Gurley or Cooper?; Houston We Have a Problem; FORK EM!; Power Rankings; Mailbag; Ranting On The 50 Yardline

I’ve long been one of the harshest critics of the St. Louis Rams and head coach Jeff Fisher. But one thing I didn’t criticize him for was drafting Todd Gurley with number 10 overall pick. Being a South Carolina fan, I watched Todd Gurley all throughout his years at Georgia. From the moment he stepped on the field as a freshman I knew he would be the real deal. If he didn’t tear his ACL last November he would’ve easily been a top 5 pick in this draft.

Gurley made his debut in week 3 against the Steelers, but didn’t do much. He got his first start the following week against the Arizona Cardinals and has yet to look back. He has 3 100 yard rushing games in as many starts, and the Rams are also 2-1 with Gurley in the starting line up. Gurley is first rookie with 125+ rushing yards in 3 straight games since Cadillac Williams in 2005.

According to Pro Football Focus, Gurley gained 110 of his 128 rushing yards after contact. That’s ridiculous man.

Less than a year removed from his torn left ACL, Gurley has rushed for 433 yards on only 68 carries over the Rams’ last three games. The last Rams running back to top 100 yards on the ground in three straight games is Stephen Jackson, the franchise’s all time leading rusher.

In my opinion, offensive rookie of the year is a two man race, with the aforementioned Todd Gurley and Oakland Raiders WR Amari Cooper.

Cooper is dominating the NFL in a way very few rookies have in awhile. A couple of first occured for Amari Cooper during Sunday’s matchup with the San Diego Chargers:

  • First rookie with 3 100+ receiving yard games in his team’s first 6 games since Mike Ditka in 1961
  • 1 of 3 rookie’s with 3 100+ receiving yard games in his first 6 games in the last 50 years (Julio Jones in 2011 and Bryon Williams in 83-84)
  • First rookie since Anquan Boldin in 2003 to have over 500 receiving yards in a team’s first 6 games of the season
  • His 3 100 yard games have tied the Oakland Raiders rookie record for most 100 yard receiving games by a rookie


There is a power struggle in Houston between the head coach and GM and these never end well.

Troubled quarterback Ryan Mallet missed the team’s charter flight to Miami and decided to blame it on traffic, which somehow only seemed to stop him and no one else on team. Head coach Bill O’Brien wanted to cut Mallet before the game, but he was overruled by GM Rick Smith who felt that the team needed a backup for Brian Hoyer as they faced the Dolphins. Sadly this probably wasn’t the only issue that occurred that Sunday.

The Texans played the most pathetic half of football I think I’ve seen since….well…since Clemson dug in the University of Miami’s shit on Saturday:

  • The Texans were already down 21-0 3 minutes into the game
  • The Texans defense allowed 4 touchdowns of 50+ yards, including an 85 yard run by Lamar Miller (in the first half)
  • The Texans were outgained 219-0 at the end of the first quarter
  • They did not pick their first first down until they were down 35-0
  • 41-0 halftime deficit

And to add insult to injury… well injury to insult, RB Arian Foster suffered a torn achillies and he’s going to be out for the rest of the season. It sucks because Foster was having a pretty good game before he went down on this non-contact injury.

Pretty sure this isn’t how many predicted this Texans season to go. O’Brien was hired to restore order to a Texans franchise that went 2-14 in 2013. After all. O’Brien helped Penn St. bounce back following all the Sandusky bullshit. He managed to coach the Texans to a 9-7 record last year without a quarterback. But this season seemed doomed from the start when O’Brien couldn’t name a starter halfway through the preseason. Things got worse thanks to Hard Knocks (a show he didn’t want to do but the owner wanted) and the fact that he told Brian Hoyer he wouldn’t be on a short leash only to bench him after 3 quarters of play in the season opener. It felt like there was a different starting QB every week.

Mallet could very well be on his way out of Houston, but what exactly does that mean for Houston? This is a lost season for the Texans unfortunately. Brian Hoyer is a great fantasy quarterback but isn’t very good in real life. I’m sure there are fans out there just hoping they will tank and go get Christian Hackenburg. Good luck with that.


Here are the teams we have already forked:

  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  • The AFC South minus the Colts
  • New Orleans Saints
    • Drew Brees does look like a new man since returning from injury, but I’m going to leave the fork in them because it’s just too much ground ahead of them to cover
  • Detroit Lions
  • Chicago Bears
  • Kansas City Chiefs

Let’s go ahead and the San Francisco 49ers, Baltimore Ravens and San Diego Chargers. The goal is to have 16 teams forked by next week and we’ll just hope we have the right 16 teams to go by for the rest of the season.


Power Rankings (Top 10)

  1. Green Bay Packers (6-0)
  2. Cincinnati Bengals (6-0)
  3. New England Patriots (6-0)
  4. Carolina Panthers (6-0)
  5. Denver Broncos (6-0)
  6. Arizona Cardinals (4-2)
  7. New York Jets (4-2)
  8. Minnesota Vikings (4-2)
  9. Atlanta Falcons (5-1)
  10. Pittsburgh Steelers (4-3)


Absolutely! I’m not going to sit here and tell you that win on Thursday night was a season changing win, but it was much needed. They looked like the Seahawks we were used too. But right now they sit 3-4 and in 3rd place in the NFC West. Their schedule sets up nicely for the month of November. They will travel to Dallas to take on a depleted Cowboys team, then they have a bye week followed by 3 home games against the Cardinals, 49ers and Steelers. They don’t have much room for error because with the way this Rams team has looked since Todd Gurley was inserted into the starting line up, wins will be extra valuable trying to stay afloat. 3 of the Rams next 5 games (49ers, Bears and Ravens) are all games the Rams should be expected to win and the other 2 (Vikings and Cardinals) are games that they will be expected to compete in.

Great question! This is actually a 2 man race right now in my opinion between Josh Norman and Tyrann Mathieu. Despite a ridiculously strong Monday Night Football performance by the Honey Badger, I have to give the nod to Josh Norman.

If you’d like to contribute to our mailbag, please tweet any question you’d like to see answered starting Sunday and you have until 12:00a Tuesday to have your question considered to be featured in the Tuesday Morning Gunslinger. You can hashtag #theTMG or #TuesdayMorningGunslinger. Remember, the twitter is @OnThe50YardLine.


Who man is this? This is going to be short and to the point. Cam Newton is out there having fun but it’s guys like this who have to criticize him about something constantly. So what if Cam celebrates when he gets a touchdown all the time? Why is it a problem when he does it, but when Aaron Rodgers “Discount Double Check” after throwing a touchdown it’s okay? It seems like every year there is a new criticism of Cam.

Is football supposed to be boring? I don’t understand it. The good ol’ boys didn’t like the shenanigans that Terrell Owens and Chad Johnson used to pull back in the early-mid 2000s. You hear them complain about Odell Beckham Jr. dancing every time he scores a touchdown or in warm ups. Hell, I even hear Steelers fans complain about Antonio Brown and his dancing. The NFL doesn’t allow players to dunk on the goalpost anymore. I mean shit, if the shadowy league figures want to ban the fun out the league that’s one thing. But it’s so ass backwards to hear fans complain about Odell Beckham or any other player that loves celebrating or dancing, but turn around and talk about missing Chad Johnson and T.O.



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