Football is back…and it was okay. I guess

Alex Smith catching the Holy Ghost last Thursday night against the New England Patriots sparked some hope that we’d have an entertaining weekend of football that would help us get over a typical, drama-filled offseason from the NFL.

Well it was alright.

For the most part, I’m just happy football was back. Often, my love for football clouds my judgement when it comes just admitting certain games suck.

The beginning of the NFL season, usually the first month I’ll say, is the time that many teams get a chance to figure out their flaws and begin working on them. Over the years, we’ve seen teams like the Steelers and Seahawks (for various reasons) come out flat and slow. That’s surely what they did yesterday. Despite 7 sacks from the Steelers defense, the offense looked like it had not played together in a couple years. The Seahawks on the other hand, looked like they typically do in September. Russell Wilson is going to be in for one hell of a long season.

The Sunday night game was a stinker. Last night, the Giants offense showed why I had Odell Beckham Jr as an MVP candidate in 2016 when they made the playoffs. The offense was just boring. You also don’t want Brandon Marshall as your number one receiver in 2017.

And while we’re here:

I can’t lie, I was expecting JJ Watt to have a 10 sack game yesterday. Instead, it was Calais Campbell who set a franchise record for sacks in a game with 3.5 in the first half. The Jaguars would eventually finish the game with 10 sacks.

The Texans offensive performance also made me wonder this:

Tom Savage was terrible (we already knew that though) but O’Brien pulled the leash on him quick, benching him in the second half and bringing in first round draft pick Deshaun Watson. Watson should’ve been the starter from day 1, but O’Brien wants to show everyone how smart he is. Just another Belichick assistant still living off his days as a Patriots coach.

Elsewhere around the NFL, Andy Dalton made me look like a jackass for naming him the 11th best quarterback in the NFL:

Carson Wentz showed some flashes that I couldn’t even hate on:

Speaking of flashes, Jared Goff looked like a competent NFL QB yesterday. I knew the Rams would beat the Colts, but not as bad as they did. They got their ass whooped so bad, Coach Pagano couldn’t even remember who just beat them:

The reigning NFC Champions Atlanta Falcons had their hands full with the Chicago Bears yesterday. They got the win, but their is going to be an adjustment period with Steve Sarkisian calling plays. The Bears are also a better team than people want to give them credit for:

Falcons TE Austin Hooper also gave us one of the top plays of the week:

I don’t know about you guys, but Cam Newton still doesn’t look healthy to me. The Panthers still handles the 49ers, but it looks like the loss of Rueben Foster yesterday helped make it an easy win. The man was a beast and was making plays before he left the field just 12 minutes into his career:

And of course, let me mention that Beast Mode is back and he’s okay:

We’ll see how interesting these Monday Night games are tonight.


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