Ryan Fitzpatrick Needs The New York Jets More Than They Need Him

Ryan Fitzpatrick had a career year in his first season with the New York Jets in 2015. He set the franchise record for passing touchdowns (31) and he threw for 3,905 yards. This was also the first season of his career that he won more than 6 games, helping to guide the Jets to a 10-6 record.

So wait. Ryan Fitzpatrick, the 7th round pick from Harvard in the 2005 NFL Draft, never won more than 6 games in a season prior to 2015? Well I’ll be damned. It’s almost like Fitzpatrick has been a mediocre quarterback his entire career and he just so happened to land in a good situation in New York not just with his offensive cast, but the team in general including the coaching staff.

Oh shit. That is what happened.

Fitzpatrick is 33-55-1 with his previous 5 teams. I have to admit, I was waiting for him to fizzle out all year and it didn’t happen until the very last game of the season. I was surprised, yet pleased.

You see, despite the success that Fitzpatrick had in 2015, the truth is he remains unsigned at this point for a reason.


Fitzpatrick’s week 17 game against the Bills was the Jets meltdown that everyone was waiting for. Was it completely Fitzpatrick’s fault? No, but he’s going to get a good amount of the blame from me.

The success that Fitzpatrick achieved in 2015 season (and hell, his 2014 season as well) can directly be linked to having a smart offensive minded coach and a great receiving duo. I’m not faulting Fitzpatrick for putting up good numbers with a talented supporting cast. That’s what you want your quarterback to do.

I’m not against any player wanting to get paid. Use the NFL before it uses you. Jets’ management and Fitzpatrick are still at a stalemate in regards to how much the quarterback should be paid. It’s being reported that Eric Decker is skipping OTA’s in support of Fitz. It’s really an empty gesture since OTA’s are voluntary workouts but it’s the thought that counts I guess.

I’m sure Fitzpatrick’s not looking for a long term deal or anything but I really think he’ll still end up taking a lower deal.

Fitzpatrick is the best option for the Jets if they want to take another shot at making the playoffs or the first time in several years. The Jets are the best option for Fitzpatrick if he wants to be a starter in 2016. Brock Osweiler didn’t even start half a season and he’s getting paid. Sam Bradford has yet to have a season as “good” as Fitzpatrick had in 2015 and he’s getting like $36m the next couple seasons. They also aren’t 33 either. But you can understand why he feels should be making more money. Hell, Josh Norman saw what the Giants paid Janoris Jenkins and told the Panthers he wasn’t fucking with that franchise tag. Ultimately the Panthers said they weren’t fucking with him either. But he still got paid. We all make choices. Fitzpatrick doesn’t have the luxury that Norman had at that moment.

Whatever money he actually gets from the Jets will be more than he’ll get anywhere else. I’m sure he’ll be starting week 1. I’m cool with Geno Smith starting. It’s not that I think he’s a better option than Fitzpatrick, but I would love to see Smith given the opportunity to play with a talented supporting cast and a talented offensive coordinator, rather than Marty Mornhinweg.


You not gone see Todd Bowles sweat or even make a fuss about it. He said he doesn’t ask GM Mike Maccagnan for updates. “Just tell me when it’s done,” Bowles said.


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