Five Wide: Pro Bowl, Cam Newton, Jerry Jones and More

1. The NFL doen’t take the Pro Bowl seriously so why should we? 

Despite the fact that 86 players were originally voted into the Pro Bowl, thanks to injuries, the Super Bowl and players just not wanting to play that number has risen to 133 thanks to the number of alternates that have been included in the game. 

Of the original 6 quarterbacks chosen to play in the Pro Bowl, only Russell Wilson is still in the game. Cam Neton will be in the Super Bowl so he can’t play, but the other 4 quarterbacks have all declined their invitations for various reasons. Guys like Andy Dalton, Phillip Rivers and Drew Brees have also declined to replace any of those guys as well which has forced the NFL to invite the future stars of the game to take their place. 

Hell, Mike McCarthy has a stomach illness and he pulled out of coaching the Pro bowl. I’m not accusing of him faking, but when have you ever heard of a stomach illness being a good enough reason to keep a coach from coaching? This is how you know the Pro Bowl has hit an all time low. 

Despite the fact the Pro Bowl is soft, the players still don’t want to play. Every Patriots player pulled out following their loss to the Broncos in the AFC Championship Game. Were they all injured? Hell no. And we know the players don’t want to play, so does the NFL. SO WHY CONTINUE TO PLAY THE GAME? It’s a joke man, but as long as the ratings are still high and people are still buying tickets, the game won’t go anywhere.

But I’ve long said they should move the game from Hawaii and allow it to be played at different NFL stadiums each year. Bring back the skills challenge or something. 

2. Why is Cam Newton so polarizing?

Let me start this off by saying Cam Newton was the exact same person in 2015 as he was in 2011. I remember during the draft process how people called him selfish and said he loved the things that came with playing football more than playing football itself. But Newton himself addressed the elephant in the room earlier in the week:

“I’ve said this since day one,” Newton said. “I’m an African-American quarterback that may scare a lot of people because they haven’t seen nothing that they can compare me to.”

And this is very true. Cam is unlike any other quarterback we’ve ever seen because he is unapologetically himself. He’s flashy and loves to fun. All along we’ve known Cam has taken unfair criticisms because he is a black quarterback, but after hearing so many different takes about Cam Newton and his comments, I’ve come to a new conclusion.

Yes. Yes there are people who doesn’t like Cam Newton because he’s dominating a position that has been historically white. Yes, he is different from Russell Wilson, Tyrod Taylor, Mike Vick and others. But just as much as race can be a factor, I truly believe that a vast majority of the criticisms are generational.checkout what Ryan Clark had to say

At first I disagreed with Ryan because I felt he was tap dancing around the subject of race,  but after a lot of thought I really think he is right. Sure, hip-hop culture and black culture go hand in hand. But you don’t have to be black to be apart of hip hop culture. Look at Johnny Manziel. Contrary to what some people think, Manziel has been the product of over amalyzation since his days at Texas A&M. He hung out with Drake, post videos of him rapping Future songs takes pictures with a stack of money up to his ears. People dislike what they do not understand. 

What I think people need to keep in mind is that yeah we don’t have a problem with Cam celebrating, but you don’t think the fact that he dances for 7-10 seconds after every touchdown is going to piss people off? And I’m not just talking about other players, but fans and analyst as well. This isn’t what people are used to seeing. Realistically you can’t compare the “discount double check” celebration from Aaron Rodgers to any of the dancing Cam does. Yes they are both celebrations, but one is obnoxious.

But with all that said,  keep dancing Cam. Keep being yourself. We wouldn’t want you to be any other way.
3. There is drama behind the scenes in Green Bay…

Word on the block is that Mike McCarthy is sick of Ted Thompson’s approach to free agency. Ted Thompson and his predecessor Ron Wolfe both have taken a very conservative approach to free agency, with Reggie White, Charles Woodson and Julius Peppers being the big names. McCarthy wants Thompson to just bring in veteran players but he refuses.

Now this method of not really exploring free agency has worked to an extent. The Packers have some very talented players all over the roster and this approach is great for managing the salary cap, but can you blame McCarthy for being pissed? 

It doesn’t always have to the biggest names that will want a ton of money. But regardless of how McCarthy feels, Ted Thompson doesn’t have an owner to answer to so there is no pressure on him.

What o you guys think? Hit me up on Twitter at @OnThe50YardLine and tell me 

4. Super Bowl 50 Golden Team announced.  Who the fuck voted?

The NFL released their golden anniversary and it honestly doesn’t look like anyone cares. The Pro Football Hall of Fame selectors voted on the team and honestly it’s not that I’m disagreeing with players they selected but it’s really funny that just about the entire team was drafted before 2000. Maybe they should have done multiple teams because it seems like a strong generational bias. 

5. Jerry Jones is surprised his Cowboys haven’t won a Super Bowl in 20 years…..

I’m not at surprised to see that Jerry is surprised that the Cowboys haven’t won a Super Bowl since Super Bowl XXX. After all, Jerry really thinks he’s the reason they won those the 3 Super Bowl’s in the 90s. After he fired Jimmy, he hired Barry Switzer and won a Super Bowl in Switzer’s second season which more than likely led him to believe that he didn’t need Jimmy to win. And sure, in the short term he didn’t but what’s happened for the Cowboys in the last 20 years? A 162-158 record to go along with not making it pass the divisional round of the playoffs. Then again it’s hard to make it pass the divisional round when you have a 3-8 record in the playoffs. 

I have a major issue with Jerry because he has wasted the career of Tony Romo. I consider Tony Romo to be a future Hall of Famer, but many people don’t see it that way and I understand. Jerry is an amazing business man but he’s also an amazing hype man as well, often to the detriment of his actual team. Despite their 4-12 record last year, the Cowboys had the of the highest rated games last year. I know Jerry isn’t really calling the shots right now, but as long as he insist on being the face of the franchise they’ll struggle. 

It’s not about you Jerry.


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