Ranting On the 50 Yard Line: Hop off Odell’s d**k.


With an opportunity to clinch a playoff spot and stay alive in the race for the #1 seed, Odell Beckham Jr. just absolutely torched the Eagles defense by himself

But it wasn’t enough. The Giants lost 24-19 behind 3 Eli Manning interceptions. We already know Odell hates losing. So after the game, this happened:

Look, I understand when you’re in the NFL you are going to have cameras on you all over the place. You got a player here that is pissed off because his team blew a game they should’ve won. He’s pissed off because they had a chance to clinch a playoff spot and now they gotta hope some other NFC teams lose this weekend so they can get that spot.

Odell is an easy target and I’ll be damned if it isn’t annoying. Odell took a lot of flack for this tweet earlier in the week:

This was in reference to the NFL electing not fine Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott after he jumped in the Salvation Army Kettle after scoring a touchdown during Sunday’s game against the Buccaneers.

Then this happened:

Yes, Odell is a diva. The same reason you love him is probably the same reason you hate him at times. I really think Odell has a chance to go down as one of, if not THE greatest wide receiver of all time. He’s not doing drugs. He’s not in legal trouble. He just hates losing. He also enjoys dancing. He makes football fun. Every week we watch a player who leaves everything on the field. He continually gives his blood, sweat, and tears to this organization and fan base.

He’s nothing like T.O. but okay.

The same ones that will build you up are the first ones to tear you down….






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