Baylor, still a VERY heavy contender with Stidham.

First off, I want to wish Seth Russell and speedy and successful recovery. Nobody wants to see anyone get hurt, especially on that level. Russell was having a phenomenal season driving Baylor forward, ending his season with over 2100 passing yards, 35 total TDs (29 passing, 6 rushing) and throwing less passes than anyone within the top 50 in passing. With Russell out for the remainder of the season, Stidham has big shoes to fill, but I think he’s up for the challenge. People forget, Stidham is a 5 star recruit, and in my opinion, the 2nd best quarterback in his class, behind only Jared Goff. Stidham is almost a mirror image of Seth Russell only with more mobility, in and out of the pocket, and less on field experience. Although, experience may not be an issue. Touching the field seven times this season, Stidham has has been almost lights out throwing 24-28 passes for 331 yards, 7 TDs and even a rushing TD. For what its worth, he’s thrown and completed 2 passes for 2 TDs in Baylor’s last two games. Needless to say, he fits in the offense pretty well. My favorite thing about Stidham though, is his legs. I know that is a somewhat weird one for a QB but the arm, and throwing IQ is there. But what makes him scary, is that he is a former WR and runs a 4.5. Everything is in place for Stidham, all he has to do is execute and I’m sure he will. If all else fails, throwing 40 yard bombs to Corey Coleman every play isn’t a bad game plan against most teams. I mean after all, Stidham was the one who tossed Coleman his record breaking TD against Iowa State. Can’t wait to see what he and this offense does the rest of the season. Heavy, heavy contenders in my book. My favorites this year honestly.