Somebody tell CBS that social media is ruthless and won’t stop being mean to Mike Carey 

It’s no fun watching NFL games on CBS. And unfortunately, since I’m a Steelers fan my team’s games are most often carried by CBS which means I’m going to have to listen to Phil Simms and Mike Carey. Simms is much more tolerable at his job compared to Carey. 

Did I mentioned Super Bowl 50 is on CBS? 

Mike Carey is a former referee and he was pretty damn good one too. But he’s been CBS’ in-game officiating expert for 2 years now and he still hasn’t gotten better at his job. If anything the jokes have become more hilarious over time.

You get the point. The jokes are endless. 

The sad part is that Mike Carey is more often right than he is wrong. But the thing is when he’s wrong, he’s really wrong. Hilariously wrong. CBS Sports Chairman Sean McManus admitted this as well, but in a much nicer way: 

“Mike has perhaps gone out on a limb more than he should in trying to guess or speculate what a call will be, but all he is giving is his opinion of what he would call if he were on the field. And if it’s a different result, I think people get frustrated. But I think people would understand that Mike is only giving his opinion.”

But McManus did have more to say:

“I’ve seen some of the criticism, and I think some of it is very hurtful, quite frankly,” McManus said.

“But Mike is learning his craft and, I think more often than not, he has gotten it right.”
 And he’s extremely awkward and uncomfortable on television and it makes me uncomfortable just watching him.i understand he’s knew to this, but it’s been two years and you still don’t know how to talk with confidence on the television? And it’s obvious CBS isn’t getting rid of him. It’s nice they are sticking up for him, because that’s something FOX never did for Pam Oliver. 

Yeah, I know you remember the jokes. Social media used to take some ridiculously dirty jokes about her hair, which led to her being demoted to FOX’s B-Team sideline reporter. 

Did you ever read the essay she wrote to Essence? Here is a small piece of it: 

The business is very demographic-oriented. As one executive said to me, Fox Sports will look radically different in the coming years. I assume that means they want to look younger. It’s not difficult to notice that the new on-air people there are all young, blond and “hot.”

The essay is really good and I encourage you to read it.

But as for Mike Carey, the internet is a ruthless place. The jokes are going to fly regardless of how Sean McManus or anyone feels. This is what comes with being on tv.


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