OTFYL Week 8 Staff Picks

OTFYL Staff Week 8 Picks

Let’s take a look at how the team did with their Week 6 Picks:

  1. @JDHD__: 11-3 (.785)
  2. @itsablackguy: 10-4 (.714)
  3. @__NS13__: 10-4 (.714)
  4. @OutDreamChasing: 9-5 (.642)
  5. @gio1time: 8-6 (.571)
  6. @ThaReggggg: 8-6 (.571)

Our updated leaderboards look like this:

  1. @JDHD__: 70-35 (.666)
  2. @itsablackguy: 67-38 (.638)
  3. @gio1time: 61-44 (.580)
  4. @OutDreamChasing: 61-44 (.580)
  5. Guest Picker: 60-45 (.571)
  6. @ThaRegggg: 46-43 (.516)

This week, OTFYL is going to London.

Ok, we aren’t physically going to London, but this week’s guest picker @CarltonBanksUK is from that side and we greatly appreciate his help. Unfortunately he’s a Ravens fan, but he’s still a dope guy and worth a follow.

Me and Neil (@JDHD__) have a good 6 games (9 in his case) lead on Jordan and Gio. But the Guest Picker is looking to make a move this week. Do you guys think it will be able to happen? Let’s checkout this week’s picks!

Miami Dolphins @ New England Patriots

@itsablackguy: Dolphins; Rolling with the upset

@gio1time: Patriots; Just not buying the Dolphins hype they will make a plays here and there but fall short.

@ThaReggggg: Patriots; Dolphins keep it close but I just don’t think they can beat the Pats. I also don’t think Brady-Belichick have ever lost on TNF.

@OutDreamChasing: Dolphins; Dolphins they seem to be a new team with Dan Campbell as the HC but I do worry about him getting out coached

@JDHD__: Patriots;

@CarltonBanksUK: Patriots; A couple of weeks ago this match-up looked like becoming an almighty blowout, but since Dan Campbell took control of the Dolphins the team has had 2 impressive wins, averaging 41 points per game. Even so, the Patriots are rolling and I can’t see them losing their unbeaten record at home to a division rival.

Detroit Lions @ Kansas City Chiefs (London)

@itsablackguy: Chiefs; The Lions are a mess…. *insert joke about Jim Bob Cooter*

@gio1time: Chiefs; they showed me a lot last week vs the Steelers and not really sure what to expect from the Lions with the changes that were made.

@ThaReggggg: Chiefs;

@OutDreamChasing: Chiefs; this Lions team is bad and the Chiefs get Jeremy Maclin back. So I pick the chiefs to win with defense

@JDHD__: Chiefs; Chiefs defense will win this one. Lions can’t run the rock

@CarltonBanksUK: Chiefs; As often seems to happen, we’re welcoming two struggling teams to my hometown of London for this game. This one’s a difficult pick, but I’m going with the Chiefs to win and heat up Jim Caldwell seat on the plane trip back to Michigan.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Atlanta Falcons

@itsablackguy: Falcons; It’s going to be a shootout. Big day from Freeman coming

@gio1time: Falcons; While I do think the Falcons are slowly losing that wow buzz, they are better than the Bucs

@ThaReggggg: Falcons; somehow the Bucs managed to lose a game they should’ve lost but put themselves in a position to win last week. This week they face a team that they should definitely lose too, and this time it won’t be so close.

@OutDreamChasing: Falcons; Devonte Freeman goes off against that Bucs run D also look for Vic Beasley to have multiple sacks

@JDHD__: Falcons; I smell a blowout

@CarltonBanksUK: Falcons; In their last outings the Bucs should’ve got the win against the Redskins, while the Falcons struggled to a 10 point total in Tennessee as Matt Ryan had a second consecutive poor display. Despite that, I still can’t foresee a result other than an Atlanta victory.

San Diego Chargers @ Baltimore Ravens

@itsablackguy: Chargers; I really can’t imagine saying the Ravens will be 1-7 but the Ravens will be 1-7. Pick up Rivers on your DFS teams

@gio1time: Chargers; Phil takes advantage of the Ravens secondary hopefully Gates is back.

@ThaReggggg: Chargers; 

@OutDreamChasing: the Chargers never play well when they travel to the east coast I expect that trend to continue.

@JDHD__: Chargers; Phillip Rivers will have a field day against a weak Ravens secondary

@CarltonBanksUK: Chargers; The Ravens pass defense is abysmal and the one thing this disappointing Chargers team can do effectively is pass the ball. Rivers should exploit the Ravens’ poor secondary and get San Diego the victory.

Minnesota Vikings @ Chicago Bears

@itsablackguy: Vikings; The emergence of Diggs has been great for Teddy. Look for this duo to continue trending up

@gio1time: Bears; Jay Cutler will show his good side and out play Bridgewater

@ThaReggggg: Vikings; I have no faith what so ever in the Bears anymore. Although, if there was a game on the schedule they probably shouldn’t win but are capable of, it’s this game. I just can’t risk it.

@OutDreamChasing: Vikings; too much AP for the Bears

@JDHD__: Vikings; AP and Teddy are ballin. Diggs looks like the real deal

@CarltonBanksUK: The Bears; The Vikings had a good win last week, but despite some big plays, Adrian Peterson is yet to really get going. With Alshon Jeffery back in the line up, I’ve got a feeling that the Bears get the upset win here.

Arizona Cardinals @ Cleveland Browns

@itsablackguy: Cardinals; Pick your poison. The Browns run defense is awful and Chris Johnson is near the top in rushing yards. Their secondary has under-performed as well.

@gio1time: Cardinals; Chris Johnson has found new life with the cards and now they have what they didnt have last year a running game.

@ThaReggggg: Browns; because why not? The Browns have a pesky D and the Cardinals have been meh at best against pesky Defenses. Maybe it’s just something about the Browns but I legit see them winning this game, big too.

@OutDreamChasing: Cardinals; this has trap game written all over it but I’m going to ignore that and pick the Cardinals Chris and David Johnson will put up numbers this week.

@JDHD__: Cardinals; Chris Johnson’s revival should continue

@CarltonBanksUK: Cardinals; The records indicate an easy win for Arizona, but I suspect the Browns will play them closely until eventually being overwhelmed.

Tennessee Titans @ Houston Texans

@itsablackguy: Texans; No Mariota so the Texans might roll. Depends on Hoyer

@gio1time: Texans; hate to pick a trash game like this but Texans

@ThaReggggg: Texans; this was the toughest game for me to pick. Both are teams that should be way better than their records and play have shown. Both having QB issues, and defenses that are top tier but getting torched. I think Mariota will stay out, giving me no hope for the Titans.

@OutDreamChasing: Texans; I expect this Texans team to come out with an edge after being embarrassed against the Dolphins last week.

@JDHD__: Titans; Even Mettenberger might get loose on the Texans. Bill O’Brien on his last life

@CarltonBanksUK: Texans; Both teams are in terrible form, but I feel the release of Ryan Mallett and decision to settle on Brian Hoyer as starting QB will give a measure of much-needed stability to the Texans. They’ll get the win to root the Titans to the bottom of a poor AFC South division.

New York Giants @ New Orleans Saints

@itsablackguy: Saints; Carve em up Brees

@gio1time: Saints; In the dome Brees should shred this Giants D, Ingram will pound the ball for them all game

@ThaReggggg: Giants; the team that wants it more will win. Granted, neither team will really prosper in the latter half of the season.

@OutDreamChasing: Saints; someone seems to have lit a fire under New Orleans and I like it Drew Brees has been on fire as of late I’m riding the wave

@JDHD__: Giants; Eli and the Giants win in a shootout. Minimum defense in this game

@CarltonBanksUK: Saints; The Saints are looking much improved and are on a 2 game winning streak. I see them getting the W at home, resulting in both teams going to 4-4

Cincinnati Bengals @ Pittsburgh Steelers

@itsablackguy: Steelers; Flight of the Bumble Bees

@gio1time: Steelers; Ben is back tough rivalry game I think they offense will be full go!

@ThaReggggg: Steelers; but I’ve been waiting to see a healthy Steelers O all year.

@OutDreamChasing: Bengals; the return of Big Ben should ignite this Steelers team but I don’t think it will be enough hes not gonna help that defense stop AJ Green and company

@JDHD__: Steelers; Time for the Bengals to take this L. Ben byke.

@CarltonBanksUK: Bengals; Big Ben is expected back for the Steelers right in time for this big division battle. Even so, the Bengals are in imperious form and I predict they’ll cement their supremacy in the AFC North with a win.

San Francisco 49ers @ St. Louis Rams

@itsablackguy: Rams; 49ers are a mess. Not even sure I’d feel comfortable picking them to beat Stanford

@gio1time: Rams; Rams D is great and they officially have a running game

@ThaReggggg: Rams; the 49ers are really bad need I say more?

@OutDreamChasing: Rams; until Colin Kaepernick decides to use his legs again the 49ers will continue to struggle

@JDHD__: Rams; Kap could have a rough day. Gurley should keep rolling

@CarltonBanksUK: Rams; The Niners run stopping has been substandard, while the Rams have recently relied on Todd Gurley’s bruising runs and their own stingy defense. Rams win.

New York Jets @ Oakland Raiders

@itsablackguy: Jets; Normally this is a trap game under Rex Ryan but Coach Bowles will keep his players focus and hungry

@gio1time: Jets; hate to pick against the Raiders cause they are really ballin right now

@ThaReggggg: Jets; it’s a great year so far for both teams but I think the Jets D will overcome the young Raiders offensive weapons.

@OutDreamChasing: Raiders; this is a week to week league and though the jets looked very good against the Patriots im picking the Raiders in this one

Matchup of the Week Amari Cooper vs Darrelle Revis

@JDHD__: Jets; Carr and the Raiders offense will be held in check

@CarltonBanksUK: Jets; These squads with head coaches in their first seasons with the team are outplaying pre-season expectations. This should be close, but I expect the Jets to pick up their fifth victory and surpass their win total from last season.

Seattle Seahawks @ Dallas Cowboys

@itsablackguy: Seahawks; Let Matt Cassel throw them ducks against the Seahawks defense…

@gio1time: Seahawks, not even having Dez back can help them win this game Seahawk love when ppl count them out.

@ThaReggggg: Seahawks; Cassel threw 3 picks against one of the worst pass defenses in the league last week. Unless the Cowboys can run the ball like they did last year against Seattle, I don’t even see this game being close.

@OutDreamChasing: Seahawks; while Matt Cassel showed flashes last week in their lost to the giants I don’t think hes good enough to beat the LOB

@JDHD__: Seahawks; Matt Cassell ain’t winning this one

@CarltonBanksUK: Seahawks; The Cowboys are really struggling in the absence of Tony Romo and Dez Bryant. It’s tough to imagine them producing anything offensively that Seattle’s D couldn’t handle. Seahawks win to get back to .500.

Green Bay Packers @ Denver Broncos

@itsablackguy: Packers; This was a tough game to pick, but I’m really looking forward to the Packers defense vs the Broncos offense. That’s the matchup

@gio1time: Broncos; I cant go against this broncos defense they matchup so good with the Packers offense Good Porn!

@ThaReggggg: Packers; the Broncos have been living off of other teams’ offensive struggles and mistakes. Aaron Rodgers does neither. Meanwhile, the Bronco’s offense hasn’t gotten off the struggle bus all season, and the Packers D also, likes mistakes.

@OutDreamChasing: Packers; if they’re one person that can shred that broncos defense its Aaron Rodgers, also lost in all the attention the broncos defense is getting is how good the Packers defense is.

@JDHD__: Packers; Broncos defense has been stifling but they haven’t played Aaron Rodgers

@CarltonBanksUK: Packers; Two 6-0 teams with very different paths to the record. The Packers offense has been dominant as usual with Aaron Rodgers at the helm, whereas Peyton Manning has struggled, leaving Denver’s D to do the heavy lifting. I see Green Bay finding a way to hand the Broncos their first loss.

Indianapolis Colts @ Carolina Panthers

@itsablackguy: Panthers; Colts aren’t very good against the run and the Panthers are very good at running the ball

@gio1time: Colts; Andrew Luck will try the Panthers down the field

@ThaReggggg: Panthers; the Colts have realized no matter how bad they play, they’re still almost guaranteed a division title. Similar to last year’s Panthers. So if I were the Panthers, I’d come out ready to embarrass a team that is already embarrassed in every way I would hope. Sidenote, Andrew Luck likes to throw errant passes, they won’t fly against the Panthers.

@OutDreamChasing: Panthers; the Colts weakness is playing physical teams and Carolina is one of the most physical in the league don’t count out Andrew Luck though the talent is still there

@JDHD__: Panthers; Andrew Luck doesn’t look good and it won’t get better this week

@CarltonBanksUK: Panthers; The Colts are in a strange spot with Andrew Luck playing badly and whispers of locker room unrest. Carolina, meanwhile, are rolling. Panthers to win and get to 7-0 in this battle of #1 overall pick team leaders.


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