This may or may not be a think piece about Odell, but you should read it anyway #GiantsPride

There are a ton of terrible OBJ hot takes floating around the internet but this was my least favorite for obvious reasons.

Yes, Odell needs to grow up. It’s pathetic watching one of the NFL’s very best players get rattled and have temper tantrums that can take him out of his game. It’s not like Odell is a veteran so there is a chance he can grow out of this behavior.

“Football is my sanctuary,” Beckham told ESPN on Tuesday, less than 24 hours after the Monday Night game. “It’s where I go to escape. It’s where I’m most happy. I’m not having fun anymore.”

I’m not a psychologist (or a psychiatrist) so I’m staying in my lane here. But it’s really disheartening to hear a third-year player who is already arguably the second best player at his position (and has been for the last season) already say he’s not having fun. Some people want to chalk it up to him just being upset he was held to 23 yards on 3 catches Monday night, but I would say it’s bigger than that. The Giants aren’t just losers, they are underachieving losers. The Giants obviously aren’t a Super Bowl contending team (yes I know about the previous title winning teams. You can’t bank on that shit to happen every season ESPN). But they are capable of at least getting to the playoffs. Since the last championship run, we’ve watched this team blow countless games from Eli, to the defense, the offensive line, Gilbride, Coughlin, etc. Just about everyone involved with this damn team has these meltdowns.

I don’t know much about Eli and Odell’s relationship so I assume they are good. Eli is a very talented quarterback. Before the season I tweeted this:

Despite the responses I received, it wasn’t meant as a slight to Eli. Let’s be honest, these 4 quarterbacks are very talented and some of the best in the game. They aren’t elite (I guess this is debatable depending on who you ask) but they are more than just franchise quarterbacks. We’ve seen all these quarterbacks play in big games, and in the case of Eli and Flacco, win THE big game.

The Giants roster has been some shit over the years, but since 2014 we’ve seen Eli and Odell just take over games and destroy secondaries. Despite the crazy numbers these guys have put up, they just haven’t been good enough to give the Giants enough wins. It’s unfair to put that 12-19 record on just two players, but shit man these are your two franchise players.

Losing sucks. But take that frustration out on the field. Beckham is a superstar athlete in the New York market. All eyes are always going to be on him, for better or for worse. Everybody isn’t going to like him, media and other players included. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to see Beckham truly reach his absolute peak until he learns to block out the noise and the bullshit. All the greats do it. They also don’t let these physical corners get in their head. Courtland Finnegan came to blows with Andre Johnson of all people. Could you imagine a prime Finnegan-Beckham matchup? Odell might just catch a body on the field.

Thankfully that won’t happen. Beckham-Norman I & II created more than enough drama. The media (along with the NFL) promoted it all offseason and when they got the desired drama, they dogged him for it. That’s how this shit is. The same ones that build you up, tear you down just so they can build you up again. These are the people that call him a distraction. Hell, his own damn coach told him to stop being a distraction. You know what a distraction is to me? It’s when the Jim Harbaugh was beefing with Jed York and it destroyed that team in 2015. Rex Ryan is a distraction. I just don’t see it with Beckham. At least not right now.

The Odell haters are loving this. You know, the people who will tell you Odell was crowned as an elite receiver too early and he’s just not there yet. Folks who are ready to let a few bad games outweigh almost two seasons of greatness. This is the shit that Odell has to ignore. I’m sure he hears it.

If Odell is truly as great as I believe he is, he’ll overcome this. We’re only at the quarter mark of the season so there is a lot of football left to be played.

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