Top 5 Games to Watch and Week 1 NFL Picks

Football is back. The Super Bowl was over 7 months ago so we’ve been longing for football. I know for a fact I’ll watch any game on week 1 just because I’ve missed football that much. The thirst is real. Here is a ranking of the games 16-1. But feel free to watch what you like.

Season Records

  • Me: 0-0
  • Fans of OT50YL: 0-0

I’m aiming for a .750 win percentage this season.


16. San Diego Chargers @ Kansas City Chiefs, Sunday 1pm EST

This is really the “who gives a fuck?” game of the week.

Reasons I would watch: Phillip Rivers and Keenan Allen were on pace to put up some crazy numbers in 2015 before Allen was lost to a season-ending injury. The addition of Travis Benjamin gives Rivers another much-needed weapon so this offense might be fun to watch. It’s a good matchup with the Chiefs defense.

Winner: Kansas City Chiefs – Justin Houston isn’t playing but this defense is still good.

15. Los Angeles Rams @ San Francisco 49ers, Monday 10:20pm EST

Jared Goff won’t even be active for this game so it will be the Todd Gurley show (it was going to be the Gurley show regardless). Chris Berman and Steve Young are calling this game? Shit. Might have to watch it on mute.

Reasons I would watch: Todd Gurley has openly said he wants fewer carries already. But who the hell is Case Keenum going to be slinging the rock too? Buckle up Todd.

Also, who plays wide receiver for the 49ers?

Winner: San Francisco 49ers – I’m going with the upset here. The Rams usually win division game but with Chip Kelly roaming the sidelines, it doesn’t matter how bad the team is they are bound to catch a few upsets. This will be the first one.

14. Buffalo Bills @ Baltimore Ravens, Sunday 1pm EST

Two teams that strongly disappointed in 2015 and are likely to struggle again in 2016.

Reasons I would watch: Buffalo’s offensive triplets (Taylor/McCoy/Watkins) are arguably the most explosive offensive trio in the NFL and I’m eager to see how they look in year 2.

Winner: Buffalo Bills win in a sloppy game. Sammy Watkins vs Jimmy Smith should be fun cause Smith can’t hang.

13. Cleveland Browns @ Philadelphia Eagles, Sunday 1pm EST

The Eagles traded Sam Bradford to the Vikings and decided to let Carson Wentz leapfrog Chase Daniels on the depth chart and he’ll start Week 1. This game suddenly intrigues me now because the Eagles traded their first round pick to the Browns so they could move up to draft Wentz. The Browns were clearly in need of a QB as well but they were more interested in Jared Goff, but the Los Angeles Rams traded up to #1 and it was clear who they wanted from the jump. Paul DePodesta of the Browns also said they didn’t view him as a top 20 QB. Wow.

Reasons I would watch: The Browns offense looks like it could be fun this season. Not saying they’ll be any good but RGIII is going to throw it deep and that’s fun.

Winner: Browns win this one. 3 touchdowns total might be scored in this game.

12. Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Atlanta Falcons, Sunday 4:25 EST

NFC South matchup. One of these two teams will finish in second this season

Reasons I would watch: Eager to see this Bucs offense in year two with Jameis Winston and new head coach Dirk Koetter.

Winner: Bucs. This has the feels of a high scoring game.

11. Chicago Bears @ Houston Texans, Sunday 1pm EST

If Houston wants to be taken seriously this season, they need to make an example of an inferior team.

Reasons I would watch: what will Houston’s offense look like? New quarterback, running back and wide receivers.

Winner: Houston Texans. This defense is going to give the Bears too many issues

10. Detroit Lions @ Indianapolis Colts, Sunday 4:25pm EST

Two quarterbacks that have underachieved for different reasons.

Reasons I would watch: I’m sure a lot of passes will be thrown in this game. The Lions defense isn’t completely terrible but I’m sure Luck will put up points

Winner: Detroit Lions. Expecting a big day  from this Lions defensive line.

9. Miami Dolphins @ Seattle Seahawks, Sunday 4:25pm, EST

Adam Gase is 0-3 against Seattle but this will be his first time as a head coach.

Reasons I would watch: Seattle is fun to watch.

Winner: Seattle Seahawks. Seattle’s Offense might possibly have a rough day thanks to the Dolphins  defensive line.

8. Minnesota Vikings @ Tennessee Titans, Sunday 1pm EST

Shaun Hill will most likely start. Which is cool.

Reasons I would watch: I’m curious to see this 3 headed rushing attack of the Titans.

Winner: Tennessee Titans with the upset.

7. Oakland Raiders @ New Orleans Saints, Sunday 1pm EST

This game just reeks of a potential shootout

Reasons I would watch: The Raiders are a trendy playoff contender pick for the 2016 season. The Saints defense has been known to make average quarterbacks look like the second coming of Tom Brady.

Winner: Oakland Raiders. I’m expecting the Raiders pass rush to have a big day.

6. New York Giants @ Dallas Cowboys, Sunday 4:25pm EST

I was relieved when I found this game wasn’t going to open up the season on Sunday Night Football. I get tired of watching the NFC (L)East teams on primetime football.

Reasons I would watch: Ezekiel Elliott, Dak Prescott, and this Cowboys offense. Odell Beckham Jr. and his quarterback. Not to mention this new and improved Giants defense.

Winner: New York Giants.  A Cowboys win wouldn’t surprise me but the Giants are the better team on paper. If they blow this game….

Top 5 Games of the Week

5. Pittsburgh Steelers @ Washington Redskins, Monday 7:10pm EST

It’s week 1. I’m totally going to be a fan.

Reasons I would watch: Besides the obvious being that I’m a Steelers fan, but teams have good offense’s with a ton of weapons. How will both defense’s react?

How much will Josh Norman face Antonio Brown?

Winner: Pittsburgh Steelers; Too many questions about the Redskins run game and their pass rush. Don’t think this game will be about back and forth touchdowns.

4. Green Bay Packers @ Jacksonville Jaguars, Sunday 1pm EST

If football was a drug, this game right here must be the strongest high. This game has the potential of being an instant classic.

Reasons I would watch: For starters, the Jacksonville Jaguars are the 2016 Team of OT50YL. So they have my love and support. But also Aaron Rodgers is playing and so is top 3 wide receiver, Jordy Nelson. It’s going to take some time for him to knock the rust off as this will be his first game back from a torn ACL.

Winner: Rolling with the Jaguars for the upset at home. Shootout.

3. Cincinnati Bengals @ New York Jets, Sunday 1pm EST

I still think the Bengals should’ve fired Marvin Lewis and hired Todd Bowles when that opportunity was there.

Reasons I would watch: How does Andy Dalton look in the post Hur Jackson era

Winner: New York Jets. Big day for Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker.

2. Carolina Panthers @ Denver Broncos, Thursday 8:30pm EST

“A lot of people want to make it a rematch. It’s not a rematch, tt’s just our next opponent.” – Cam Newton

Reasons I would watch: This is technically a Super Bowl rematch. The reigning MVP…the reigning Super Bowl MVP…return of Kelvin Benjamin. It’s a lot going on here.

Winner: I’m rolling with Carolina Panthers just because the Broncos defense is not the same from the Super Bowl. And after all, the Panthers are the better team.

1. New England Patriots @ Arizona Cardinals, Sunday 8:30pm EST

With or without Ton Brady, this is still must-see tv.

Reasons I would watch: Bruce Arians vs Bill Belichick

Winner: Cardinals. Questions about the Patriots pass rush and quarterback causes me some concern.


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