Sashi Brown had a vision but he didn’t get a chance to see it through. He didn’t go 1-31 but he did lose a power struggle

Upon his hiring in late December 2017, John Dorsey had this to say:

“You know what? You’ve got to get (Hue Jackson) players,” Dorsey told 850 WKNR-AM. “And you know what? I’ll come straight out with it. The guys who were here before, that system, they didn’t get real players.”

He would later walk back on these statements by saying that his “intent was to say we don’t have enough good football players.” and that “Are there some good young football players on this team? You bet there are. And you know what, we’re going to get some more football players, and we’re going to get some Ws, too.”

But the fact remains that as soon as he was hired, Dorsey immediately went out the way to blame Sashi Brown for Hue Jackson’s struggles while simultaneously “wiping his slate clean” with the past and current of the franchise while hyping up the future of it. There is no telling what the future holds for the Cleveland Browns, but it is an encouraging sign seeing the front office trade about seven draft picks and a couple players for Tyrod Taylor, Jarvis Landry and Damarious Randall and a few more draft picks.

The Browns have been terrible for a long time. Whichever front office/coaching regime manages to turn the franchise around will have also challenged and changed the culture that has haunted them since their return to the NFL.

Sashi Brown decided to overhaul the roster, a process that would take time. He took a lot of heat for players he elected not to keep (guys like Alex Mack, Mitchell Schwartz, Tashaun Gipson and others) but it’s not like the Browns were going to win a Super Bowl anytime soon. Be honest about it. Brown fully embraced sucking in the short term to build long term. It’s not exactly Sam Hinkie to the degree of intentionally tanking, but how else were you going to rebuild and get good players? Embrace that draft capital. Why pay veteran players a bunch of money if you know you’re not going to win anytime soon?

At the moment, the Browns have 10 picks in this upcoming draft including 5 in the top 65 (they traded pick #65 to the Bills for Tyrod Taylor).

It’s not Sashi Brown’s fault that Hue Jackson sits at 1-31 as the Cleveland Browns’ head coach. And this definitely isn’t being written to slam Hue either. But if John Dorsey is the guy to turn things around in Cleveland, he’ll get credit for seeing out the process of another man. I can’t tell you if Sashi’s picks would’ve been the right picks. Honestly, I think Sashi has been better at drafting outside of the first round than in the first itself.

Passing on Carson Wentz/Deshaun Watson really is a hindsight take in my opinion just for the simple fact that he traded back out of those picks, to get more picks to build the team. We don’t know if either of those players would’ve had the same success in Cleveland but I do know that both of those guys were drafted into much better situations than they would’ve been had they been in Cleveland. You would think people would understand that about the NFL by now. The league has become so quarterback thirsty that logic no longer exist.

Sashi Brown wasn’t hired to turn the Browns around overnight. He was also told he would have long term security but still got fired without being given a complete shot to do his job. Brown lost a power struggle with Hue Jackson and somebody not only had to go, but they had to be the face of blame.


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