FitJournal II: Mind Games

April 8th: No gym today. Just a chill rest day and got some grocery shopping down.



I stuck to my word and picked up some sweet potatoes, squash and green beans. This is going to be my first time ever cooking fresh green beans.

I made a couple other stops at some grocery stores to pick up some chicken, sirloin steak and a few other items. 


No excuse on my end to not get these gains this week. I’m going to be eating damn good.

April 10th-11th: I decided to switch it up this week and do legs on Monday and chest on Tuesday.

Monday was a good session because I walked into the gym with my mind ready and focused on squats. A lot of folks dislike squats but I enjoy them. I’ve been working on correcting my stance so I could get back to squatting heavier weight without fear of an injury due to my form.

Tuesday on the other hand, was not as strong mentally. I decided to go heavier on the incline bench (245×3)  ​

and the decline (275×5)  ​

But somehow, I psyched myself out and left some reps out there. This plagued my mind heavy overnight but it was the kick in the ass that I needed to go harder the rest of the week.  

Also, I have. Idea how to use this machine

April 12th: I had it made up in my mind that morning at work that was I going to take a rest day. But as the time for me to punch out got closer, I talked myself into going and just doing some heavy Deadlifts. 

I honestly hadn’t attempted any regular barbell deadlifts (not counting the barbell deadlift bent row complexes I did in early March) in a couple of months. I was still doing Romanian Deadlifts on leg day though. 

I did a quick 4 rep warm up with 225 then I went ahead to 315. ​

​I didn’t want to tire myself out because I knew I was going to add another player so I stopped at 6. I honestly felt good throughout the Deadlifts so I can check 315 off as being comfortable to rep. 

Next I moved on to 405. ​​This might be my favorite set of the week because I had put the weight down after 2 reps and I was ready to move on, but I felt I had one more rep in me and I did that shit. ​


455 is the most I’ve ever attempted while deadlifting. This is barely one full rep but we’re gonna count it anyway. 

April 13th: The only reason I stepped into the gym was to hit 315. I felt I had been pussyfooting around it for awhile now and I was ready to make amends for it. 

I tried to do 315 a few months ago but my body wasn’t having it. Also, I didn’t want any half ass squats. I wanted to make sure I was getting low completely. So over the last few months, I been squatting lower weight just to train my body. I always warm up with 135 when I squat now. My warm up sets consist of 135, 185 and 225. It’s a good way to get the blood flowing to muscles. 


I hit 295 first just to make sure my body was comfortable. 

I hit 315 for a couple reps. I know I had more reps in me but my workout called for 2. Next week I plan on doing it for 5 reps. 


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