Get To Know Him: Will Muschamp to be named next South Carolina football head coach

After so many weeks of looking for a new head coach, the search is finally over.

And let’s just be honest, this move is weird for many reasons. Muschamp spent 4 seasons at Florida (2011-2014) and compiled a 28-21 record. But if you take away that 11-2 record in 2012 he’s just 17-19 in his 3 other seasons. He was Auburn’s defensive coordinator in 2015 and didn’t exactly set the world on fire doing that either. His defense ranked 89th in yards, 68th in scoring, 108th in 3rd down defense and 105th in sacks. South Carolina actually finished with more sacks than Auburn did.

While at Florida, Muschamp oversaw recruiting classes that ranked 12, 3, 4 and 8. If anything he’ll be able to attract talent to this program, something we desperately need.

It’s too early to decide how good of a hire this is because we don’t know who is going to be on his staff just yet. While at Florida Muschamp put some great defense’s on the field, but all of his offense’s were downright awful and that was his ultimate undoing.

The world would like to know how Will Muschamp was able to convince South Carolina AD that he was the correct man for the job because his resume is not solid enough by himself to validate this move right now. Yes this program is only South Carolina, but we’ve seen what Muschamp has done as of recent.


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