How Can The Cleveland Browns Organization Stink So Badly?

I’m just as confused as everybody else man. How does one team continually stink this bad without a glimmer of hope that things will one day get better?

I’m not a Browns fan by any means, I’m actually a fan of the Steelers. With that being said, I’m not here to talk shit about the Browns. As someone who writes about the NFL and is a fan of the NFL, I’m just confused as to how anyone can really be this bad for so long.

Since 1999:

0-1 win seasons: 0
2 win seasons: 1
3 win seasons: 1
4 win seasons: 5
5 win seasons: 4
6 win seasons: 1
7 win seasons: 2
8 win seasons: 0
9 win seasons: 1
10 win seasons: 1
11+ win seasons: 0

*0 Playoff wins in 1 appearance

(The Browns currently sit at 2 wins in 2015)

During this same time frame the Browns have had 3 different owners:

Al Lerner: 1998-2002
Randy Lerner: 2002-2012
Jimmy Haslem: 2012-Present

7 general managers:

Dwight Clark: 1998-2002
Butch Davis: 2002-2004
Phil Savage: 2005-2009
George Kokinis: 2009
Tom Heckert Jr.: 2010-2012
Michael Lombardi: 2013
Ray Farmer: 2014-Present

8 different head coaches [Name(Years Coached) Record]:

Chris Palmer (1999-2000) 5-27
Butch Davis (2001-2004) 24-31
*Terry Robiskie (2004) 1-5
Romeo Crennel (2005-2008) 24-40
Eric Mangini (2009-2010) 10-22
Pat Shurmur (2011-2012) 9-23
Rob Chudzinski (2013) 4-12
Mike Pettine (2014-Present) 9-16

24 Starting Quarterbacks:

It’s no point in putting individual records because they are all bad. Jake Delhomme (2-2), Vinny Testaverde (16-15) and Brian Hoyer (10-6) are the only quarterbacks over .500. 9 of the quarterbacks drafted have been drafted by the time and none of them have a winning record.

Yet Browns fans keep coming to games. Although videos like this happen every year

Although I enjoy watching the Steelers annually beat up the Browns, I just have to wonder how I would feel if the Steelers were in their position. I can’t say for sure that I would stay a fan. How do you stay a fan of a team that continually finds new, innovative ways to let their fans down? When it comes to the Browns it’s always some drama. Cleveland really is a graveyard because it’s hard to find success there. And by success I don’t necessarily just mean winning games, I mean staying sane.

Some of the other current perennial bottom feeding teams in the league such as the Titans, Jaguars, Texans, Raiders and Rams have all experienced success in the last 16 years at some point. And although the Bills haven’t had a ton of success since 1999 (last playoff appearance), you never once felt they were as bad as Cleveland.

As the offseason approaches we’re almost guaranteed for the usual coaching/front office carousel in Cleveland. Maybe they just throw darts at a board and hope they land on something. I don’t think the solution to fix the problems within the organization are going to be easy but I do think whatever the hell they are doing now, they should do the complete office. But seriously, if they do decide to part ways with Farmer and Pettine, they need to bring in some help. People that will help them find a good GM hire and then let the GM go out and find his coach. Jimmy Haslem has got to step back and let the people he pay work.


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