Five Wide: Jon Gruden, Blake Bortles, Jay Cutler and QB Rankings

Who gives a shit about Jon Gruden returning to the NFL as a coach?

At the end of every football season, we hear rumblings about Jon Gruden possibly leaving ESPN to return to being a head coach in the NFL. Gruden began his head coaching career in Oakland in 1998 and finished up with Tampa Bay in 2008.

He compiled a 95-81 career head coaching record, won a Super Bowl title with Tampa Bay and was one Tuck Rule away from possibly taking Oakland to back to back AFC Championship Games. But one thing I never understood about the Gruden love affair was why he was never the "offensive guru" in Tampa Bay that he was claimed to be. Only once did his teams in Tampa finish top 10 in yards (once. #10 exactly in 2003) and never finished higher than 18th in points.

Gruden was hired as a color commentator for Monday Night Football in 2009 and to be quite honest, he's been great at it. That's where he belongs.

Blake Bortles is what he is.

Blake Bortles is entering his 4th NFL season and many are still waiting on him to become the player that he was expected to be when he was drafted 3rd overall in 2014.

The bottom line is, Bortles doesn't know how to play quarterback still. It's was common knowledge that when he was drafted, he was still an extremely raw prospect. There was a reason the Jaguars wanted to "redshirt" him but that failed miserably. But at this point, we know what Bortles is. He's a quarterback with terrible mechanics and can't read defenses but for some reason, the Jaguars didn't feel the need to bring in any competition for him. I guess Leonard Fournette was drafted so they could take the ball out of Bortles hands and just pound the rock. But that will only work if they are scoring touchdowns. Get down early and then Bortles is going to be throwing 20-25+ passes a game which means interceptions and another 4-12 season will be on the rise.

Jay Cutler seems to be everything "they" portrayed Colin Kaepernick to be

The Miami Dolphins signed Jay Cutler to a 1 year/$10m contract following the injury to Ryan Tannehill's knee during training camp. This move reunites Jay Cutler with Adam Gase, who was his offensive coordinator in Chicago.

Cutler retired back in May after talks with the Texans and Jets fell through.

Kaepernick's will to play football has been one of the questions asked of him throughout the entire offseason, yet Cutler says this and not a peep. Hell, we've never known what Kaepernick's asking price but many people had a problem with him wanting $9-10m a yer, but is Cutler even worth that? Just kidding. How much did Ryan Fitzpatrick get last year?

Sure, Cutler posted some decent numbers in 2015 under Gase (3,659 yards 21 TDs 11 INTs 64.4% completion pct) but Cutler was still the same player he always was.

Cutler is 34 and coming off a season ending shoulder surgery. His arm gotten weaker over the last few years as well and it's not like he was pushing the ball down the field his last couple years either.

Let's see how long it is until Matt Moore takes the reigns….

What the hell is this

Tuesday's Quarterback Rankings

Alright so tomorrow, the official 2017 On The 50 Yard Line Quarterback rankings will be released. I don't hate your quarterback and no, I'm not trying to be different. My love affair with Alex Smith is no more. Derek Carr is overrated. Dak Prescott is better than you think. You will respect Big Ben, Drew "Statpad" Brees and Phillip Rivers. And, would you rather have Carson Wentz or Eli Manning in 2017? That is an incredibly tough question. We'll find out.


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