Matthew Stafford got what?

Matthew Stafford is the highest paid player in NFL history.

You know, the Matthew Stafford that’s 5-46 in his career against teams with winning records. The guy who has been in the NFL since 2009, has thrown for 30,000 yards and has one Pro Bowl appearance to his name. So what he only made it as a replacement. It’s still a Pro Bowl right?

Damn, Matthew Stafford has never won a playoff game, but he just got a 5/$135m extension.

“But if they didn’t pay him, somebody else would?”.

Didn’t Keyshia Cole say “If he ain’t gonna treat you, the way you should, then let him go.” What in the hell has Stafford done? Been a competent QB that won you a handful of games? (He’s 51-58 for his career by the way). You tell your fans you’re committed to winning, but you overpay a quarterback knowing good and damn well you aren’t that great at drafting players and because of his contract, you won’t be able to bring in better players. You sure as hell didn’t bring in anybody before you paid him. It’s amazing that this was a team that drafted Calvin Johnson, Ndamakong Suh and Matthew Stafford yet they never won a damn thing and the worst player of these 3 is still around. Much like how Flacco wasn’t the most valuable player to the Baltimore Ravens but he damn sure stayed while other talented players left. No surprise he hasn’t had that same success.

The Baltimore Ravens winning the Super Bowl a few years ago really ruined the NFL. Ray Lewis, who is a legend on the field, got to ride off into the sunset with another Super Bowl title and Joe Flacco became the (then) highest paid quarterback in NFL history. But not that I want too, but I can maybe stomach the notion that Flacco “deserved” to be paid because he won a Super Bowl. Matthew Stafford hasn’t done a gotdamn thing.

This idea that “there aren’t enough good quarterbacks available” is the reason why Ryan Fitzpatrick was able to hold out all offseason in 2016 get paid $12 million dollars guaranteed for one year. He finished the season with a 3-8 record and still threw 17 touchdowns. Sure the Jets are a terrible franchise, with terrible decision makers in the front office and a terrible owner. But that’s usually what happens. Terrible teams (over) pay terrible quarterbacks to be terrible.

Kirk Cousins is next in line of guys who haven’t done shit that’s about to get paid. Hey, I absolutely believe these guys should go get that money. Get as much as you absolutely can. But that doesn’t mean that you’re worth it.

Quarterback is absolutely the most important position in football, but come on. Kirk Cousins isn’t going to win you a Super Bowl. Hell, he still hasn’t won a playoff game. Matt freaking Stafford might go his entire career without winning a playoff game, but because the Lions fucking suck as an NFL franchise and haven’t had a franchise quarterback since Bobby gotdamn Lane, he’s getting paid. Just like Derek Carr was the previous record holder despite the fact he’s extremely overrated. It’s amazing. ESPN told you guys a narrative and you ran all the way with it. Matt Glennon got a $45 million contract from the Bears despite the fact that Glennon went 5-13 in Tampa and was the backup quarterback behind Josh McCown. You know, the Josh McCown who has the worst quarterback winning percentage (.091) since 2014.

You can’t sell to your fans that you’re better off rebuilding instead of overpaying a quarterback who isn’t going to help you win. But hey, Stafford had some 4th quarter “comebacks” and that’s all that has to be used to justify this.

Trust me when I say I get it. Would you rather go 7-9 with Matthew Stafford or got 3-13 without him? I get it.


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