You know what’s more corny than being a hater? Being a hater that’s in denial. That’s actually pathetic. 

I totally get it. You are sick and tired of hearing about Odell Beckham Jr. 

You are absolutely sick and tired of seeing NFL Network, ESPN, CBS Sports, all those guys mention Odell in the same sentence as some of the all time greats such as Jerry Rice and Randy Moss. Especially Moss. You see, as millenniuls we did not get the opportunity to watch Jerry Rice dominate in his prime. Often when the all time greats are discussed, many are talked about as if they are a myth. Without even seeing a game of his, if someone asked you to name your top 5 greatest wide receivers of all time, I promise you that Jerry Rice will be featured on your list. But we all witnessed the greatness of Randy Moss, most importantly 2007. We know of Randy as a legend and we treat him as such. After all, we ignore the fact he played for the Titans and Vikings in between his stints with the Patriots and 49ers. And I don’t say that to bash Moss, I say that to prove a point. When it comes to all time great players we don’t really talk about the negatives of their playing careers once all is said and down for them, we just talk about their highlights more than anything. 

I get it. You think Odell is just a stats guy. You think most of his yards are garbage time yards and he’s not impacting the game when it matters the most. But see, in my opinion, being able to consistently produce is a skill. 

You think that he is just a guy with nice highlight catches and that’s it. You remember the first game of the season when the Cowboys and Giants played and Cowboys defense got after Odell ending his streak of games with 90+ yards? You remember seeing him get popped early on in the game and telling yourself “defense’s have figured him out”. You probably didn’t get a chance to watch many Giants games this season so whenever you saw highlights of their games you probably noticed 2 things: 1) They were talking about some catch Odell made 2) the Giants lost game. So you tell yourself that because the Giants aren’t winning he can’t be as great of a player as everyone is making him out to be ignoring the fact that you pegged Calvin Johnson as the best wide receiver in football for years and you still probably have him in your top 5. 

When people considered Andrew Luck a top 5 quarterback I loudly and strongly disagreed and you can tell by his 2015 season, it was for good reason. As great as Luck will one day be, he wasn’t where people thought he was. Beckham is though. 

But no matter what reasons you may come up with to be cynical, the truth is Odell Beckham Jr. is a generational talent with the potential to become the greatest player to ever play this game. He really is that damn good. He already holds over 30 NFL records and it seems like that number is going up each week. Many of the reasons that’s have been used to express why Beckham isn’t a top 2-3 WR are the same reasons that make Antonio Brown the best wide receiver in the league. The same reasons why Odell Beckham Jr. is overrated are the reasons why Terrell Owens, Michael Irvin and Jerry Rice are considered top 5 receivers all time. 

Stop contradicting yourself. You sound ridiculous. I’ve come to notice that people dislike watching greatness unfold before their eyes. The 2014-2015 Golden State Warriors were an all time great team but that notion won’t widely be accepted for another few years. 

But in the meantime enjoy Beckham. He’s the best player on the Giants and if the front office is smart, they’ll start working towards building around him so he’ll have more opportunities to become one of the most prolific receivers ever. 


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