Christian McCaffrey Is The Best Player No One Is Talking About

Here at OTFYL we strongly believe in giving credit where credit is due. Since I live on the east coast I’m usually sleep when #Pac12AfterDark starts, so I’ve missed on a lot of great moments. That’s not just me, it’s a lot of football fans and pundit… and the Heisman voters.

Christian McCaffrey is probably the best player that you haven’t seen play this season.

“If anyone has seen a football player better than Christian McCaffrey this year, tell me, show him to me. I haven’t seen anybody. We’ve played a lot of night games… I’ve had a lot of time to observe and watch football. I have not seen anyone in America like this kid.” – Stanford Head Coach David Shaw on McCaffrey

Against Cal in the Big Game, McCaffrey absolutely destroyed them by himself. He ran the ball 29 times for 192, caught 1 screen pass (as you see below) for a 49 yard touchdown and he had 3 kick returns for 148 yards and a touchdown. Basically a typical day at the office for McCaffrey.

McCaffrey, who is averaging 255.2 all purpose yards per game, is on pace to break Barry Sanders Sr. (Jr. plays running back for the Cardinals) record for all purpose yardage in a single season. Sanders had 3,250 in 1988, his Heisman winning season. McCaffrey is on pace for 3,572. He currently has 2,807 all purpose yards.

This isn’t your typical Stanford running back. And let’s be honest about something here, some of the plays that McCaffrey makes aren’t plays that you think a white running back would make. Opposing defense’s have known all season that McCaffrey is the Cardinals offense, yet they still couldn’t stop him. He deserves to be a Heisman finalist. Yes, send him to New York. He’s carried the Cardinals to a Pac-12 North title if he can lead his team to victories in their next games, they just might have a shot at the ESPN playoffs assuming they get some help from the other teams in front of them.

As far as I’m concerned, the Heisman race is really down to two people, but McCaffrey doesn’t get talked about like Alabama star running back Derrick Henry. Mainly because of conference, scheduling and McCaffrey doesn’t play for ESPN’s favorite college football team (but that’s another story).

Stanford has scored 30 or more points in their last 9 game, something they haven’t done since Luck was there. They are actually blowing other teams out for the most part, winning 8 of their last 10 games by multiple scores. Stanford will take on Notre Dame this Saturday in a game with major playoff implications. If Notre Dame wins, they are more than likely in the playoffs but if the Cardinals win and McCaffrey has a great game, there will be no way he won’t be mentioned among the top Heisman contenders. (The game will be on FOX, go check him out).



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