Week 1 NFL Preview, Picks and Odds*

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s that time of year. For the next 5 months, our Sundays will be full of football, beer and unhealthy foods. Keep your vegan barbecue cauliflower bites away from me. Take your jersey out the closet. Make sure it’s your favorite one. You have to break the season in the right way. Hit up the homies and get the grill going. Talk that shit. Sundays are best spent dropping twitter links to highlight plays from the days’ games in the group chat.

Top 5 Week 1 games:

  • Saints @ Vikings
  • Raiders @ Titans
  • Patriots @ Chiefs
  • Cardinals @ Lions
  • Seahawks @ Packers

Thursday Night Opener

Kansas City Chiefs (0-0) @ New England Patriots (0-0) 

My Pick: Patriots

Fan Pick:

What I think: This is a pretty fun game. Would be way more fun if boring ass Alex Smith was on the bench and Patrick Mahomes was the starter. Matchup of top 5 coaches in the NFL.

Spread: Chiefs +9

Point Total: 48 (over)

Sunday Afternoon (1:00pm)

New York Jets (0-0) @ Buffalo Bills (0-0)

My Pick: Buffalo Bills

Fan Pick:

What I think: Expect a sloppy game. As bad as the Jets are, they won’t get blown out.

Spread: Jets +9

Point Total: 40.5 (under)

Jacksonville Jaguars (0-0) @ Houston Texans* (0-0)

My Pick: Houston Texans

Fan Pick:

What I think: This game will be close. The Jaguars defense has the pieces to take the next step and you’re telling me they can bully Tom Savage to start the season? And excuse me if I don’t have faith in Savage. No reason to to be honest.

Spread: Jaguars +6

Point Total: 40 (under)

Pittsburgh Steelers (0-0) @ Cleveland Browns (0-0)

My Pick: Pittsburgh Steelers

Fan Pick:

What I think: I’m expecting a fairly competitive game.

Spread: Steelers -9

Point Total: 47 (over)

Arizona Cardinals (0-0) @ Detroit Lions (0-0)

My Pick: Arizona Cardinals

Fan Pick:

What I think: Is John Brown still a thing?

Spread: Arizona -1.5

Point Total: 48 (over)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (0-0) @ Miami Dolphins (0-0)

My Pick: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Fan Pick:

What I think: Who plays corner for the Dolphins?

Spread: Dolphins +3

Point Total: 44.5 (over)

Atlanta Falcons (0-0) @ Chicago Bears (0-0)

My Pick: Atlanta Falcons

Fan Pick:

What I think: I would entertain any argument about the Bears possibly having a top 5 offensive line. On paper at least.

Spread: Atlanta -7

Point Total: 50.5 (under)

Oakland Raiders (0-0) @ Tennessee Titans (0-0)

My Pick: Tennessee Titans

Fan Pick:

What I think: Is Marcus Mariota on your fantasy team? Start him. The Raiders defense will be poop again

Spread: Titans -1.5

Point Total: 51.5 (over)

Baltimore Ravens (0-0) @ Cincinatti Bengals (0-0)

My Pick: Cincinatti Bengals

Fan Pick:

What I think: Whats worse? The Ravens wide receiver group or the Bengals offensive line? This game is going to be ugly.


Point Total*

*Line not available 

Philadelphia Eagles (0-0) @ Washington Redskins (0-0)

My Pick: Philadelphia Eagles

Fan Pick:

What I think: Nothing

Spread: Eagles -1

Point Total: 47.5 (under)

Sunday Afternoon (4:05 & 4:25)

Indianapolis Colts (0-0) @ Los Angeles Rams (0-0)

My Pick: Los Angeles Rams

Fan Pick:

What I think: No Andrew Luck. Will Jacoby Brissett beat out Scott Tolzein? Gross. Is Aaron Donald going to play?


Point Total*

*Line not available

Carolina Panthers (0-0) @ San Francisco 49ers (0-0) 

My Pick: Carolina Panthers

Fan Pick:

What I think: The 49ers front 7 is better than what it’s being given credit for.

Spread: 49ers +6

Point Total: 48 (under)

Seattle Seahawks (0-0) @ Green Bay Packers (0-0)

My Pick: Seattle Seahawks

Fan Pick:

What I think: The addition of Sheldon Richardson makes the defensive line’s matchup against the pass protection even more intriguing.

Spread: Seahawks +3

Point Total: 50 (over)

Sunday Night Football

New York Giants (0-0) @ Dallas Cowboys (0-0)

My Pick: Dallas Cowboys

Fan Pick:

What I think: Giants and Cowboys going to be the opening game for these two damn teams every year? Shit.


Point Total*

*Line not available

Monday Night Football

New Orleans Saints (0-0) @ Minnesota Vikings (0-0)

My Pick: Minnesota Vikings

Fan Pick:

What I think: Michael Thomas vs Xavier Rhodes will be one of the premier matchups of Week 1.

Spread: Vikings -3.5

Point Total: 48 (under)

Los Angeles Chargers (0-0) @ Denver Broncos (0-0)

My Pick: Los Angeles Chargers

Fan Pick:

What I think: Can Keenan Allen give us one healthy season? I’m crossing my fingers every snap he plays.

Spread: Chargers +3.5

Point Total: 43.5 (under)

*Week 1 odds come from Bovada


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