Preseason Player Power Rankings

  1. DT Aaron Donald – Los Angeles Rams
    – Last Week: N/A
    Aaron Donald was the best player in the NFL in 2015 so it’s only right he opens up the 2016 season at the top of our inaugural player rankings.
  2. WR Antonio Brown – Pittsburgh Steelers
    – Last Week: N/A
    The best wide receiver in football will open up the 2016 season against the Redskins and their big free agent acquisition Josh Norman, formerly of the Carolina Panthers.
  3. DE JJ Watt – Houston Texans
    – Last Week: N/A
    While Watt will be expected to play in the season opener against the Chicago Bears, it’s only right to question how close to 100% will he be since he just had surgery to repair a herniated disk in his lower back in late July.
  4. QB Aaron Rodgers – Green Bay Packers
    – Last Week: N/A
    Two years ago, Aaron Rodgers was the best quarterback in football and it wasn’t close. Now the distance been Rodgers and the #2-#4 quarterbacks has dramatically shrunk. But for now, Rodgers is still the standard.
  5. MLB Luke Keuchly – Carolina Panthers
    – Last Week: N/A
    Heading into the 2015 season I was completely convinced Keuchly was the 2nd best inside linebacker behind Bobby Wagner. Obviously, I was terribly mistaken. Now while I have him listed at #5, I’d be willing to listen to any arguments about him being #1.
  6. TE Rob Gronkowski – New England Patriots
    – Last Week: N/A
    The best player on the New England Patriots.
  7. CB Richard Sherman – Seattle Seahawks
    – Last Week: N/A
    It’s 2016 so I don’t want to hear anything about Richard Sherman being overrated. Or Sherman only being good because of Earl Thomas or Kam Chancellor.
  8. OT Joe Thomas – Cleveland Browns
    – Last Week: N/A
    The gap between Joe Thomas and the next best tackles isn’t as distant as it used to be, but for now, he is still the gold standard.
  9. OLB Von Miller – Denver Broncos
    – Last Week: N/A
    The reigning Super Bowl MVP is the best player on arguably the best defense in the NFL. He’ll get a chance to repeat his Super Bowl performance against the Panthers on Thursday.
  10. LT Tyron Smith – Dallas Cowboys
    – Last Week: N/A
    By far the best run blocking tackle in the NFL, there isn’t much of a gap at all between him and Thomas.



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