OTFYL Week 8 Staff Picks

This week, OTFYL is going to London.

Ok, we aren’t physically going to London, but this week’s guest picker @CarltonBanksUK is from that side and we greatly appreciate his help. Unfortunately he’s a Ravens fan, but he’s still a dope guy and worth a follow.

Me and Neil (@JDHD__) have a good 6 games (9 in his case) lead on Jordan and Gio. But the Guest Picker is looking to make a move this week. Do you guys think it will be able to happen? Let’s checkout this week’s picks!… Read More OTFYL Week 8 Staff Picks

OTFYL Staff Week 7 Picks

Let’s take a look at how the team did with their Week 6 Picks: @gio1time: 12-2 (.857) @JDHD__: 10-4 (.714) @itsablackguy: 9-5 (.642) @ThaReggggg: 9-5 (.642) @OutDreamChasing: 8-6 (.571) @neckofdwoods: 8-6 (.571) Our updated leaderboards look like this: @JDHD__: 59-32 (.648) @itsablackguy: 57-34 (.626) @gio1time: 53-38 (.582) @OutDreamChasing: 52-39 (.571) Guest Picker: 50-41 (.549) @ThaRegggg: 38-37 (.506) This… Read More OTFYL Staff Week 7 Picks