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It seems like every offseason is long as shit in the NFL and this one was no exception. The storylines this offseason weren’t quite as annoying as they were in 2015. Less news about Chip Kelly and #Deflategate so that’s definitely been a positive.

It seems like for years you heard folks say it’s not enough “good quarterbacks” or “starting caliber quarterbacks”. Well, this season looks to shut down that notion. There are a bunch of young quarterbacks expected to take that next step this season. Unfortunately, Teddy Bridgewater won’t be one of those young quarterbacks. He suffered a non-contact knee injury in practice and he’s gone for at least this season. Maybe more. The Vikings traded two picks (including a first round pick) to the Eagles for Sam Bradford. I don’t have any issues with the trade. I still like Sam Bradford and I do not think he was nearly as bad as many would suggest in 2015. Over the second half of the season, he was damn near a top 10 quarterback. This is going to be the best team Bradford has ever played but once again, he’s going to be surrounded by another questionable receiving group. Is Stephon Diggs the best WR Sam Bradford has ever had now? It’s not like they’ll need Bradford to carry the offensive load. A heavy dose of Adrian Peterson will likely be what gets them through. Peterson is going to get a shit ton of carries this season, but can his body hold up? Peterson can’t be superman forever. He’s bound to break down eventually.

The Packers cut All-Pro guard Josh Sitton just a week before the season is set to get under way. Packers General Manager Ted Thompson said the move “was done with a focus on what is best for the team and the growth of the offensive line.”  Not sure how this move is best for the Packers or makes the Packers a better team. On Sunday, Sitton inked a deal with the Chicago Bears:

Power Rankings

  1. Carolina Panthers (0-0)
    -Last Week: N/A
    -Next Opponent: at Denver Broncos (Thursday Night Football)
  2. Arizona Cardinals (0-0)
    -Last Week: N/A
    -Next Opponent: New England Patriots (Sunday Night Football)
  3. Seattle Seahawks (0-0)
    -Last Week: N/A
    -Next Opponent: Miami Dolphins
  4. Pittsburgh Steelers (0-0)
    -Last Week: N/A
    -Next Opponent: at Washington Redskins (Monday Night Football)
  5. Green Bay Packers (0-0)
    -Last Week: N/A
    -Next Opponent: at Jacksonville Jaguars
  6. Cincinnati Bengals (0-0)
    -Last Week: N/A
    -Next Opponent: at New York Jets
  7. New England Patriots (0-0)
    -Last Week: N/A
    -Next Opponent: at Arizona Cardinals (Sunday Night Football)
  8. Denver Broncos (0-0)
    -Last Week: N/A
    -Next Opponent: Carolina Panthers
  9. Houston Texans (0-0)
    -Last Week: N/A
    -Next Opponent: Chicago Bears
  10. Minnesota Vikings (0-0)
    -Last Week: N/A
    -Next Opponent: at Tennessee Titans
  • If Tom Brady wasn’t suspended, the Patriots would rank in the top 5
  • Bridgewater’s injury is cause for concern. Bradford won’t be playing week 1 either. But Mike Zimmer is still the head coach and they still have Adrian Peterson and that defense.
  • The Panthers pretty much are returning all of their starters and they are getting Kelvin Benjamin back. #1 to start the season off only makes sense
  • I’m high on the Houston Texans.

Player Power Rankings

  1. DT Aaron Donald – Los Angeles Rams
    – Last Week: N/A
  2. WR Antonio Brown – Pittsburgh Steelers
    – Last Week: N/A
  3. DE JJ Watt – Houston Texans
    – Last Week: N/A
  4. QB Aaron Rodgers – Green Bay Packers
    – Last Week: N/A
  5. MLB Luke Keuchly – Carolina Panthers
    – Last Week: N/A

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Jacksonville Jaguars: 2016 Team of OT50YL

For some reason, you guys picked the Jacksonville Jaguars. That’s cool. They are an exciting young team with potential on both sides of the ball. I recognized the vision of head coach Gus Bradley and general manager David Caldwell a few years ago and have been proudly watching them rebuild this team from the ground up.

The Jacksonville Jaguars have picked in the top 10 of the NFL draft every year since 2008, including picking in top 5 of the last 5 NFL drafts. So obviously they haven’t shown much of anything on the field or else they wouldn’t be picking so highly every year. With the exception of the 2013 draft class, the Gus Bradley era has  yielded some talented young players with star potential.

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Top 5 Games of the Week

5. Pittsburgh Steelers @ Washington Redskins

4. Green Bay Packers @ Jacksonville Jaguars

3. Cincinnati Bengals @ New York Jets

2. Carolina Panthers @ Denver Broncos

1. New England Patriots @ Arizona Cardinals


The NFL season opens up on Thursday night with a Super Bowl rematch! That’s crazy. Despite the fact the Broncos are the reigning Super Bowl champions, I can only expect there to be more pressure on Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers. The Panthers are returning damn near all of their starters from the 15-1 squad and they are getting Kelvin Benjamin back. The Broncos are returning the majority of that defense from 2015, with the key losses being Malik Jackson and Danny Trevathan. Offensively, fucking Trevor Siemian will be the starting quarterback week 1. Gross.

This matchup has extra meaning as well not because of a potential Aqib Talib/Philly Brown feud, but because of this:

Image result for cam newton fumble gif super bowl
Cam let down a lot of people by not going for that fumble. Now even if he recovered that fumble, they still weren’t going to move the ball and score. The Broncos defense kicked the Panthers ass all night so this game was already written in stone by the time this play came around. But as the reigning MVP, you still have to go for that ball. This is the play folks will remember from the Super Bowl. Hell, I was listening to the D.L. Hughley Radio Show and he mentions this play all the time (it’s supposed to be some type of metaphor or something about rather than seizing opportunity, Cam was scared to go for it and someone else seized it.)


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