Five Wide: Johnny Manziel, Peyton Manning, George Seifert and more

1. No more jokes please. Get Johnny Manziel some help

When it rains, it pours.

Over the last week we’ve heard Johnny Manziel’s name a few times and nothing positive has come from it. It’s very easy to pile on him and call him and idiot among other things because he’s done some idiotic shit over his years. But at what point does it become obvious that there is more to the situation?

I’ve been a Johnny Manziel fan since the moment I saw him play against Florida in the first game of the 2012 season. I’ve also been a Manziel apologist up until a few months ago. When you have to put on a disguise to go party, you have a problem. But these latest reports that have emerged are so troubling. 

It’s bigger than football right now. We know the Browns plan to release him once the new league year starts. 

We know his agent just dropped him.

And then there is Paul Manziel, Johnny’s father….

Hopefully no one claims him once the Browns let him go. The only way to deal with substance abuse is to admit you have a problem. After two failed attempts at rehab, are you ready to admit there is an issue? 

Deion Sanders spoke with Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer and had this to say about the relationship between Manziel and Crowley:

“Johnny’s in love,” Sanders told at an NFL Network media availability Thursday. “And Johnny’s in love with something that’s crippling him right now. I understand it. And it upsets me that grownups don’t understand it. Because he feels as though this game don’t love him, the people in this game don’t love him, so the only thing that he associates with love is that thing that’s really inflicting a lot of pain on him and that’s his girlfriend.”

Deion is right. The last two incidents Manziel has been involved in, she has also. Both have been under the influence of alcohol and both times arguments and cars have been involved. And it’s very unfortunate in this most recent situation because Johnny put his hands on her and none of the local police did anything to him in these situations. That’s how women die. It doesn’t matter how much Johnny loves her, this is not healthy. Despite the fact they broke up in December, it’s obvious things are still toxic. 

2. Win or lose, Peyton Manning should still be in your top 10 all time

Our last memory of Peyton and the Broncos in the Super Bowl was that 43-8 ass kicking they received from the Seattle Seahwks a couple of years ago. He currently has a playoff record of 13-13 with 9 of those losses being a “one and done”. Peyton has taken an awful lot of disrespect over the last year and a lot of it has been unfair.

But over the last month, we’ve seen a different Peyton Manning. A more humbled Peyton Manning. He started operating Kubiak’s offense and stopped turning the ball over. When we saw Peyton play against Kansas City back in November, many of us thought we would never see him play again.

But win or lose, nothing that happens during Super Bowl 50 will change Peyton’s legacy.  Peyton is going to go down as a top 5 quarterback all time.

3. The Detroit Lions don’t deserve great players

Even though he hasn’t officially announced it himself, it’s being reported that Calvin Johnson is retiring. Until Calvin confirms this, all we can do is speculate. 

I feel it’s a combination of losing and his health, more so the losing. Calvin has played hurt the last couple seasons but he has still put up numbers. But one can only assume he feels that his ultimate goal just won’t be achieved in Detroit. He could play for another team, but maybe he is attached to the city. 

Does Calvin Johnson have a signature moment in the NFL? When you think of Calvin Johnson do you think of any specific play or catch? I thought long about it all week and I actually thought about the play resulting in the “Calvin Johnson rule” more than anything else. And that’s sad. He only got a chance to play in two postseason games, both losses. The Lions are just a miserable franchise. It’s quite unfortunate. 

 The postseason is usually where legends are made. Ask Larry Fitzgerald.

No matter what he decides, thanks for everything Megatron. Sure fire Hall of Famer.

4. I’m ready for the Super Bowl to get here. I’m tired of the racial think piece, seeing Cam get asked dumbass questions, is Peyton going to retire, etc

The two weeks between the conference championships and the Super Bowl are just too much. Media week is ridiculous cause the players are either getting asked the same questions everyday or they are getting asked the dumbest questions

I saw an article about the Panthers being the most unapologetically black team ever and it was at that moment I knew I was fed up. It’s also been a week to slam Russell Wilson and his blackness. I’m not here for the blackness hierarchy. I’m here for a football game. 

The football game.

I don’t care about Peyton and HGH. The NFL let Ray Lewis slid, so look out for the homie Peyton. 

5. Did the 2001 season during George Seifert’s tenure in Carolina ruin his shot at the Hall of Fame? 

 George Seifert won five Super Bowl titles with San Francisco 49ers – 3 as an assistant and two as the head coach. He went 98-30 I’m the regular season and 10-5 over his 8 seasons with the team. 

In 1999, 2 seasons after being forced to resign by the 49ers, he was hired by the Carolina Panthers as head coach and de facto general manager as well. After 2 seasons, he had a 15-16 record but it all fell apart in 2001. After winning the opening game of the season the Panthers dropped 15 straight games. He was immediately fired after the season was over and pretty much removed himself from the public eye from that point on.

That year was enough to leave a sour taste in any coach’s mouth. The 15 straight losses set an NFL record at the time. They were 0-9 in games decided by one score. In their final home game of the season against the New England Patriots, they were blown out 38-6 in front of a home crowd of 21,070. Owner Jerry Richardson issued this quote following the firing: 

“The energy has been sucked out of our organization and our fan base,” Richardson said. “We’ve lost 15 in a row. … We were 31st in the league in offense and 31st in defense. It couldn’t continue. I had to make a change.”

I’m not even sure Seifert cares anymore. Last I read of him, he was living near Lake Tahoe fishing everyday and being a grandfather. It’s just odd how he vanished from the football community altogether. 


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