New to OTFYL: Goodbye to the OTFYL Podcast. Hello OTFYL Sessions

I’ve greatly enjoyed doing the OTFYL Podcast over the last few months, but it was time to move into a new direction.

The OTFYL Sessions are basically podcast about one topic and it gives us a chance to sound off on a subject without feeling rushed to talk about other topics and manage time.

As always we encourage you to join in on the discussion! Follow us on twitter @OnThe50YardLine and use the hashtag #OTFYLSessions and let us know what you think! On this week’s podcast we’re bringing you some takes and we touch on subjects that might be uncomfortable:

  • The Lions Stink. @itsablackguy thinks the Lions should move on from Matt Stafford and Calvin Johnson after the season
  • The 49ers are a hot mess. Kaepernick isn’t the reason, but he’s part of it
  • Let’s place some blame on Andrew Luck without having to talk about the defense or offensive line.
  • And other random shit that got squeezed in because we can’t stay on topic for the life of us.

Greg Hardy is a piece shit, but let’s real be here (Listen to find out more)


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