I Absolutely Think Benching Johnny Manziel Is The Wrong Thing To Do 

I can’t even truly say that Johnny Manziel fucked up. So TMZ dropped that video below and Browns head coach Mike Pettine demoted Johnny Manziel to 3rd string for next week’s matchup against the rival Baltimore Ravens.

Just cut Manziel. Trade him. Do whatever you have to do to get him off the roster because this marriage was never going to work out.

Johnny Manziel is seen partying with a bottle in his hand during the bye week and the morally upright sports media just couldn’t control themselves. And it really feel like this is what a lot of people wanted to happen.

From day one we’ve had a coach in Mike Pettine who never wanted anything to do with Johnny Manziel. It’s pretty obvious. After all, Pettine primary starter’s the last two years have been Brian Hoyer and Josh McCown. We’ve been led to believe things like Johnny isn’t ready to play QB in the NFL. Well how the hell do you learn from playing on the bench?

I will admit that Manziel has been a much better QB this season then in his rookie season, but let’s keep it a buck: Johnny Manziel’s 2014 starts came against two pretty good (to say the least) defense’s in the Bengals and Panthers. He struggled mightily but it wasn’t just him, it was the entire team. But he became the scapegoat of those wins and the laughing stock of the football community.

He’s started 3 games in 2015 and has a 1-2 record with his most recent start against the Pittsburgh Steelers and he looked phenomenal from my view. And even in the last game you can tell they are committed to Manziel. After all, Ray Farmer hasn’t drafted any quality receivers in these last couple drafts that have been full of pass catching talent.

The Browns have an underachieving offensive line, a bunch of average-mediocre small receivers and no running game. For all the mistakes he’s made on the field, he’s supposed to be your “franchise” QB and you’re supposed to be “evaluating” him to see what you have in the future but this just seems like a real shitty situation to me.

This is all really how I feel. That Manziel never got a fair shot under this regime and he was doomed from the start because the owner wanted him and the coach didn’t. By knows means is Manziel perfect. Part of me feels like he should’ve known Pettine’s days were numbered and all he had to do was lay low. But Johnny also has to remember that he can’t party with everyone. Somebody is always going to have the camera out and ready sell some footage to TMZ.

Maybe this is a one week suspension. Maybe we’ll never see Manziel under center again in Cleveland. Who knows? But one thing we do know is that the Browns will draft a QB next year and ruin their career as well. The Cleveland Browns have left a graveyard of players they’ve drafted and quit on since returning to the NFL in the late 90s, and it’s looking Manziel is next.



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