: Redskins; two bottom of the barrel teams, but the Redskins will find a way to disrupt Winston, taking the Bucs offense out of the game.

@OutDreamChasing: Redskins; In matchups like these with turnover prone quarterbacks I like to go with the better defense and Washington has that

@JDHD__: Buccaneers; Doug Martin will stay hot and Mike Evans will finally have a big game

@__NS13__: Buccaneers; the 3rd best team against the pass, I think Tampa Bay will disrupt Kirk Cousins enough to turn the ball over multiple times and take this win

Oakland Raiders @ San Diego Chargers

@itsablackguy: Raiders; Another week, same story. Chargers let Phillip Rivers down

@gio1time: Chargers; Phil deserves this game he’s been playing great despite everybody this offense is missing, Raiders are tough though

@ThaReggggg: Chargers; Rivers has been on fire this season just can’t make enough plays to win games. This is going to be a comeback win at home for San Diego and River’s will stay lit.

@OutDreamChasing: Chargers; Phillip Rivers and Keenan Allen have field days against that sub par Raiders pass defense

@JDHD__: Raiders; Chargers offensive line is in shambles. Khalil Mack and Aldon Smith are licking their chops

@__NS13__: Raiders; coming off a heartbreaking loss to Green Bay, I expect Oakland to come out and try to add to San Deigo’s woes. Don’t be surprised if Oakland stuffs San Diego’s attempt to run the ball and forces Rivers to air it out, which could prove to be detrimental

Dallas Cowboys @ New York Giants

@itsablackguy: Cowboys; This game is going to be about Greg Hardy

@gio1time: Giants; After that Monday night game and what dallas did to them week 1 they will come out smoking have to protect Eli, Dallas front 7 and Wilcox will keep it close I have no faith in Matt Cassel at all.

@ThaReggggg: Giants; Giants going to avenge that sloppy week 1 loss and take advantage of a missing Dez and Tony

@OutDreamChasing: Giants; this game will solely be decided on with Eli shows up good or bad my guess is good. Coming off that loss to the Eagles Monday night I think he’ll have a good game.

@JDHD__: Giants; Giants bounce back from that poor MNF performance

@__NS13__: Giants; with Tony Romo and Dez Bryant still out, Matt Cassel will be working with #2 and #3’s as his primary targets and Jason Witten who may get some extra attention after catching the game-winning touchdown pass in the Cowboys’ first meeting with the Giants this season. However, Dallas’ offense just hasn’t proved anything to anybody the last 3 games except the fact that Romo and Dez are very, very important pieces to this team’s success and with a new face at QB, things may not change. Rivalry games are always up in the air, but the Giants are the more complete team on offense at the moment which could be the deciding the factor in this game

Philadelphia Eagles @ Carolina Panthers:

@itsablackguy: Panthers; Panthers win this slobberknocker

@gio1time: Eagles; this is a must win game going into the bye week, clearly the underdogs should come play with a chip on their sholders, Panthers will be tough they remember last year and want payback. Eagles D has to rattle Cam early, Billy D will gameplan well for Cam and the Panthers run game.

@ThaReggggg: Panthers; told yall last week was the game they had to prove to me. And they did it while putting up 27 points. Doing exactly what I said they couldn’t do, and that’s score the ball. Eagles may have won by 20 on Monday, but they won very sloppy. Carolina won’t allow sloppy play.

@OutDreamChasing: Eagles; this will be the best defense the Panthers have played this year I think the Eagles shut down that  the panthers running game and Cam doesn’t have enough weapons on the outside to win. Sam Bradford will still be a weenie though

@JDHD__: Panthers; Still don’t believe in the Eagles. Cam Newton will continue to carry the Panthers offense

@__NS13__: Panthers; undefeated and one of the best teams in the NFL right now, the Panthers are riding a high right now that might not be shot down anytime soon.  With one of the best defenses in the league against the run and pass, look for the Panthers to generate at least 3 turnovers this game but don’t let that fool you. Philadelphia also has one of the better defenses in the league and could give Cam and company some trouble

Baltimore Ravens @ Arizona Cardinals

@itsablackguy: Cardinals; One of the best vertical offense’s against one of the worst secondaries in football? Ok

@gio1time: Cardinals; Cards are good at shaking off bad loses and have to keep separating themselves from the rest of the NFC west

@ThaReggggg: Cardinals; The Cards should win this game… but I have a bad feeling. But then again, looking at Baltimore’s season you can’t really tell.

@OutDreamChasing: Cardinals; Coming off a loss to the Steelers should light a fire under this team I think they come out and blow out the hopeless Ravens.

@JDHD__: Cardinals; The Ravens really want the #1 pick..

@__NS13__: Cardinals; One of the best teams versus one of the worst. This could get ugly.


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