Five Wide: All-Pro Team, Tony Romo, Drew Brees & More 

The Associated Press is considering making some changes to the NFL’s All-Pro team

Well it’s about damn time. They could also look into changing the voting process as well who gets a vote but one change at a time I guess.

ProFootballTalk has reported that a source with knowledge on the subject has let them know that the AP is looking to modernize the NFL All-Pro team. The All-Pro offense consists of one quarterback, two running backs, a fullback, two receivers, a tight end, a center, two guards, and a tackle. On defense, the All-Pro team has two defensive ends, two defensive tackles, two outside linebackers, two inside linebackers, two corners, and two safeties. The roster also has a kicker, a punter, and a kick returner.

Offensively you would expect them to add a third receiver, most likely a slot in name. But the voters do stupid shit sometimes so even if they gave a slot designation, the voters would just vote a receiver in that isn’t really a slot by nature. Defensively you could expect the addition of a slot corner and possibly another pass rusher. These NFL teams are so different with what they put on the field, they’ll never really get an accurate All-Pro team.

I honestly think they should have 3 All-Pro teams, much like how the NBA has 3 All-Pro teams. These awards and accolades greatly impact the players pockets and Hall of Fame resume. We should take it more seriously, right?

Tony Romo

Tony Romo told Todd Archer of ESPN that he thinks he’ll be able to play beyond his current contract which is up in 2019.

Does Romo really have 4-5 years left? I don’t know. Maybe if he played for a competent organization. You see, I have great respect for Tony Romo. He is a future Hall of Famer in my opinion and he’s been one of the most exciting quarterbacks I’ve ever seen play. But Jerry Jones has wasted so much of his career, I don’t even know why he would want to continue to play. To be quite honest, I’m not even sure he’ll make it through the next season.

Romo just turned 36 and is coming off of 2 surgeries last season and that back surgery from a few years ago.

I had been saying since February that if the Cowboys drafted Ezekiel Elliott with the #4 overall pick, that he would be able to save Romo’s career. Let’s hope the Cowboys can replicate that 2014 season.

Drew Brees contract situation

Drew Brees and the Saints have yet to come up with a new deal that will reduce the quarterback’s cap number to under $30m for 2015. In an interview with the Associated Press, he tells them it’s been a couple months since there has been any contract talks. While he’s not stressing it right now, he did it let be known that there is a deadline for the talks.

“I don’t like to talk about contracts during the season. If you remember in 2011, where it began to drag into the season, three weeks in I was like, ‘I don’t want to deal with it anymore. I want to focus on football, focus on the season,'” Brees recalled. “That has always been my approach. That’ll be my approach again. There’s a deal to be done now, and if it doesn’t get done now, it’ll be a different deal to get done at the end of the year.”

And when Drew says “it’ll be a different deal to get done at the end of the year”, it’s the truth. You see despite the record of the Saints the last couple years, Brees is still playing at a pretty high level. He’s going to get paid, don’t matter if it’s from the Saints or not. If they don’t agree to a contract extension before the season starts, the Saints will have to let the market set a value on him. After all, thanks to an arbitration claim filed by Brees back in 2012, if the Saints apply the franchise tag to him for the 3rd time in his career, he’ll be entitled to a 44-percent increase over his cap number from 2016. In other words, if franchised tagged, Brees will have a cap number of $43.2m next year.

In all honesty the Saints should just trade Brees. He’s still a great quarterback and has value, get something for him while you can. I mean damn, it’s a good thing Brees was able to get a ring out of his time in New Orleans because his career has been overshadowed and wasted.

Saints need to rebuild anyway. I was hoping they would have let Payton go. But nope. Let the whole damn ship sink with everyone on it. And by everyone I mean Payton and Brees because there are no other scapegoats left to blame right?

Art Briles out at Baylor

Was it the right move? Absolutely.

I’m just surprised they actually made that move. Of course this is bigger than football, but this is still in the realm of football.

Grant Teaff, Baylor’s head coach from 1972-1992, has a statue erected for him by the university for essentially averaging a 6-5 record for 21 seasons (128-105-6). McLane stadium, which opened up in 2014, is the house that Art Briles built. In his 8 seasons in Waco, Briles had 65 wins and a 3-3 bowl record to his name. Baylor was a football dessert when he got there. 

The timing was perfect. Texas and Oklahoma were no longer dominating the conference.

But despite all of his on field success, he’s still fired. Fired because winning became too important. As a coach, you’re supposed to protect your players. But at what cost?  We know it wasn’t just Briles, but the entire football staff violated so many rules just for football. 

None of it matters anymore. It’s not likely that Baylor will go back to being a Big 12 doormat but it’s also not likely they will remain college playoff contenders year in and out. It’s not likely they’ll continue scoring 50-60 points per game. 

I remember my senior year seeing my coach get tossed out the game for defending one of my teammates and thinking that was so amazing. It gets you fired up to know your coach cares about you. Briles was still a high school coach at heart. He protected his players at all cost. 

In 20 years, how do you think we’ll remember Art Briles and Baylor football? 

If there is a war against football, the NFL is their own biggest enemy 

There isn’t much of a difference between the NFL when it comes to concussions and tobacco business and cancer. How can you seriously try to lie about the dangers your product produces? 

 It’s straight out of a movie man. Trying to get their own doctors to take part in these studies to influence the findings and attempt to really have folks out here believing that grown men running into each other at full speed doesn’t cause brain injuries. Yes, cause we are really that stupid. 

Despite the fact the NFL has made the game much safer now than it was 7 years ago, they feel the need to bullshit everyone by doing dumb shit like attempting to influence concussion studies.

You completely undermine everything positive you’ve done by trying to be a bully. What you hiding Roger? You tried to influence a government study. It’s obvious you’re hiding something. 

The NFL is hurting themselves more than anyone else. We all know football isn’t safe. The players know it’s not safe. Regardless of that fact, football isn’t going anywhere. Stop trying to make football into something it’s not. Instead, come up with solutions of how to make the product as safe as possible without ruining it. Come up with a way to protect the players post career. 


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